Who’s Thirsty for Thursday?

Let’s take a timeout. It’s Friday eve, we deserve something to wet our whistles and make us giggle. I’ll get back to talking shop later, but sometimes you got to say woosa and lighten on the mood.

First, a toast! When I was in Michigan Sunday morning for .5 seconds I missed my gals pals, so I want to slutlute salute them by sharing the recipe for our fave summer cocktail. Come on gals, that was a good summer!

Michigan Cherry Bomb
– Multiple Splashes of Three Olives Cherry Vodka
– Dash of Club Soda
– Squeeze of lime
* Add fresh seasonal fruit

We look like we're 12.

Light and refreshing! Come on, you know I love giving y’all the easy stuff. If you haven’t tried a flavored liquor, DO IT. Three Olives makes some serious nom flavors like Cherry, Grape, Root Beer and Bubble (omg, bubble gum vodka?!). You can head over to Three Olives and show them your O-face. Oh lward, send me the duplicate pics if you do.

Second, a picture can say a thousand words. In this case, like 25 words, but you get where I’m going.

Third, I miss Mikey. Me no likey missing Mikey.

Mikey Likey: Udder-neath it all.

I had a gnarly training mishap last night and I’m not yet prepared to share the experience, still trying to collect myself and figure out what happened. My advice today, everyone get out there and do whatever your little heart feels like doing. I don’t care if it’s an hour of some hot spicy yoga or an hour at a Ben & Jerry’s, be content.

Got a supah easy drink recipe to recommend? Any words of wisdom to share? And if you’ve ever been photographed with a cow, speak now or forever hold your moo moo juice.


19 responses to “Who’s Thirsty for Thursday?

  1. The surprise woulda been a lot cooler if you were standing downstairs holding two Michigan Cherry Bombs. I’m just saying…

  2. Have you seen the blueberry vodka? Hello yum – used that in a 4th of July Sangria. And you are so right about taking time to do something you really really just want to do – just ’cause. Hope you’re ok – kind of worried about this mishap…

    • I’ve tried the Stoli Bluberry (that and a little water make for an eventful evening). Thanks for your concern, it’s going to take some courage to tell everyone, eek.

  3. I miss summer cocktails!!!! I drink very rarely – only the occasional glass of wine with friends – but something about summer puts me in a cocktail mood on a much more regular basis. I miss margaritas.

    That picture is really neat. I love the message it shares.

    Glad you have been having so much fun!

  4. I just put some grenadine that my roommate left out on the counter for a month into the pantry.

    Thinking of snatching it and pairing it with some sprite to make a shirley temple!

    Yes, I also order those at bars frequently. 🙂

  5. Okay so this will tell you how much of a drinker I really am. Are you ready? I had no idea they had flavored vodkas! Shame…

  6. lol love the drink recipe! I really don’t drink that often (I’m lame) but I will have to make these some night!

    PS – I have never been photographed with a cow… yet. But now you have me plotting

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