Who Needs a Pep Talk?

Oh kids, it’s one of those days. One where I’ll need more coffee now and more wine later.

Time for a Daily Pep Talk:
You Battle.
Pep Talk: With every obstacle you overcome, you build character. Every break out you’ve endured, every break up you’ve refused to let kick your ass, every breakthrough you’ve had ten minutes after you did things the hard way- each challenge adds to your humility and resilience. You’re stronger because you have history.

Today remind yourself: I battle.

I want to put on my yoga pants and go face first into some fro-yo. But alas, it is ALMOST fall!

When you want to escape, where do you go? I promise not to judge if you mention a bar:)


22 responses to “Who Needs a Pep Talk?

  1. Girl a bar sounds mighty good to me right about now. It’s been one of “those” weeks lately (feel like I’ve been having one too many of those weeks). Usually I escape to my bed to read or get my butt moving and workout.

  2. Yoga pants and Froyo is acceptable any time of the year!

    I second Matt – a run, walk or yoga class will all calm me down. Or, I just lay down with a book to get my mind somewhere else and focused!

  3. Hmmm – I workout or drink wine or bitch to Billy (probably shouldn’t make that a habit). I used to just drive. Anywhere. Just to get a new perspective. But gas is too expensive. Haha. I wish I could have a glass of wine with you tonight. 🙂 I hope your day gets better!

  4. I need a pep talk! My self esteem has been LOW lately. I think mainly because perhaps I’ve gained a couple pounds since being injured this year? Perhaps because my old ED keeps trying to resurface and i’m desperately trying to fight it off? I just need to know that there are people out there with positive messages and healthy states of mind! I love coming to blogs like yours for that inspiration! Thank you!! ps. I don’t typically share stuff like this on my site but my post today relates to what I’m struggling NOT to get back to!

  5. Great post and great words to remember! I am having a hard time finding out what I do when I want to escape, I honestly don’t know! I need to work on that stat.

  6. Ugh,… I totally feel you… I need a major pep talk and perhaps some vino.

    I should have gone short & sweet today, too instead of forcing myself through a witty-banter-less recipe…

    When I want to unwind I float in the lake with a mojito. Unfortunately there is not time for that today… WAHH

  7. this is the best post I have seen lately… and GAAH so true. That fortune is awesome.

    I fill the tub with hot water and Epsom, and get in with a book. and a glass of wine.

    A couple weeks ago I was frustrated beyond belief… we have a heavy bag in the garage, but I couldn’t get to it. (hee, shoulda taken my frustration out on that mess, but I’m afraid of spiders…)

    I used to come home from work and vent to Jason. Poor Jason. He LOVED my last day with that clinic. 🙂

  8. When I need to get away I go to my house! I live alone and it is just what I need to feel in tune with myself. I can sit in the living room with a glass of wine, kick my feet up and just enjoy some time with my pup!

  9. When I need a break, I need my pup. I also need a warm quilt and a cushy couch. I go to my grandmother’s house. She cooks for me and serves hot tea. It’s so peaceful.

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