Getting Run Over by the “Train” Train

I think my foot makes this pic.

I’ll take, “things that are sore” for 500 Alex. Yesterday was awesome. I took part in a free demonstration of Core Fusion Cardio from Exhale Spa. I walked to the spa after work and had a hunch it would be a solid workout, but it was a demo so thinking they’d go easy on all the mixed levels in attendance. Wrong.

The instructor was like a prettier, tamer, less-bratty Jillian Michaels who worked us to the core, literally. I sweated buckets. Felt amazing after. And let me tell you, the women instructors for the programs are gorgeous!! Physically in tune with their uber-toned bodies, inspiration enough. I was in awe of their definition, and definitely jealous.

Two tired downward dogs.

Three things takeaway from Core Fusion:
1. You don’t need any equipment or tons of space to workout hard.
2. Get out of your comfort zone. I am the most uncoordinated person – you’d never guess it since Norak was a cheerleader – but the instructors were patient and pointed out flaws in my positions that I wasn’t even aware of, or maybe was afraid to admit.
3. Endurance comes from mental strength. Push yourself and stay focused, exercise your mental threshold. It’s only then that you make “gains.”

Runner’s World Smart Coach Training Update
This morning was a complete training awakening. Runner’s World Smart Coach had me running 3 miles at a 7:18 pace, 5 miles total with warm up and cool down. 7:18?! I only see 7:18 when it’s on a clock. That run OWNED me. It is a mental force bigger than yourself when you can tell your body not to quit. I had no idea how slow I have been training.
Please note, when I went to put a lovely check in the box for today’s workout…it’s not 7:18:

Ah yes, the fine print

The recap:
Mile 1 – easy peasy 8:30 pace
Mile 2 – 7:18 pace, getting hard
Mile 3 – 7:18 pace, who can I hurt?! torture and a hint of panic.
Then I stopped. Completely stopped for 30 sec. I had to regroup. I didn’t want to cheat and half-a** anything.
Mile 4 – 7:18 pace, with a 7:00 pace at the end because I felt guilty for stopping
Mile 5 – 7:50/8:00 pace

Are you high Claree? This sums it up-

What do you use to distract yourself and stay focused on the bigger picture? Are training plans for you?


26 responses to “Getting Run Over by the “Train” Train

  1. Ironic, regarding your endurance from mental strength I posted today this quote: “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”

    I am lol’ing that you misread your pace, maybe a trip to the eye dr. should go on that list of things to accomplish this week? Seriously, great run, but don’t burn yourself out! 7:48 even seems like to quick of a pace this early.

  2. Core Fusion sounds like my type of class. I really want to try it!

    Ummm…the run…Prefontaine?! If you are mentally tough enough to maintain a pace that much faster than you’re used to, you OWN the run! You OWN the race! You will rock it!

  3. Oh my goodness! You have been kicking butt! Wow. Great job on pushing through. I just get lost in my mind somewhere and just go through the motions of pushing hard when I have to go out of my comfort zone like that. So tough.

  4. Wow you are a fast runner! I’m impressed. SO glad you loved the Core Fusion Cardio class!!! You know how strongly I feel about all things Core Fusion so it makes my heart happy that you had a great experience.

  5. Wow Core Fusion sounds awesome! and well done on the running. That’s tough!

    I like to trick my mind by saying ‘just do 2 more steps’ or ‘5 more minutes’ and then when I do that, I tell myself to do it again. It used to really help when I would do fitness testing in University.

  6. 7:18! You little speed demon! So awesome little lady. I’m having training plan BLOCK b/c Billy and I are running a half December 5th…but we are going to be in Europe for 2.5 weeks when we SHOULD be training. Eek! Eating and walking around with a big backpack counts as training, right??

  7. 7:18 is hauling!

    When I am doing tempo runs like that, I just try to zone out and think about something other than how much my body is hating me right now. LOL. Always works 😉

  8. Props for making it through the hard workout! I had my first run of my 5 mile training program last night. I was SUPER slow but it was all I could muster without throwing up because it was so insanely warm out. I didn’t leave the house until after 8pm and it was still swealtering. I had to decide between drinking the water I had left or pouring it on my head. It was a difficult choice!!

  9. Dayum girl! 3 miles at 7:18? You totally rocked it. I’ve done 10 minute sections of core fusion videos and they kick my butt every time. But it feels great and I can definitely see a difference in my body.

  10. Great tips! I’ve always been curious about Core Fusion.

    You make me want to start training again! Maybe once I get this schedule under control…

  11. great job in the run girl!!!!! you rocked it you owned it you showed it who was boss!
    i hope to compete in a 5K on aug 15 🙂

  12. 7:18?!?! Girl you’re amazing!!! I don’t even see that on the clock!! If I ever ran a mile in 7:18 I’d probably be so happy I’d never run again. Cause there’s no way it would get any better than that lol

  13. Just found your blog today and I love love love it! I’m currently at Georgia Law (Go Dawgs)! And went to Ga State for undergrad, so I’m all about Atlanta! Just began running in an attempt to get healthy and change my life for the better. Found your blog very inspirational, and will def bookmark it!

  14. I also purchased a Garmin 305 last year when I was training for the Walt Disney World marathon. It completely changed the way I run, and I feel lost without it. Stop by Fit&Fab Living and check out our fitness section. We have lots of great running articles!

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