Geared for the Run

We all have things we can’t live without. That favorite pair of worn out shoes, or that workout t-shirt you swear by. I’ve got a little honeypot to share, the gear I get geeked about: Geared for the Run.

Disclaimer: These gems are properly tested pieces of gear that keep me up to speed. I’ll keep a spot for my faves and we’ll see what stays on top of my list.

Three things to wet your whistle:
iPod Shuffle 1G: Fits anywhere. Plays anything – well up to 100ish songs. Customize your playlist before a big race and it will get you through. Most importantly it’s durable. The bummer is finding the perfect headphones that are comfortable for hard workouts.

Jolly Green Musical Giant

Nike Dry-FIT Tech Capri: Short enough for summer, long enough for winter. Dual climate compatible. Multi-sport loving solid pair of fancy pants. Perfect for indoor bike workouts and stairs. Don’t want anything sticking or showing that shouldn’t. They can make anyone’s butt look good. And they don’t bell out at the bottom. They are breathable and have a back zip-pocket. I have snagged my pair (somehow) but sewed them right back into shape.

Bottoms up!

Brooks Ravenna: Shoes are the key to your running soul. I’ve yet to race in these, but training has felt good. Less padding so you feel more in-line with your form when you run. Shoelaces are supah long, but you can replace those.

Pavement Beater

I made a big girl running purchase this week, can’t wait to give y’all the scoop.

On my agenda after work: trying something new! The fabulous ladies over at Exhale Spa hunted invited me to come check out a class. I’m honestly a little nervous, but certainly excited! I’ve heard great things.
Explore the Core: Core Fusion® Cardio is a calorie burning, sweat inducing, body sculpting, power-packed fitness experience, masterminded by the co-creators of Core Fusion®, Elisabeth Halfpapp and Fred DeVito. Merging cardio with intense strength and flexibility moves, this 60-minute class generates maximum calorie burn, resulting in defined abs, sculpted legs, and high, rounded glutes.

Due to maintaining my running Smart Coach plan, I had to do my weekly Rocky Repeat this morning. Something tells me I will be sore for my planned run tomorrow.

If you could only have one accessory to take with you on a run/walk what would it be – MP3 Player, sports-watch or sunglasses?


16 responses to “Geared for the Run

  1. The class DOES sound great! I’ve started focusing more on my core, and while I don’t think it will be enough to affect my triathlon in September, if I continue focusing on it over the winter, I think I’ll be a better runner/triathlete for it. As I’m sure you know, core helps you keep things all together, like your form!

    As for the 3 options you’ve listed off….hm, I’d have to say sunglasses. I run such a fairly consistent pace that I’d be okay without a sports-watch, and I don’t listen to music when I run (unless I’m on the treadmill), but I hate going out for a run when it’s sunny having forgotten my sunglasses!

    Enjoy the class!

  2. I think I would choose my Camelbak….with tears in my eyes for my Garmin. I love the Garmin most, but the Camelbak is really necessary for long, hot runs.

    I feel the same way about the Nike capris…love ’em! And they definitely do my ass some favors 😉

  3. IPOD – NO QUESTION. Mostly b/c the other sports/training I do I can’t use it so it has become a necessary evil when running unless I have a running partner. I am also going to that class tonight and I am also excited but nervous. Guess I will see you there!

  4. I loveeee capris!! I definitely need a new pair though, mine are following to pieces. And I’ve tried many different shoes, but I’ve yet to find a pair I absolutely love. Yours might be next!

  5. I have Brooks Raveenas! But a few months after I got them I discovered Karhu running shoes and they basically changed my life, so I keep my Raveenas for walking/everyday now instead. Raveenas are cute though!

    Very excited for you to try Core Fusion. I think you’re trying Core Fusion Cardio sans weights from what I heard, so the class description is a little different than what you posted if that is the case.

    I love my music so my iPod nano is what I can’t run without!

  6. I’d have to say sunglasses – I’m one of those weirdos that doesn’t like to listen to music for outdoor runs.

    That shuffle sure is cute, though 🙂

    That Exhale class sounds great … and hurty 🙂 Have fun! 🙂

  7. i’m going with MP3 for sure! if i can’t time my runs it’s no big deal, and i run with a hat anyway…but you gotta have the music to keep ya going!

  8. I used to love my iPod shuffle….and then it broke. So now I’m back to running with my huge clunker, strapped to my arm with this wicked old armband that I have to tie to keep in place. I know I should bit the bullet and buy a new one — I’d be a hundred times happier. Even still, it’s the running accessory I can’ t leave home without!

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