HLS Recap: Organizing The Masses

Who's naughty or nice on this list?

I still have loads to talk about from Healthy Living Summit. Time Management was a session I opted to take, having no clue I would come away with as many useful tips as I did. I thought, “I’m an adult, I can manage my schedule.” Pfft, I had no idea a highlighter could hold such power. Sarah, Kath and Morgan were our fierce instructors.

  • Set priorities: know what you can and cannot let slide.
  • Start a to-do list: Traditional pen and paper work (see image to the right:), or you can get fancy with Teux Deux or another online task manager.
  • Objects on list may take longer than they appear: leave some buffer room for the clingers that take longer than you plan.
  • Know your motivators: understand “why” you are wanting to put something at the top of your list versus the bottom.
  • Schedule time for friends and family: make it a date night or girls night out, but putting something on your calendar means you are committed.

I was astonished at how much better I felt about things I had to do once I put them on paper. I have found a list keeps me honed in and on task throughout the day. I tell that empty box to ready itself for a check! My half marathon training schedule is also keeping me from missing critical days of running.

I had my first weeknight dinner party with friends last night. It was refreshing to see everyone on “a school night” and it worked because we penciled in the important date. I also implemented these rules as I packed for beach trip this weekend. Or you can do what my girlfriend is doing — she hasn’t unpacked from her last trip and is throwing new stuff in.

Small things may seem irrelevant, but saving time here and keeping yourself organized is part of maintaining balance and a healthy lifestyle. One of the amazing instructors Sarah has the full recap if you have a hankering for more fabulous deets.

In what ways do you keep yourself organized and buttoned up? You prefer traditional pen and paper list or do you like something digital?


26 responses to “HLS Recap: Organizing The Masses

  1. I’m converted to digital since I got my iPhone – Billy and I share a google calendar and then I have a personal one as well. I use the notepad on the iPhone to keep my to-do lists like I used to write them on a piece of paper…I’m resistant to try anything new (like teux deux) b/c I’m afraid I’ll become too obsessive! You are cute hiding there behind your hand-written, hilited notes. 🙂

  2. I’m lost without my to-do list. I use my iPhone and paper. All of my appointments, tasks, etc. go in iCal. Any personal to-dos go there or there plus Toodledo.

    But for work, I also type out a to-do list and print it out every night when I leave. That way I know where to start the next day.

  3. I’ve tried organizing time digitally (apps) and paper. I always go back to paper its the only thing that really motivates me.

    When I find myself getting “cloudy” I either like to put a task on there that is a layup or I’ll take the bigger tasks and break em down. Seeing some progress is key for me

  4. Pen & Paper to-do lists are a savior! Couldn’t agree more, and the satisfaction of crossing things off (or checking that empty box) is ridiculously satisfying 😉

  5. Google Docs for to track past and future workouts

    Google Reader for blogs (new as of a week ago and I can’t believe I’ve waited this long)

    Microsoft Excel for monthly bill tracking

    Wells Fargo online for spending tracking

  6. I am a fierce list-maker! Love the old-fashioned pen and paper. I also keep a notebook right by my computer and jot down thoughts and ideas all day, so nothing gets lost in the jumble that it my brain. I do use mint.com for organizing my finances..great tool!

  7. I don’t know if you go back and read replies, but I had to let you know about the Heath Bar comment – that’s what he was actually named for by the lady who rescued him. He’s considered a sable parti (hard to see the sable in pics so he just looks caramel and white). So she thought he looked like a Heath Bar 😉

  8. I may be in love with that photo . . . can you send it to me so I can post a SUCCESS story on my blog???

    SO HAPPY that people walked away learning something from us . . . and that everyone had a laugh at my “check swooooosh” comment . . .


  9. I do a mix of digital and pen and paper – it just depends on what’s most convenient for home v. work. You know? Knowing your motivators is SO true though – when you nip those, the list ALWAYS gets done.

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