Beat the End of Summer Blues

What a crappy weekend in Georgia sports – Dawgs, Tech, Braves and Falcons all managed to tack on a “L” in sports this weekend. BLAH. Moving on…

I survived hostess duties! You know, it honestly wasn’t that bad. I ended up making…..Andy’s Mint Brownies. I typically only whip this recipe out around Christmas but these were desperate times. The recipe is supah easy, take a basic box brownie mix (all you “make from scratch” people, stay with me) and add in chopped up Andes Mints. Full-proof. I’ve found Ghirardelli’s Dark Chocolate Brownie mix works best because it stays moist. I add in the mints with the batter before I put the brownies in the oven and then save some chopped mints to place on top once the brownies are done.

Since we’re creeping up on the official first day of fall, I’ve found some ways to keep my fall routine fresh and not fall into the “no more summer” blues:

  1. Map out a new routine: I’m on the downhill of my half marathon training and in order to still keep focused, I mapped a new route for myself. I have a few routes I run a whole lot, but this weekend I plotted out a new 10-mile course. Luhved it and the new route helped me keep up the pace and not fall into a boredom rut. Map My Run is something I know a few folks use. Running/biking/walking new places is a joy. Whether you are looking for mileage or a nice walk, look around for a new place to venture.
  2. Give in to the seasonal stuff: I picked up New Belgium Hoptober brew just because. I am looking around for a tasty pumpkin ale. I also dove face first into a Starbucks Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffin. It’s OK to give in early, stretch out the season while you can. Fit Chick In the City has me itching for pumpkin coffee. Take advantage early of the items you can’t typically get the rest of the year. Have I told you all about my ridiculous obsession with Candy Corn?
  3. Keep it classy: If the kids are going back to school, maybe you should too. If you’re tempted to take a class, get on over and sign up. I finally committed to group fitness classes and it has been such a pleasure to workout with others and work with proper instructors. The local community you live in may have a few different classes for cooking, photography, etc. Why not learn more about something you enjoy?

Anybody already trying out seasonal favorites? What are you doing to change up your routine?

21 responses to “Beat the End of Summer Blues

  1. I’m not giving into Fall yet. It’s still in the 80s so its still summer. 🙂 I do love me a pumpkin beer… I’m still trying to find a good running course in the area. Regardless of where I go it is always uphill to get back to my place, which can be kind of defeating.

  2. Mapping a new run is such a good idea. I am pretty lazy about it, but when I do make the effort to find a new trail or course I always thank myself after. Another way to keep brownies and cookies moist is to put a piece of bread in the tin or bag, my grandma taught me that.

  3. aside from the Pumpkin Ale we have bubbling in the kitchen 🙂 I also have been transitioning to fall… I don’t care for the pumpkin latte, but that muffin – GAAH I may have to find one today! I am wearing a sweater today, although I think it’s still to warm here for my boots 🙂

    We went to a friends art opening on friday night, and while I was at the gallery I took a class schedule – I may sign up for a sculpture or painting class! (I went to 2 years of art school before college – it’d be fun to take another art class) 🙂

  4. Ah, finally got to hit up the river trail which I’ve been missing. I just haven’t been able to get up early enough to make it down there this summer so have been stuck with my neighborhood route. I am most definitely ready for some pumpkin and fall beers. Yum yum

  5. I haven’t done anything yet to change up my routine but I should think of something!! Probably just dedicating more time to SEO stuff for my blog. I totally lack in that dept.

    Just tried some pumpkin ale on Friday…not a fan. I love Christmas ale though!So soon…

    Mmm those brownies sound tasty!

  6. While I’m not 100% on the Pumpkin bandwagon, I do think the Hoptober is something I can get behind. Local brew 😉

    Those brownies sounds awesome! Mint + chocolate is *almost* as good as the peanut butter combo, it rarely disappoints.

  7. I am so ready for fall! Since I’m all pumped about this weekend’s relay, I’m going to do a little fall shopping tonight – running capris, hoodies, a jacket. I’m ready for cool, crisp days!

    I bet you were a great hostess! I’ll come over anytime you’re making mint brownies – love ’em!

  8. Well, now that summer is over and my hamstring is FINALLY healed, I’m enjoying running again. It’s SO much more enjoyable when it’s not sweltering outside! I’ll probably start drinking pumpkin lattes on occasion for a treat…just cuz 😉

  9. I’ve just started getting into pumpkin flavors again. I haven’t tried that Starbucks pumpkin latte since I often find their drinks to be too sweet, but I did pick up Kennebunkport’s Pumpkin Ale recently, and I bought a dozen pumpkin bagels (garnished with pepita seeds) this weekend. Mmm – bring on autumn!

  10. fall and its seasonal specialtie just might be my fave season! unfortunately, i am missing my third fall in a row (living in africa with pretty much two seasons and they are almost the same, and technically it is spring right now…) but i love pumpkin everything. i say make that stuff year round!

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