Good Things Happen in Three’s

Pinch me. I not only survived my first triathlon, in part to the amazing boost of confidence from everyone’s support (thank YOU), but I placed at the inaugural Tri to Beat Cancer race – 3rd in my age group. I am sure everyone is thinking that I was pulling your leg about being freaked out, but I was legitimately intimated by the race. In all sincerity, my goal was to finish in the middle group for my age, because although I am somewhat athletic I am seriously aqua-challenged.

I hopped on up to 1st, just for the thrill.

I am still soaking in this weekend and I may end up boring you all to tears with the official race breakdown. For now, I want to celebrate competing and finishing my first triathlon. To the other 649 racers that participated, kudos. It takes courage, patience and endurance to have the coconuts to run, bike and swim.

Married Couples, Tri-ing Hard

A few highlights:

  • Racing with my husband was an indescribable experience. He came SO close to placing in his age group. He taught me everything I know, and part of my award has to go to him. No matter how much I yelled or pitched a fit, he was patient throughout my training and knew how to push me hard to compete. He is the reason I can road bike, period. Andrew, I am proud of you and unbelievably fortunate to have you in my life.
  • Meghan came in FIRST for the women. She is one of the sweetest competitors, always giving advice and tips to everyone around her. To be there to see your friend kick ass is definitely one for the record books.

Who's the big winner?!

This finally got my hubs hooked on my love affair with froyo.

  • Thank you Mellow Mushroom and Yoguri, I think I found my perfect pre-race ritual.
  • I didn’t sleep at all the night before.
  • I am still petrified of the swim. As hard, if not harder, than I thought. Not going to sugar coat that for anyone.
  • Racing with friends is something everyone needs to do. Our buddy Scott did AMAZING for his first tri. The only race he had done before was a 5k. I am over the moon elated for this kid.
  • My inner Lance came out as I made up some serious time hill climbing, who knew?!
  • Two words: practice transitions.
  • I wore that body marking like a badge and kind of didn’t want to wash it off.
  • Setting up pre-dawn for the race was beautiful and to compete with the sunrise is something I’ll never forget.

Overall, it’s been grueling training and prepping mentally, but was it worth it? Absofrigginlutely. I truly conquered one of my biggest fears and to come out on top solidifies the fact that I am somewhat of a competitor and underestimate what I am capable of doing.

Again, I cannot thank everyone enough for their support. It is fantastic to be surrounded with people who want to see you succeed. I needed all the encouragement I could get, and it looks like it made a huge impact on my race.

I owe y’all a Ryders Eyewear winner, stay tuned and I’ll make an announcement tomorrow. Drum roll….

Did everyone have a good weekend? And who is ready for the fall weather to arrive?!


37 responses to “Good Things Happen in Three’s

  1. I’m so so impressed with your accomplishment !! What an awesome feeling to train for so long, only to come out on top ! Wahoo 🙂 The question is,,, when is the next race??!

    I had a fantastic weekend myself. Ran a 10-mile race in my home state of MI. You’re very right, there’s no better way to start the day than before the sunrise. I finished well, but now I have a goal to finish my October half mary in under 2 hours! Time to up the training! 🙂 Can’t wait for fall!!

    Have a great week!!

    • OOH good comment. Next race, is doing a relay half Iron Man in Augusta — from there who knows.

      You are going to nail the 1/2, MI in Oct is perfect weather, unless a freakish snow storm hits. Gotta love the mitten weather pattern.

  2. racing with you was such a treat this weekend! i can’t wait for many more to come 🙂 i also can’t wait to see your 5K split, because shoot girl you were hauling!

  3. Incredible! Way. To. Go! I love that you were intimidated but still powered through it all to place in your age group 🙂 Absolutely amazing. I hope it’s not your last tri 😉

    And congrats to Meghan as well 🙂 Both of you killed it!

    Super jealous. I’m just hoping to not die next week =P

    • I greatly appreciate your encouragement to us both, you’ve been a fantastic supporter throughout.

      It’s not my last, but I have seriously got to take swim lessons.

      We had a bit of amazing luck this weekend, and it’s bc of hard, hard work.

      You are GOING to kill it. You have way more knowledge than I did!

  4. I am so freaking proud of you!!!!! Your recap gave me chills. It must have been a totally surreal experience at times and you did it! And you placed 3rd! And you have such a beautiful attitude. Big ❤ to you. xoxo

  5. LOVE THIS! Kinda gave me goosebumps, not gonna lie. I’m so happy for/proud of you for conquering the fear and holy whoa, placing 3rd AG in the process!! Nothing to be humble about over here 😉 Congrats, lady! xo

  6. You rock!!! And I would have come to your race, but I actually was already home then. I drove back home at 3 in the morning since I knew I had to get up early to lead our adult Bible study.

    I’m so proud of you!

  7. Congrats! I knew you would kick that tri in the ass! You are incredible and inspiring! I am so proud of you! I can only imagine the high from that type of accomplishment. You deserve lots of hugs and high fives…and more fro-yo!

  8. Well look at you! Congrats, that’s SO amazing! And yes, I’m more than ready for fall weather, but the high in NYC is in the 90s for the next few days, so I better just suck it up and be happy with the warm weather while we’ve got it!

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