Healthy Living Summit – The Cliff Notes Version

Hey gang! I’m back from a weekend in Chicago for the Healthy Living Summit! The event surpassed my expectations. I will pass on the balanced lifestyle learnings throughout the week. Our agenda at the HLS was filled with bloggers and experts sharing their viewpoints on all things healthy living.

Nuggets from the Summit:

Waiting for the Beverly Hills 90201 clap!

Respect your body: I preach ad nauseam listen to YOUR body. Different discussions at the summit reaffirmed that we all should be damn proud of our bodies. I’m out doing crazy stuff from running to taking specialty classes but this doesn’t make me any better than someone that finds enjoyment from just walking their dog. To each their own. Be satisfied with you.
I’m no pro: It’s important to acknowledge the professionals and field experts that inspire us to learn more, do new things and try harder. Even my fellow bloggy friends have opened my eyes to a world of unlimited training tips and have even expanded my palette with delish recipes. I brought my Garmin because I had seen how killer that piece of gear was from reading about it from my pals. I’ve also confirmed that I am obsessed with dietitians.
Time After Time: I was not expecting to walk away from HLS with the motivation to get organized, but that’s exactly what happened after taking a time management session. Your priorities are a large part of how you maintain a healthy lifestyle. I’ve started a to-do list and am ready to check those boxes. (Psst, check out TeuxDeux.)

Most importantly, I got to FINALLY meet the fantastic women I’ve been dying to meet. I also made friends with even more. Special shout-outs to Dorry, Beck, Heather, Alycia, Gracie and Katy. Luhhve them!

Ending HLS the proper way.

Only bummer, I lost my voice. Literally, no words to express my frustration. I can’t tell you the last time in my life I lost my voice. Apologies to all that had to endure Darth SheVader.

There’s my Healthy Living Summit lovefest. Puts you in a solid mindframe to better your body. Two weeks to my first triathlon. One month to my 3rd half marathon. It’s go time.

How was your weekend? What’s motivating you this Monday?


24 responses to “Healthy Living Summit – The Cliff Notes Version

  1. Nichole!! I just saw your comment picture and clicked who you are! I can’t believe we talked that whole snack break and you never mentioned your Jack Russel Pup!!! 🙂

    Either way it was great meeting you and I’m so glad we were able to catch up for a few minutes. You are an amazing, beautiful woman with a great sense of fashion and a lot of out going spunk. I love meeting friend in real life and you are a friend. 🙂

    • Um, can I print out this comment and post it to my wall? You, my darhlin’, are too kind. You carried yourself so well during the whole event, energy galore. Looking forward to trying to keep up with you!

  2. The Darth-Shevader worked for you, I’m just sayin’…

    heyo! It was AWESOME to meet you! Please come out to this side of the country sooner rather than later – and take that “obsession” with Dietitians to feel free to ask me any Qs!! 😉

  3. aww… YOU are motivating me this morning !! 🙂 I love “be satisfied with you” especially today, because I’m frustrated with my running this week (really slow – pain in knee)

    AND because guess what? I have no voice today – I woke up with a sore throat and scratchy voice. heh.

    SO wish I had been there with you all !! next year for sure, and hopefully sometime before that!! 🙂

    • I have a hip pain that I refuse to talk about. Kind of like I refused to think I was getting sick last week — then I talk like a dude all weekend, blerg.

      Hot tea and lemon baby!

  4. I am sooo glad we got to meet! You are amazing! The weekend was a whirlwind. I’m still trying to take it all in. I miss everyone already!

  5. I seriously LOVE you! Meeting you was awesome, you’re hysterical. I hope your events go well, babe.

    Oh and as soon as I got home, I started a google calendar AND a to-do list! Hopefully this will last longer than a week for me ha!

  6. me= totally jealous, but now pumped to get a ticket to next years! (…there is a 2011 HLS, right? Any talk of that?) Sounds like it was quite a fun trip!

    And I’d love to meet my fav bloggers… including re-meeting those I knew in high school 😉

  7. I am SO glad I got to meet you at HLS! You are not only gorgeous, but hilarious and fun to talk to as well. 🙂 I already added you to my reader so I can enjoy your blog now too.

    I hope you don’t mind if I steal that top picture to include in my HLS recap! I never got one of us standing outside at the cocktail party.

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