Two Things Tuesday

Norak and me. Sic em!

You words of support yesterday for my upcoming tri mean the world, honestly. I will take all the encouragement I can get. Thank you from the bottom of my shaking heart!

Friends, need to share with you two things so pay attention.
1. It’s almost football season in Bulldog nation. I went to the University of Georgia, therefore in t-minus 2 weeks your are going to most likely hear my loud SEC football rants. It can get ugly, but it’s all in good fun. We keep it clean though, behave out there. I blame my parents. You’d think from our e-mail exchanges that I was talking to ESPN analysts. You can get legit ESPN dirt on the SEC.

Love Kirk, almost as much as Vegas (his picks are almost always spot on). Hate Peanut Butter Roof Lou Holtz and Mark May is right up there with him, bleck. Folwer, he can father my children.

Me and Fowler on a hot date. Need a hail Mary for this one.

Did I mention hockey? Red Wings? Oh, right keeping it to two things.

2. Seasonal fruit is where it’s at. I’ve been taking proper advantage of summer seasonal fruit. From my nannies ripe plucked strawberries to my great uncle’s fresh vine picked grapes, heaven. Taff introduced me to loving peaches on the grill, with a scoop of fresh vanilla ice cream of course. If you don’t have family or friend suppliers, get out there to a local farmer’s market or find a grocery store that gets local produce. I swear once you have farm fresh fruit you will think it was sprinkled in sugar it is that naturally sweet.

I heard it through the grapevine.

Get on your feet and start cheering for your team and root on your local farmer’s y’all!

Let’s see that team spirit, who y’all pulling for this fall? What fruits have you been noshing on lately?

33 responses to “Two Things Tuesday

  1. ok so i have to admit, i’m not a huge sports fan. my liberal arts college didn’t even have a football team, so i couldn’t get into college football. last year i dated a clemson graduate who LOVED football and i got into it w/ him…i’m going to my VERY FIRST game sept 19 and i’m SO excited!! it’s a clemson/auburn game. lots of orange!

  2. Oh I am so not into sports which means I’m a lonely gal during football season. The hubs will be rooting for the Razorbacks (no pun intended there, you know rooting pigs…haha). I am being very remiss in taking advantage of the fruit in season right now.

  3. Around here, it’s all about the Texas Longhorns – Billy’s beyond obsessed. I go along with it and have fun at the tailgates & games. He’s also obsessed with Pro as he’s in TWO fantasy leagues. I’m marrying him in less than a month…just as he will be married to football season. 🙂

  4. I love college football, it’s one of my absolute favorite things. I went to South Carolina; therefore, I’m a proud GAMECOCK!! Go Cocks! 🙂

  5. I have ALWAYS wanted to be a part of a football family… I graduated from Portland State, so obviously I had to be a fan of other schools… mine would be the Oregon Ducks 🙂

    then I met Jason… he (and EVERYONE in his family!!) went to MISSOU (University of Missouri). He played football. his dad played football. his uncle played football, has a bowl game trophy room in his house! his uncle coached. his aunt was the athletic director’s right arm – recently retired.

    so I went from the Pac 10 to the Big 12… I’m now part of a football family 🙂 🙂

  6. Can’t wait for college football to start. It has been painful the past few years as a Michigan fan, hopefully they can piece together a solid season.

  7. My family is very devoted to ALL New England Sports teams. I spent many summers watching Patriots training camp.

    Sports aren’t my thing, but seasonal fruit…you got me there! I’m loving peaches and berries, but I can’t wait for apples!

  8. My boyfriend and all of his family and friends are Redskins fans, so this is the Fall I’m going to learn my football rules and watch with them!

    I’m SO EXCITED to go apple picking. I just had some melon with breakfast… it was yummy too.

  9. My boyfriend and I both attending a really sub-par school as far as football goes. But he’s a big Cowboys fan and I’m trying to score tickets this season to give him as a gift for our 3 year anniversary. But it looks like they are going to be around $200. OUCH, says my bank account.

  10. Your FAMILY has fresh fruit?! Want! That sounds divine. Peaches with ice cream, I’ve done. GRILLED peaches w/ cream…brilliant. If I had a grill I’d do immediately. My Georgie F might not appreciate the mess. We’ll see…

  11. I’m not a football person (or a sports person at all, really), so no rooting for a team for me.

    But as for summer fruits, I’ve been picking berries by our house for the last few months, and enjoying each type one at a time…raspberries, then blueberries, and now blackberries. The local peaches and plums have been great too, and it’s almost apple season.

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