Thank You For Being a Friend

(Confetti flies, horns get the picture I’m trying to paint.) I am surrounded by some amazing friends, and they’ve been up to some uber amazing things. Pardon the bragging, but allow me to love on my friends.

Tri harder next time;)

Profile: Taylor
Occupation: MBA kid by day, gym rat, entrepreneur and rock climber by night.
Recent feat: Third place in his FIRST triathlon.
When your friends tell you they have a big race coming up, of course you’re wishing them the best. Taylor showed us. This kid killed it. A tri in Colorado’s high altitude is worth the bragging rights of a solid finish. He trained hard and it certainly showed.

Nothing soft about them abs.

Profile: Meghan
Occupation: Legit communications job, when she’s not cleaning up at tri races on the weekend.
Recent feat: This isn’t the first time y’all have seen this woman in action. Well, she’s become a BFD when the good people over at Team Sport Factory decided to sponsor her! She’s the most bubbly, cheerful athlete I know. I can’t imagine where her kick ass nature comes from, but she’s a born winner and natural competitor. I swear she makes it look too easy.

Ra ra!

Profile: Norak
Occupation: Mother/Rock Star
Recent feat: Keeping her patience with her children, and keeping up with Andrew and I as we hauled her on a two-hour trek on a local mountain. My mom rocks my socks. She is probably responsible for my workout regularity. No fancy equipment or gym required for this pistol. She gets up every day and does her workout DVD in the morning and walks/jogs at night. When she can’t sleep she’s been known to wake up in the wee hours, workout and finally get some good Zzz’s. She juggles one of the busiest, most demanding work schedules but always finds time for her workouts. She walks for charitable causes and is always cheer-leading everyone on.

These are normal folks who have managed to produce damn impressive track records, pun intended. Personal inspiration that I think we all can relate to.

It’s important to support your friends and family. Feel free to spread the lovefest and tell us who you’re proud of!


21 responses to “Thank You For Being a Friend

  1. You are soooo right about supporting friends and family. This was a fun one to read. Thank you for sharing. I am proud of my sister for keeping exercise a priority as a now single, full time working mom of 2. I am also proud of my husband for his triathlon accomplishments.

  2. This was so sweet–thanks for telling us about your friends who rock. I’m so proud of my mom for starting to walk every day when she found out her blood pressure was on the high side. She’s not into exercise at all but she goes on long walks daily now.

  3. I feel so special! I hope you know this is a motivating friendship that goes both ways – your friendship and blog has encouraged me to eat healthier, try different types of exercise and try new things across the board in life. Can’t wait to race together at the end of the month.

    Keep the great posts coming! Love reading them everyday.

  4. AWESOME post ! you have made me smile big!

    my recent heroes include my friend Megan… she is currently battling her second round of cancer (in remission for 8+ years) and has The Best Attitude. She is so positive – I think a main reason she beat it last time – because she SAID she would!

    my other hero is my friend Crystal… she is getting married this weekend, starting her life… she put herself through school, earning a masters and is now a successful therapist. She has overcome many odds of a horrible home life and upbringing, going the other way and turning into an amazing woman. I am excited for her marriage and happy life she is creating.


  5. Is that first Tri Rockstar a CO native? Or just some crazy person whose blood acclimates to altitude like it’s no thang? Either way, HUGE congrats to all the athletes up there – love this little feature 😉

  6. Your friend Taylor killed it! Quite impressive, especially in the CO altitude, that shit is no joke!

    I give props to my older bro who is just getting into running and is setting the goal to run the NYC marathon next year with me. Pretty cool to be the younger bro and having the older bro following me now.

  7. How great! I wish I knew more people in my life that were super athletic. It doesn’t seem to be in our nature but I’m trying to fight against that every day!!!

  8. This is such a sweet post. I love the tribute to your friends. I have a not so nice tribute post coming to one of my friends soon. I feel it. Things are going crazy with all the wedding stuff. LOL

  9. You are surrounded by some amazing, strong, and supportive folks! I love that you wrote this post for them. I am always inspired by my BFF and my boyfriend. They have fiery passion for their sports and always challenge me to work hard, too.

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