The Day the Music Died

Before I forget, shameless self promotion in 3…2….
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Punch me. I remember hearing rumors about not being allowed to have headphones or music during triathlons. During a sprint you don’t have time to catch your breath, much less think about music. For the Augusta 1/2 Ironman relay, I will have to run my relay portion of 13.1 miles in silence.

Read the fine print of the race rules- unlucky #13:
USAT regulations to wear headphones, IPODS or anything that inhibits your ability to hear during any part of the triathlon. You will be disqualified.

Hi, have you met me? I love, live, for music. There is no way I can memorize the entire Eminem album in time. I know the running purists out there are laughing at me, but dayum this girl needs a little music to musc-le through. When you’re biking you don’t have time to think about music because you’re worried about the 900 other things that could go wrong. On the run, it’s feet, pavement, heavy breathing, the runner next to you breathing hard, the runner next to you running with heavy feet, etc. Blerg. Total fail.

I will now have to seriously train to run without music. Do you think if I just start talking to the fellow racers they will engage in conversation? I mean, I need something to take my mind off the music.

Me to Meghan (who is doing the full 1/2 Ironman, no relay): You nervous at all about the no headphones?
(loaded question to the serious athlete)
Meghan: Nah, all three marathons I couldn’t use them. I think you’ll actually be surprised. It’s kind of nice just zoning out and listening to the crowd.
Me: OMG, I’m sorry my jaw just hit the floor. Dear wonder woman: you suck
Meghan: I hear the run course has tons of spectators
Me: It better have a DJ.
Meghan: I’ll sing to you.
Me: I’d rather not have any music then.

In honor of my silence is golden run…here are the tops songs I never thought I could run without:
– Eminem “Collapse
– Evans Blue “Dear Lucid
– Shakira “Give it Up to Me

iTune it up.

What about you? If you could only have 3 songs on your playlist, what would they be?


28 responses to “The Day the Music Died

  1. I am literally in a panic that I wont be able to use music for the Philly half. If that’s the case I should probably just pull out now because there is no way I’ll be able to make it across the finish line. I’ve started screaming songs up hill on my bike because it is my all time motivator. Can you take your phone and play music on speaker?

  2. Just start running without it at least for a mile or so at a time. You’ll get used to it actually. I only recently started running with music again. I get really nervous about not hearing cars (or people pulling next to me) so I keep it turned down so low to begin with. Anyway, you’ll do fine! You can always start singing out loud 😉

  3. I may or may not have hid headphone wires under my shirt & headband in a desolate half before…not that I’m suggesting that 😉

    I say keep training with music and then ditch them the day of- no need to torture yourself early. My fave running song: Coheed & Cambria’s Welcome Home

  4. Wow, that’s tough! I actually STOPPED using my iPod for a few months and ran without it for a while… not SO bad, once you get used to it. You can do it!

    Hmm… if I could only have 3 songs, they’d have to be my top 3 running songs: “Losers” by the Upwelling, “Spiderweb” by No Doubt, and “Let Me Blow Ya Mind” by Eve. I’m a little old school.

  5. 3 reeeeallly long songs. 🙂 Billy put some great remixes on my iPod that have an awesome beat and are like 8 minutes long. So that’s what I choose. Is that cheating?

  6. “There is no way I can memorize the entire Eminem album in time.” <- Oh YES YOU CAN. Start practicing. I'll fill in the blanks.

    Anyway, that made me Laugh. I remember the first time I realize I couldn't have music, and in my head (the entire First run w/o it) I sang "Please Don't Stop the Music" by Rihanna. Seriously.

    You get used to it very quickly! I actually ran w/o it this morning, just because. I know I won't run the race with it (most races I leave it behind), and I do all my LRs without it (although D is on the bike, with stories and judgemental comments. So entertaining). 🙂

    Anyway. to keep this LONG comment going, my three would be (for now)
    Say Hey! by Michael Franti
    Bad Romance Remix by the lovely LG herself
    Bulletproof by La Roux

  7. Omg that sucks! I don’t know what I’d do. My ipod died on me once and I had to run the last two miles of a long run without music. It was actually easier than I thought it would be once I started singing to myself! Or you can always find someone to race with and keep each other company.

  8. oh… I am sorry… As someone who Could Not Live without music, I know how serious this is for you…

    I am a wuss and never run outside with my music… I get into my breathing rhythm (okay, you can tell me I suck too) and it’s really kinda hypnotic.

    3 songs? I’d pick any of Jason’s music. *AAWWWW*

  9. That’s ridiculous to me! Running for such a distance you should be allowed to listen to music. I guess they are trying to cover their butts for any safety concerns, but that still seems to be goign overboard. Do most races do that?

  10. I’m one of those nuts who runs without music. I use it on the treadmill, but never running outside. Even on the treadmill, I probably couldn’t tell you what songs were playing. I love looking around and taking it all in while I’m running. Give it a shot! Maybe it’ll be fun!

  11. OMG I know!! I just found out I can’t have headphones for the Urbanathlon and I was dumbstruck. I have no idea how I’m going to manage 9 miles without music. Hopefully I will acquire a running buddy in the very beginning.

  12. I’ve been toying around with whether or not I want to use an iPod for my upcoming marathon. I’ve done all of my training by myself, but I think with lots of people and a great crowd it might be nice just to soak it all in

  13. I need music to run! Actually, I’ve run about 5 miles without it and it wasn’t that bad, but I do find that good song is such a big motivator during a race when you’re starting to tire.

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