Hitting the Hump

Humpday has arrived. My gym is closed this week due to the university getting it all ready for the kiddies. Mr. Gym Operator – next time, a notice would be nice. I’m back to my “I will not dread evening workout” mantra. It’s kind of thrown me out of whack.

On the agenda for today is speedwork. Seeing my big boo-boo from the last time I checked my Runner’s World Smart Coach training schedule, I was sure to read-up for today’s to-do: Speedwork: 5 mi, inc Warm; 2×1600 in 7:21 w/800 jogs; Cool

Ummm? There was a legend to decipher, but after re-reading and Googling wtf “2×1600” meant, I reached out to fellow runner extraordinaire iRunnerBlog. I am sure somewhere he muttered a, “Pfft, amateur,” but I ain’t to proud to beg:

Alas, my hero!

Sure, would love to help “decode” this for you. This is sending you to a track so hopefully you have access to one, make sure it is a High School or College one, middle school tracks tend to be shorter. This workout has a few parts. They are saying that the total work out should be about 5 miles which includes your warm up…the important thing here is the speed work, not the total mileage.

Focus on:
– stretch then run around a track 3x’s at a jog (warm up) = .75 miles
– run 4x’s around a track (1600) and finish in 7:21 = 1 mile
– jog 2x’s around a track (800) at your own pace = .5 mile
– run 4x’s around a track (1600) and finish in 7:21 = 1 mile
– jog 4x’s around a track cool down = 1 mile

Again, building speed and foot turnover is the important thing here. To be honest, I don’t like the program because of the confusing track workouts. I also don’t have a track in NYC so I always did my speed work by time and pace and almost always on the dreadmill.

This is when I think part of my brain physically started to hurt. I mean, is this what I get for finally doing a training plan? I have a Garmin watch that can do fractions, but I can’t look at a schedule and figure it out. Alas, I will not let this deter me. Taking a note from iRunner’s training schedule I am going to try this instead: 10 min warm up; 3x (2 min 10k pace/2 min recovery); 10 min cool down

If you want to see how the iRunnerBlog running master is tackling marathon training get on over to “Pro & Joe” and thank me later.

And in other news, I am obsessed with Wall Street Journal Health. Fantastic finds and educational. I stumbled upon a book review, Health Blog Q&A: ‘What I Eat’ Authors Peter Menzel and Faith D’Aluisio. The gist of the book follows around people and documents 80 diets from around the world. Truly fascinating stuff. They talk about everything from binge eaters to those who can barely find food to eat. I am looking forward to hearing about the global discoveries.

Do you find that you’re afraid to ask for help and would rather figure it out yourself? What country would you be most interested in learning more about what the locals eat?


23 responses to “Hitting the Hump

  1. Wow, saw my grill and it kinda freaked me out! Keep it simple has always been my motto. Too much thinking for beginner runners (I still consider myself one) will kill the fun and excitement of training. Hope your speed workout goes well, I will be doing the same one!

  2. I have no problem asking for someone to suppl the answer. My hubby has all these crazy training plans and they hurt my brain too. Just tell me how long I need to run and how fast please. Or set out mile points for me. Simplicity folks.

  3. I’m telling ya: Creating a custom ‘Workout’ in your Garmin is really easy. You can tell it how long (and optionally what pace) your warm-up should be, then tell it how many sets of intervals/recoveries you want to do – the distances/times for each and (optionally) what pace those should be at, followed by how long your recovery should be. Then, crank it up, and follow along. Easy peasy, and almost fun. Almost.

  4. I don’t think you “have” to do the speed work on a track. You can do it on a road since you have the garmin, but just use the same distances. That’s what I do for mile repeats (which is essentially what you are doing).

  5. Oh gosh, great questions! I’m super excited to look in to those reads you mentioned! I love learning about health!! I think I am most intrigued to learn about how people in Africa eat. I know there are still people living in the most remote villages and I just find it fascinating to see the way they live. I took an AWESOME class in college that was all about other cultures and societies. Truly fascinating.

  6. Oh that book sounds super interesting!

    I never would have figured out that 2×1600 equated to what that person told you. How confusing! For now my training plan is distance related only for the most part. “Wednesday: Run 2 miles”. I can do that!

  7. i totally do stuff on my own until it just isn’t working anymore. i should probably work on that 🙂

    and i would love to know more specifics about what Italians eat day to day! i just love the food, but would be curious to know more about the authentic day-to-day eats!

  8. Good luck with that sweat sesh! I know speedwork is great, but I fail to add it to training because it’s simply too confusing. I just run. Since I won’t be winning the marathon, that’s enough for me. Maybe someday I’ll figure out the extras.

  9. I’m definitely never afraid of asking for help – in fact, I find I ask for it quite often 🙂 Glad that you did as well! I had to ask around the world before I figured out what 6×400 meant haha

  10. That book sounds awesome. If you’d ever like to know what they eat in China it is lots and lots of rice. LOTS.
    I give you props for actually sticking with your training plan. And for running a 7:21 mile. In my dreams maybe…

  11. Yikes. That IS confusing. Unfortunately a lot of plans write speed work in another language. I’m impressed you took the time to figure it out though. And I agree with some other commenters — you should just do it on the roads with your Garmin. The best part about the watch is that it sort of eliminates your need for a track! 🙂

    And that book looks awesome! i might have to get it!

  12. i love that you put a halo on his picture! so cute!

    i definitely prefer to figure something out myself, but eventually i will give in and ask. i’m stubborn but not to the point where i won’t ask 🙂

  13. Running programs can be confusing if you haven’t been exposed to them before. I like iRunnerBlog’s suggestion of just going based off time rather then distance for the faster intervals. Before getting my garmin I would base my hard efforts off time such as 2 times 5 minutes hard. Now I have my garmin so I can go 2 times 1 mile. Either way gets the job done!

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