Ovaltine? A crummy commercial? And Who’s the Big Winner, Mikey?

Besides being a touch sore, another side effect from my triathlon is the “racer’s high.” I keep thinking back to the race and cannot stop grinning. For anyone who is nervous to sign up for race, be it a 5k or a marathon, the feeling at the finish is worth every single worry leading to the race. Y’all read daily and heard the struggles I went through, look at how far you can go if you have some courage.

A 400 meter swim, 16 mile bike and 3 miles run doesn’t wear on me like a half marathon. It could be because I am in better shape or it’s a different exertion of physical activity on my body. I was in spin class yesterday morning and running yesterday evening. While I felt fine, I know I needed the proper nutrition for recovery. Insert my new obsession with Ovaltine.

A crummy commercial?!

We know chocolate milk is the ideal recovery drink because chocolate milk has an optimal ratio of carbohydrates to protein to help refuel tired muscles. Pretty sure I wish I had known about the O years ago.
Andrew: I told you Ovaltine had no fat.
Me: I think I’d remember hearing about a FAT FREE chocolate beverage.

Anyways, if you love the Nesquik bunny or Hershey’s chocolate syrup, you’ll be looking forward to your next workout knowing there is a tasty glass of brown moo moo juice waiting for ya.

OK, I’ve kept you all in suspense long enough. Who’s the big Ryders Eyewear winner? Alas, to keep it fair I used the handy random # generator. The first time I did it, I chose #77, since that was clearly a fail how about:

Thank you to all who entered and also included your favorite movie character that wore sunglasses. I will say the Ferris Bueller, Maverick, Morpheus and even Johnny Depp Wonka references were brilliant. Becky, hit me up and I’ll be sure to ship out your goodies!

Am I the only one on the Ovaltine bandwagon? If you don’t reach for the chocolate milk, what’s something you enjoy to treat yourself after a good workout?

18 responses to “Ovaltine? A crummy commercial? And Who’s the Big Winner, Mikey?

  1. Yes, that feeling of accomplishment at the end is soooo worth it isn’t it? Then I think we must all get the race amnesia thing or we’d likely never do it again 😉 I have never had Ovaltine…I always wanted it after that movie though.

  2. Now it’s my turn to thank YOU for the amazing video/image to start my morning – “but you’ll shoot your EYE out!”. And the pink bunny pajamas. Omg.

    Why I haven’t thought to use Ovaltine before…?! Smart chick, you. And you’re spreading the sports nutrition word! 🙂

  3. Ovaltine should hire you as their new spokesperson! 😉 I’ve never used chocolate milk as a recovery drink, although I know many people swear by it. I’m just not a big milk drinker so I never have any in the house. One of these days I’ll get some, just so I can try Ovaltine. 😉

    Congrats to Becky! I’m going to be totally jealous of her and her new shades.

    And of course congratulations again to you! Glad you’re still riding your race-high. 🙂

  4. that is awesome that you are still feelin’ it! 🙂 I cannot wait to feel my runners high again, and possibly run a race again 🙂 !!

    I love anything chocolate, and I loved the tweets from HLS when everyone heard chocolate milk is GOOD for recovery! I don’t drink dairy, but I can put ovaltine in my coconut milk, yes?

    I love that scene in The Christmas Story. 🙂

  5. MORE OVALTINE PLEASE!! My friends and I used to make fun of that commercial when we were kids (because we were cool like that…?). hahah. But I must admit that I’ve never had Ovaltine! Chocolate milk, though? LOVE. I prefer using chocolate syrup instead of the powder, though. Couldn’t tell you why… 😛

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