Fueling for Fitness: Better than the Rest

One of my favorite sessions at The Healthy Living Summit was “Fueling for Fitness,” hosted by the fabulous and legit dietitians Heather and Rebecca. Too often I know I focus on prep before a workout, well kiddies it’s time to focus on getting through a run and paying close attention to post-workout recovery. Your fueling goals are to provide energy for your workout, prevent dehydration and optimize your recovery; all which depend upon the frequency and intensity of your training. Make sure you are balancing your needs based on your specific plans.

What might interest your inner runner/fitness guru:

  • Pre-workout aim to have a meal or snack 1 to 2 hours prior to doing your thang. Fresh or dried fruit is a nice option.
  • Drink a cup of water before exercising. I am sure many of you know that by the time you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated.
  • Have a few ounces of fluid before and during the workout, hence water stations every two miles.
  • If you’re aiming for an hour or more of exercise, you are going to need a proper sports drink to replenish the electrolytes and carbs you’ve lost.
  • Post-workout you can enjoy a nice glass of chocolate milk, a healthy balance of carbs and protein. Moovelous.

Anne has a fannetastic solid recap of this session as well that y’all should check out. Overall, it’s about what works for your body. Not everyone can handle the gels or the power bars. Fill up on smart foods. Heather noshes on honey packets during a big race, smart huh? Training is somewhat of an all day process, it doesn’t start and stop during a workout.

I am naughty about post-workout recovery and this helped raise my awareness and ensure I am recovering in the right way. I have also instituted a rule: every mile I run equals a 30 second to a minute of stretching. My calves and hip have been cranky.

Here are a few more purdy pics from the summit courtesy of Arnold and Oroweat Bread. I already eat that bread on a daily basis, glad to know I am making a good choice.

N'uh, y'huh!

For those playing at home, that would be the crazies: Julie, Gracie, Katy and Dorry. Total same sex crush on the women at HLS.

You can dress us up, but you can't take us out.

What’s your favorite fueling tip that you swear by?
I’m going to harass ask Heather a few pressing questions for her to answer here for everyone. Here’s your chance to ask a registered dietitian anything. Put your q’s in the comments if you’d like.

20 responses to “Fueling for Fitness: Better than the Rest

  1. I’m almost the opposite, I focus on hydration, but not so much on fueling before. I’m much better about fueling after a workout though. Oh and I have not ever had any Cuban dishes so I’d be really curious to see your beans and rice recipe.

  2. I’m so glad you brought up stretching. I never realized what a KEY component it was until I got hurt 5 months ago! I’m just now starting to be able to workout like I used to (after 5 months of recovery through yoga and stretching). It’s amazing that I only gained 2 lbs. But now it’s time to lose those 2 lbs! haha

  3. that would have been my favorite session… thanks for talking about it here… I recall seeing people tweeting about chocolate milk for recovery… that was awesome 🙂 NOM.

    I like your one mile run = one minute stretch… I think I’m going to do this!! I am pretty good at recovery FUEL but so so bad with the stretching. always have been 😦

  4. Post run nothing better than a chocolate milk, it is the best recovery drink. During the week I snack on almonds late in the day to fuel me for my run home from work.

  5. “Moovelous.” that is totally going into my next presentation, and YES I’ll give you credit.

    The best part of this post? After {FINALLY} meeting you, I can hear every ridiculous comment coming out of your mouth. Voice/face to blog = much more entertaining reading. 😉

  6. ah, p.s.! thanks for the awesome shout outs and Excellent recap of the session. 🙂 Glad we could help!

  7. How cute are you?! Love those pics!

    Before a big workout, toast w/ nut butter and banana always does the trick. Always!

  8. I loved the fueling session. Those girls knew their stuff! When we ran 16 on Sunday, we didn’t have lots of fuel on hand. We packed Southwest’s pretzels packets. Perfect mix of carbs and salt for a long run! It didn’t bother anyone’s stomach either.

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