Spoon full of Sugarland Spins Me Right Round

It goes a little something like this:

We had our fair share of adult beverages and I’m still trying to figure out if I slept last night. Our best pals, Jess & Scott, went with us. Scottie – you may remember we conned talked him into tri-ing with us – had the brilliant idea to get up at 5AM for swimming and spin class. No swimmy for me, but there was spinning! Twas my first spin class. I definitely enjoyed the class and it’s up to you to determine how hard you want to go. I pushed myself and having an instructor yell/cheer you on is much needed. I got to clip-in too, which was fantastic. Don’t have to worry about falling out of the strap. I prolly lost about 5 lbs in water weight, eesh. Two new classes in one week, I’m spent. I’m recovering today, hang in there with me.

How my head felt.

Favorite summer cocktail concert?


14 responses to “Spoon full of Sugarland Spins Me Right Round

  1. Good for you for making it to spin after going out! Um, there’s no way I would have attempted that one LOL. I am not a big concert goer (too old). I did enjoy Riverfest this year and got to see The Black Crows again. Awesome.

  2. Great job getting in a spin class after a night of partying! I remember I once ran a 5k after staying up all night drinking. Good thing you can “drink and run” 😉

  3. Congrats on the spin class! I haven’t been in ages but remember how much it kicks your ass. And the morning after a concert? Nice work. Billy and I spent last summer in NYC and we’d go to outdoor concerts at Central Park – fave was Counting Crows. 1 week little lady! I’m going to hug you so be prepared.

  4. i’m going to country fest in 2 weeks that i’m excited for!! love sugarland..so jealous. cute pics!

  5. I am jealous! Love Sugarland. Love spinning. Love spinning to Sugarland!

    Fun fact: Last summer I got certified to teach spin. I thought I wanted to, but then I didn’t. I teach all day, so it isn’t as fun to teach class at night…not money well spent…but the cert. is still good. Maybe someday, I’ll get back to it.

  6. Awww I love Sugarland! I heard they do put on a great show! I have not been to concert in … 2 years! I really want to go to the Toby Keith in Atlantic City 8/21. But probably won’t. It’s my 1 year anniversary with the man.

  7. “I’m still trying to figure out if I slept last night” <- If I had a dime for every time I….ehhh.

    Glad you guys had fun! 😉

  8. HA I love you. Looks like such a fun night!

    Hmm… I love summer festivals. I went to Bonnaroo in 2006 and had so much fun!

    As for cocktails… mojitos are the way to go.

  9. Love spinning! There is an instructor at my gym who takes different Tri bike courses and sets the class on its elevation changes. Last week we did the Vineman Tri bike course.

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