Tis Time for A Change

Ride & Glide Class, definitely entertaining

As the seasons get ready to turn, turn, there is a reason I’m kicking September off with a bang. Now that I can check “don’t sink in a triathlon” off my list, I am focused on training for the relay Half Ironman in Augusta in one month. I’ll be doing the half marathon portion, Andrew will be biking and we have a buddy that’s a phenomenal swimmer. Am I nervous? Psssh, not after this weekend.

Training for anything can get boring and mundane and in an effort to keep my training sporadic and enjoyable this fall (that’s right, it’s almost FALL!), I’ve signed up for some group fitness classes at my gym. I am looking forward to having a proper instructor, trying new things, and adding some relaxing evening workouts in the mix with yoga and pilates. I enjoy a good old fashioned DVD, but sometimes you need a group to push you further. Some are even in the evening, and we all know how I feel about evening workouts, blah!

Tennis is back in action with a the U.S. Open. I always enjoy checking out the duds the athletes wear on the court, from Williams’ skirty show to Nadal’s ability to make neon yellow look hawt. There is a true tennis stud with style and flare…

In case you are under a rock, Federer has more than good looks, the man’s between the leg shots are ridiculous. (Yes, that’s what she said.)

I know we have to get through Labor Day, but the signs of the season change are everywhere and I’m giddy as all get out. Sure as sugar, Starbucks is bringing back their Pumpkin Spice Latte (not a huge fan, shh) and before we know it pumpkins will be everywhere. I’ve already spotted my first Halloween magazine. From the apple orchards to college football, I can’t get enough of the changing seasons. Lookout, I’m a HUGE holiday nut.

Anybody checking out the U.S. Open?
What are some of your favorite signs of fall?


21 responses to “Tis Time for A Change

  1. At least you managed to keep Christmas out of this post…

    I absolutely cannot wait to see the leaves change here – my camera is going to go CRAZY. It’ll be a big ol’ photo fiesta. 😉 Other than that, I’m hoping Winter stays away until at Least November 1st. Must get through the marathon w/o freezing.

  2. I’ve pretty much been forcing fall to arrive by making soups, pulling out my fall purse and celebrating the return of college football.

    My favorite signs of fall? Cheering on the dawgs, the smell of pumpkin spice & the lattes (I am a fan), & SWEATERS & BOOTS! wa-hoo!

  3. I’m a holiday nut, too! I LOVE fall and everything that comes with it. Excited to hear how you like your group fitness classes. You motivate and inspire me to be more consistent and creative in my workouts. We were in NYC last year and had the chance to attend the US Open – too cool.

  4. Going to try and catch a few matches, it is across the street from CitiField and since the Mets are worthless I figure it would be better to watch some tennis. It is quite the scene in New York.

    September is by far the greatest month on the calendar.

  5. it has been MY DREAM to be live at The Open or Wimbledon. (Dorry I am SO jealous!)

    OH am I glad you said that – I’m not a fan of pumpkin latte, and it’s all I am hearing about! 😉 I love pumpkin, though, and I have it year round…

    I like what fall SMELLS like… I love crisp cool mornings, I love Halloween, the holidays, scarves and boots WEE I’M GETTING EXCITED !! 🙂

  6. I love cinnamon, pumpkin, baked goods, football, fall-scented candles, changing leaves (even though it doesn’t happen around my area until like December), and lots more!

  7. Hi love!! You are so hardcore training for a half Ironman! I love all of the pumpkin flavored things coming up – haven’t tried the Starbucks one yet, but Dunkin has an amazing Pumkin flavored coffee that is to die for! Still not smoking! 🙂

  8. This healthy living blogger lives for Sam Adams Octoberfest. It’s the best thing about fall. In fact, my fall started. I cracked one of those babies open last weekend!

    I also love everything about apples and pumpkins. Yum!

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