St Thomas – Don’t Worry I Came Back

Alas, our summer travel is winding down, but we went out in style. Flying into St Thomas for the weekend was a total whirlwind. A marvelous, relaxing, blur. I absolutely did not want to leave. The island is tropical meets mountainous, and the views were indescribable. Our hotel had free snorkeling gear and free fish to find. We definitely spent the majority of the weekend in the water. Weather was perfect and I truly did not want to come back to reality. Anyone else have those moments on a vacation where you realize you could be happy running the jet-ski rental stand on a beach?

Andrew was comfortable snorkeling a bit farther than me.

I could open my little jet-ski rental right here!

The monkey goes with us everywhere.

Seriously, pinch me.

Something about the ocean revives you. Andrew said it was the best day and a half honeymoon. Aww…gross, I know.

Training resumed at it’s regularly scheduled time this morning. I missed my long run, rightfully so. I also missed the notice that my gym was CLOSED today. Nothing like a 40 min round-trip ride at 5AM to put you in a fantastic mood. I stayed focused and still tackled my training. To make up for missing Saturday’s long run, I did the 6-er this morning. Went a little over and will attempt to throw in the remaining 1.3 miles this evening to put me back on track for Monday. Warning – this is probably not the brightest idea, but I will do it if my body gives me the green light. And holy best watch ever Batman. Cannot say enough good things about the Garmin Forerunner 305. You don’t realize the pace you’re keeping and this little watch is a fantastic remainder to move. This puppy doesn’t lie either, so if you are going to legitimately make an effort to hit a pace or distance, Garmin will call your bluff.

How was everyone’s weekend?! If you could have any job on the beach, what would it be?


21 responses to “St Thomas – Don’t Worry I Came Back

  1. Awesome weekend. Looks like you had fun. Regarding making up your miles, be smart, adding that extra 1.3 miles isn’t going to make or break your training. Rest up and come back tomorrow to hit the next training day.

    My weekend was a brothers/father weekend as we did a baseball stadium tour from Fenway to Philly. Will be posting about it tomorrow.

  2. SO FUN! I love that y’all have the travel bug like Billy and me. Perhaps one day we’ll go somewhere fabulous together!

    When we lived in Belize, we worked on our laptops on the beach but I’d like to run a sno-cone stand. 🙂

  3. I’ve always wanted to jetset somewhere for the weekend. While I’ve gone on lots of trips for a week or more, I’ve never flown to the Carribean for the weekend.

    When I was in Fiji a few years ago, I felt like I could totally open a resort or little inn on the beach, and live there. The ocean is so peaceful and healthful.

  4. I’d like to sell Ice Cold Drinks and FroYo on the beach. every summer when I was in Hawaii growing up I would say that’s what I’m going to do. I’d ride a scooter, never wear shoes, and be a happy happy island girl.

    your weekend sounds fabulous 🙂

  5. I love reading about all of your summer travels! How gorgeous! I need some blue waters around me.

    Isn’t the Garmin fab?! I feel lost without it! I can’t believe your gym was closed on a random Monday…weird?! I once belonged to a gym that closed for good. Never said a word to the members. A sign on the door was all we got….not even our $ back!

  6. I seriously would love a Garmin and I’m not even into running yet! Darn pregnancy. Haha! I have all sorts of fitness related things I want for after the baby.

    St. Thomas is beautiful! Your pictures make me want to go back. Glad you had fun!

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