If at first you don’t succeed, tri, tri, tri again.

Seems that some of you all are big fans of music, while others say “no biggie” to the tunes. The majority of running without tunes is mental. Because I am OCD, I did a 10 mile run this AM sans music. Pleased to report, not too bad. You honestly forget about it a mile into the run. You probably don’t realize what you are capable of until you stop freaking out about it.

Hope everyone is taking it easy this long weekend and not laboring.

Today is going to be a bit like “choose your own adventure.” I am about to going into some deets about my first sprint triathlon.

-> If you are bored, no prob! Please view the short video below and brace yourself for COLLEGE FOOTBALL KICKOFF WEEKEND.
-> If you would like to know more about my 1 hour, 32 minute ordeal, continue reading.

Swim 400 Meters

Thought bubble: "Holy crap. Oh my goodness. Holy crap."

Degree of difficulty on a scale from 1 – 5 (5 being the hardest): 5+
Feeling during race: Scared, frightened, panicked, bracing for failure.
Best Maneuver: Lying on my back and treading water to relax.
Worst Maneuver: Sucking up mouthfuls of water as I tried to catch my breath.
Area for improvement: Everything. I am going to have to practice fundamentals and with people in open water.
Top Tip: Since I literally inhaled water throughout, practice in open water with a bunch of people. I might even let Meghan or Andrew swim on top of me so I can get use to swatting swimmers away.

Biking 16 Miles
Degree of difficulty: 3
Feeling during race: More relaxed. Surprised at the hills, and more surprised at my ability to pass everyone on the hills.
Best Maneuver: Not braking on a descent.
Worst Maneuver: Not knowing how to grab my water bottle.
Area for improvement: Learning how to climb off my seat on the bike. Oh yea, and learn how to drink normally.
Top Tip: Stay loose on the bike. If you hold on with a death grip you are going to be sore and sorry the next day.

Running 3 Miles
Degree of difficulty: 2
Feeling during race: Home sweet home. I know how to run, 3 miles is something I can do before work.
Best Maneuver: Not feeling the dreaded “brick” effects. I felt a little wobbly but by a ½ mile in I was able to settle into my pace.
Worst Maneuver: Could have pushed harder on the last mile.
Area for improvement: Running comfortably without music. Pushing my pace.
Top Tip: Quick-tie laces. With Yankz you can slide in your shoe and don’t have to mess with the laces. I also ran with glasses for the first time. My Ryders didn’t fog once and I didn’t have to wipe my eyes from sweat.

Overall, as I said I’m definitely game for doing another sprint tri but I have a lot of homework. Did I have fun like everyone said I should? Once I finished the race, I looked backed and realized what a BFD it was. I spent about 2 minutes at the end catching my breath and letting what happened sink in. Being completely transparent here, I was there to go all-out and I know I could take it leisurely but I signed up for the race to put up a fight. And if I could have fought an inch harder (literally), I would have landed 2nd in my age group.

Time is money.

If you want to try a sprint for the heck of it, you absolutely should. It is was you make it. There were plenty of people there doing a relay or participating for a good time.

At the end of the day, I can know say I am a triathlete and for some reason it’s a completely different feeling that has come over me that I never felt when doing half-marathons. This exact time last year I was getting ready to sign up for my first race, a local 10K and I was very nervous. My how much has changed in a year.

If you are traveling this weekend, be safe!

What’s the one adult beverage you will be enjoying this labor day weekend? Anybody’s plans involve travel or water? (Trying to see how random I can be with the questions today, lol)

18 responses to “If at first you don’t succeed, tri, tri, tri again.

  1. I still think you did freaking awesome girl! I think if you take some swim classes, you’ll be more comfortable with that portion of the race. I will likely have both wine and beer – likely beer then wine though. And good job with the sans music run 😉

  2. Love reading your tri-recap for each part. I think I would have panicked in the water – I’m SO SO proud of you for pushing through all of it. We are in Austin – wedding tomorrow night so champagne will be in order. Hope you have a happy holiday weekend friend.

  3. Awesome breakdown of your tri. I think you have inspired me to tri one out. This weekend I am off to FL to see the ‘rents and some of my nieces. Beach, drinks and a small 10 miler. That is if Earl doesn’t keep me in NYC.

    Enjoy your holiday weekend.

  4. I’m so glad you posted a recap! I’m still so impressed!

    I really would love to join the triathlete club someday. I’m actually thinking of swimming at the local Y through the winter…we’ll see…

    I can’t wait for a nice glass of wine and catching up with my BFF this weekend. She’s in town from DC! Hope you have a great weekend, too!

  5. I seriously could do two of the three of these, I know I keep saying it but NO swimming… 😦 so very proud of you, friend.

    (I think I was drowned in a previous life – GAAH is that too creepy for bloggin?)

    Just reading about the swim portion made me short of breath… seriously. (and that, among other quirks, would be why I think what I think… you know, up there, don’t make me get creepy again…)

    I LOVE that your cap was PINK, though 🙂 I’m going to say that was a nod to your friend in Portland. 🙂

    I’m also happy to hear you ran w/o music (go girl!!) and you were… okay! see? not so bad.

    We are not traveling this weekend, tonight Jason has band practice so I am taking my brother out for sushi and sake. We have a couple bbq / dinner things happening at our place, and we are BREWING BEER !! 🙂

    Have a great one, what are you doing?


  6. Chills… chills all over with that Georgia video. Seriously, why did college only last 4 years 😦

    And a big CONGRATS again on the tri… pretty flippin awesome. Swimming sounds pretty scary, but way to fight through it!

    I’ll be at the lake this weekend, but football will be on the TV!

  7. Love it! Probably drinking a screw driver this weekend. The vitamin C makes me feel like it is actually something good I’m doing for myself 🙂

    Headed out to West Texas with my family, boyfriend, and 5 friends in toe to spend the weekend with my boyfriend’s family. I CAN’T WAIT!

  8. Wooo!!! Congrats on the 10 miler!! I used to SWEAR by music and would NOT run without it. I usually still run with my ipod but every now and then I head out for a long run when I really need to clear my mind and it’s pretty fantastic 🙂

  9. The closest I’m getting to an adult bevarage is diet coke. And looking longingly at all the drinks friends are having at the various wedding party things I’m attending this weekend. LOL

    The swim section suonds scary!

  10. There should definitely be pictures of your practice swims with Andrew and/or Meghan on top of you. Classic!

    😉 Seriously though, it IS a BFD and you did amazing. Now you know you can run w/o music, no problem, so next time that inch will be pushed.

    My adult beverage of choice: Pale Ale. Duh.
    My weekend does include travel (did that already!), but um, we’re in the desert. No H2O.

  11. LOVED your tri recap! I hope to do a sprint tri next summer. You can be my inspiration (and the girl I bug with many annoying questions) – can’t wait! 🙂

    PS – no matter what you say, you will never be able to convince me that 10 miles without music is anything but torturous!

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