Unplug & Unwind

You kids love freebies, eh? Me too! If you haven’t entered my Ryders Eyewear giveaway you have until Friday. Do it, do it…I must say your movie references have been stellar.

Sometimes you need a mental break from training. While running yesterday the pleasantly perky CNN Headline News host Robin Meade was keeping me company during my speedwork when she started sharing the news about a study saying too much computer, TV, etc. is causing brain overload, duh.

The New York Times published a feature on this topic, “Digital Devices Deprive Brain of Needed Downtime.” A few snippets:

  • “People think they’re refreshing themselves, but they’re fatiguing themselves,” said Marc Berman, a University of Michigan neuroscientist.
  • Ms. Bates, for example, might be clearer-headed if she went for a run outside, away from her devices, research suggests.

Am I Ms. Bates? Robin went on during the segment to say, “People are at the gym on their iPhones, watching TV on the treadmill…” Was she talking to moi?! I immediately turned off the TV and ran in silence for my cool down mile. Honestly, it was tough but I am trying out this whole, digital overload theory. New rule. No phones after 8 PM. Last night, success! I’m nervous about making this a habit, it’s going to be tough.

I’ll most likely go back to watching TV at the gym, it’s honestly how I get most of my news. The study serves as a strong reminder that we need to be careful of our digital intake, and multitasking typically leads to multiple things getting screwed up.

Mikey Likey: Speaking of overloads, I’m so excited. I’m so excited. I’m so, I’m so… pumped to share this gem. Maybe Jesse had been listening too long to her Walkman?

Are you trying to downsize your digital ways or are you the “more mobile the merrier” type? While we’re at it, favorite Saved By The Bell episode? Anything pre-Tori is how I roll.

22 responses to “Unplug & Unwind

  1. Ha ha … I loved that episode. Also the costume dance one where Kelly and Zach kiss because I was all about them kissing. And me pretending I was Kelly.

    I bit ago I stopped watching TV during exercise and stick with just music. I definitely work harder that way. And I generally read after dinner vs. watch TV and go online (though that might change some nights when real TV is back on in the fall). It’s so much more relaxing!

  2. The Dance Off!! Do the Spraaain.

    The Oil Spill was good too. Very educational and timely of them, no?

    Digital overload is a problem here, too, my friend. I try to stay off phone/comp at least an hour before bed – otherwise my brain is just still going from things “to do”.

  3. I am on total digital overload! I think running is the one time during the day that I am “disconnected”. No ipod, no phone, no computer, ect…

    I need to cut back…

  4. I work on a computer ALL day long then blog when I get home. I don’t watch much tv at least (or maybe I should watch more and computer less). If I am on the dreadmill, the only thing that can get me through is my iPod and/or a good tv show (thought my gym won’t let us change channels darn it).

  5. I couldn’t agree more. Though I’m totally guilty of being iPhone-obsessed, I’ve tried keeping it away from me lately so I can focus on the task at hand. The only problem is that people get annoyed in today’s world if you don’t respond immediately because they assume you are right by your phone. It’s frustrating!

    Love this post though! Let’s spread the word that we should all step away from the electronic devices sometimes!

  6. My runs are pretty chill – no iPod. The rest of my life…not so much! I am so plugged in. I am trying really hard to disconnect, especially before bed. Twitter will be there when I return. 🙂

  7. I definitely feel the laptop fatigue – I spend too many hours looking at the screen but I’ve gotten better at taking breaks – stretching, watering our ridiculously overgrown garden, etc.

    I have too many favorite SBTB episodes! Wasn’t a big fan of the ones with Tori. Zack Morris: “It’s Saturday and we’re at school to take a test called the S-A-T. I should be at the beach working on my T-A-N.”

  8. My runs have gotten super gadget-y. I have my i-pod, my Camelbak, and my HRM watch and chest strap. And now I want a Garmin!

    I feel like a robot when I go out to run sometimes. I can’t wait until it is cooler so it can forgo the water on shorter runs.

  9. You and Lauren must be sharing brain waves (I’m jealous)! First, I hate the dreadmill. Watching the TV while running makes me dizzy. I’m weird, I know. But I always, always run with music.

  10. I love watching television while running!! it is sometimes the only way I get my “news” also, even if “news” is given to me by Matt Lauer. (hey, it’s still news!) 😉

    when I run outside I don’t bring music… I like the peace and quiet, but more than that I have an overactive imagination and I would constantly be thinking someone is behind me that I cannot hear… about to grab me or run me over. yep.

    I TRY to close laptop well before bed time… Jason and I have both been better at this lately…

  11. i’m of the ‘more mobile the merrier’ but i know that i have to take time every day to unplug and just be alone. it always helps rejuvenate me 🙂

  12. Running is the best thing for my mobile addiction, it is the only time I really get away from it all.

    Best episode….when Zack and Slater fight, Mario Lopez would totally kick Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s ass in real life.

  13. I always seem to spot things on the news telling that cell phones are bad, waves from the microwaves can cause cancer….ect…but I think that everything under normal use is OK. If you find yourself addicted to the computer and iphone that you can’t leave it down, then it might be a good idea to have a cut off time, like you are doing! Good discussion! BTW – that chart about the “im so excited” song on Saved By The Bell….LMAO 😉 thanks for sharing!

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