Michael Jackson – Singer, Songwriter & Runner

Thinking about trying a tempo run.

We need to come up with a way to make the weekend longer. If the heat doesn’t take it down a notch any thoughts of outside training are going to be shot. Y’all, it’s unbearably hot, and I’m talking all day without relief. I owe my run this weekend to Michael Jackson and Eminem. I swear Michael had some sense of athlete in him. Run to “Beat It” and if you can honestly tell me that you don’t run faster or at least want to mimic the Michael wrist sling, I’ll send you $5. If you haven’t downloaded Eminem’s “Collapse,” do it right now. I’ll wait. That is the summer running anthem.

After realizing discipline is what I need, I thought I’d share with y’all my half-marathon training plan. I contemplated training without a proper plan, as I have been doing for my previous races. However, I know it takes practice and hard work to attain a goal, and a training regimen is what I need to help me grow as an athlete and surpass my PR. Since I can’t afford the luxury of a celebrity personal trainer, an online plan it is! I have complained about finding a training plan that I could adhere to while adhering to a normal life, but after digging around a few different places I found one I liked. I used Runner’s World Smart Coach to lay it on me.

My training is no longer arbitrary. The trainer tool from Runner’s World is customizable and you can plug in how many weeks you want to train, race goal and level of intensity. The race is at the end of September, seven weeks to train. Trying to secure a PR of 1:45. Four minutes under my last half marathon time.

I’m prepared to share the ups and downs of training. With life in the way, I’m hoping to be 75% compliant to this schedule. I know there will be days where my training my take a back seat, but I want to be held accountable and able to track progress. Can we make a nutrition plan while we’re at it?

Hope y’all had a relaxing weekend. What’s the craziest song you have on your workout playlist?


22 responses to “Michael Jackson – Singer, Songwriter & Runner

  1. I love the customizable options for planning from Runner’s World. You know yourself and your body best…looks like you’ve got a solid plan! I really like laying it all out there to prepare for the race. Once I can see everything that I need to do, I can shuffle things around as I see fit. Good luck with a PR!

  2. I can imagine running to “Beat It” being fun. Or you could do Thriller and pretend your running from Michael as a werefolf while doing the crazy dance in your head. Or at stop lights. That could always be fun. LOL

    Love the new training plan. I know I would work better with having a plan.

  3. It has been crazy freakin hot, even up here in Ohio! I think the craziest song I have in my playlist right now is John Mayer – not at all running appropriate, but he can serenade me any time he wants 😉

  4. I have used Smart Coach before and it is pretty good. I had to change it a little bit because it was too easy though 😉

    Right now I have the song “Hard” on my playlist. I put it on when I need a kick in the ass!

  5. Interesting and great training plan. I see you run 3x a week and then xtraing. My plan has me running 4x a week plus 1 full rest day and 2 days xtraining. It’s all good.

    Love Till I Collapse. Great run tune!!!!

  6. Happy Monday!! I think your training plan looks awesome. Billy and I will most likely do an online plan, too starting in the fall. Billy put some techno music on my iPod – I was hesitant at first but there’s a ridiculous beat that gets my energy up!

  7. Great looking training plan! I have a 5 mile race at the end of September (which will be a PDR for me) and I used Hal Higdon as an example and wrote my own plan. Going to check out that Runner’s World Smart Coach right now!

  8. Just found your blog and love it! I read your about page and I must say how refreshing your honesty is. 🙂

    I have a Mandy Moore song on my iPod…I have no clue how it got there and I HATE it but it’s on there anyway.

  9. It is a short week for me, getting away with my brothers this weekend so today wasn’t as bad as other Monday’s. What do you think of the runners world schedule? I just created my schedule for Philly half in Sept.

    • It’s day two. Give me a week to break it in:) I’ll report back. I like that I am not running a ton of days each week, but the pace is going to kick my a**.

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