More than Words

I’ll spare you the Extreme song you were probably hoping you’d find after reading this post title.

Still feeling under the weather, last night I was in bed my 9:30 hoping to kick this awful mess. For those that were at the Healthy Living Summit, we all remember my fabulous man-voice/Vader Voice.

It’s beyond frustrating have no words, but I thought I would flip that on its head today and participate in Worthless Wordless Wednesday — I can’t keep waiting for Voiceless Vuersday to come around.

OK, OK, you know I can’t keep my big mouth shut:

What leaves you speechless? Jesse James cheating on Sandra Bullock? Lebron’s 60 minute announcement fiasco? Seeing the pics from Harry Potter’s Wizarding World?


20 responses to “More than Words

  1. Ha! That Extreme song reminds me of my frosh year of HS; I am so dating myself by admitting that. Speechless? Not much leaves me speechless, but I am sure my upcoming nuptials will have a moment or two of speechlessness.

  2. Yoga! Random, but if it’s a great instructor with some sort of preachy awesomeness at the end, I leave speechless. Totally Zen.

    I heart that Bean pic of you two 😉

  3. aww.. sorry lady! I read about your vader voice @ HLS (from you… not like others are a talkin’) 🙂 and thought it was from too much talky / sqealy? are you sick?

    because I AM SICK… the other day I said something, but I didn’t think it’d really get this bad… I am awful this morning GAAH.

    wow – where’d that come from?

    yes, Jesse cheating on Sandra was a shock. Blogo is kinda making me roll my eyes. That stupid KFC sandwich was awe – inducing.

    Speechless? I once helicoptered to the top of Whistler and skiied down. 🙂

  4. I hope you feel better soon!! No fun to be sick. I’d bring you tea if I lived near you. And maybe some magazines. Or a smoothie. And a cookie for good measure.

  5. I think some of the things I see in the gym leave me speechless. I can’t specifically think of them right now but they do. Also, different ways I see M grow up. Time passes too fast!

    Hope you get your voice back soon.

  6. Can we talk for a sec about that picture of you in the bean? It kinnnnd of looks like the guy behind you is pooping out your camera. I am five and can’t stop giggling. That is, obviously, leaving me speechless.

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