Exercise Your Will

Now you know where I get it from.

Where, oh where, did this week go? Have you seen it? It’s flippin almost August. Although I get a twinge of excitement when I think about the upcoming college football season. Y’all haven’t see me through a season yet, brrroohhaaa. GO DAWGS! Norak (that’s my mom) met University of Georgia coach Mark Richt at recent kickoff event (pun intended). I think she’s grinning more here than in her wedding pictures.

Where y’all concerned about my mini-goal weekly list, because you should be. Holy macaroni was this harder than I thought.

Dr Indiana Jones' To Do List: Learn to walk himself.

The good and the bad:
Swap my AM workout for a PM…with no complaints or hesitation
Organize my hall closet
– Make my Michael Jackson and Nirvana mixed CD
100 sit-ups @ least twice a week
Enjoy a glass of wine with the hubs without touching a mobile device for the full duration of the glass
– Fix my at-home pedicure (mmhmm, I said fix)
– Read a solid passage of scripture each night
– Try to adhere to a tri-training schedule (no pun intended)
Send a “hi, how are you” note to a relative
Have my “no” mean “no” and my “yes” mean “yes”

My favorite item was sending a note to a relative, I know that my older relatives love them some snail mail! Creating these mini-goals was eye-opening. I thought I could accomplish these things during the week.  Seeing that the week maybe shorter than I realized, I am reevaluating adhering to training plan for my upcoming tri and half-marathon events. More on that later next week, exciting!

Thanks for everyone’s well wishes about my “gnarly training mishap.” I’m OK, but shaken up, and feel like a jerk for saying anything and not divulging details, but give me some time. I don’t think my training will miss a beat but it won’t be as intense for awhile. And no, I didn’t “fall off” or “run into” anything, thank goodness.

Now, let’s enjoy the final days of summer with some FREE goodies! Head on over to GoLite and take part in the “GoLite Up Your Day Giveaway.” You can win something each day, suwheet. Get over there, move it!

What’s the best thing you did this week?

15 responses to “Exercise Your Will

  1. i liked the part about no electronic device while drinking the glass of wine-nice! i just enjoyed hanging out in the sun this week-it was lovely! have a great weekend 🙂

  2. Looks like you were semi-successful on the goals 😉 That’s good!

    The best thing I did this week was make a 97 on my last Finance test. YAY!

  3. You did well on those goals. And you know I gotta say that taking at least a few mins for scripture each day will help everything else seem less overwhelming. 😉

    I am so excited for football season to start too!

  4. Maybe his goal should be to learn how to use the toilet. 🙂 And also, your mix CD sounds awesome.

    The best thing I did this week was get to bed before midnight. My body seems to think it’s still OK to act like a teen even though I have a grown-up job with grown-up hours now.

  5. I’ve been thinking about this since you first posted this list – I LOVE receiving mail and the one that stuck with me is to send more mail !

    I try to do this anyway, but I’m going to do it more!!

    Dr Indiana Jones is SO cute. Basil wants to have him over for a pup play date.

    the best thing I did this week – made a friend dinner – he was in an accident and broke both legs 😦

  6. Sounds like you had a very successful week. Agreed with you about sending older relatives snail mail. I am lucky to still have three grandparents who are all over 97. It is great to surprise them with a letter and phone call, it goes a long way.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  7. Best thing I did was go shopping with my mom : ) It was great to spend time with her.
    I always get so excited for college football season! Only good thing to summer ending haha

  8. I really need to start writing to people. I’m good about Thank You’s, but it ends there – and what’s better than snail mail?! Love it!

    Highlights from the week include my half-marathon just for me, a new cocktail dress (HLS!), and some family time. Looking forward to a good ol’ pool partay tomorrow!

    You did pretty well on those goals from what I can see. Nurse that injury and have a fab weekend!

  9. So cute! I need to start setting weekly goals for myself as well. I bet I would get wayyyy more things done.

    This week, I think the best part was making veggie sloppy joes. They were mm mm good 🙂

  10. Yes, getting through to-do lists can be difficult! I’m currently running through one, and I’m having a tough time getting through it all! One of them was to go through Google Reader and catch up on all my favourite blogs. Consider one thing crossed off my list!

    Best thing I did? I would say moved on an apartment that I’m getting the keys to this morning. We’ll be starting to move in tomorrow (it’s a holiday) and finishing most of it (hopefully) by Wednesday evening. YAY!

    PS: I hope everything’s okay with your “gnarly training mishap.”

  11. Totally can’t believe it’s August already!! Craziness! Best thing I did this weekend was visit some friends in a suburban part of New Jersey. Suburbia is just what I need from time to time.

    Good job on your goals!

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