Diversify Your Training Portfolio: Tri-al and Error

I miss the Mitten state.

OK fellas, I know I can talk about some of my favorite smut mags and women’s fine magazine literature at length. It might surprise you to hear about a sweet mag we picked up. Warning, hopping planes after taking a red eye will cause you to purchase odd items at an airport gift shop, including a Michigan oven mitt (come on it’s precious and in the shape of the state!) and the latest issue of Bicycling magazine. Call me dense, but I didn’t know there was such a thing. It’s Runner’s World sweet, sweet cousin, full of helpful tips for newbies and pros like us.

Shocker, it was Andrew’s pick. Most of the editors have entertaining blogs to boot. I can thank Selene Yeager for explaining to me why it’s important I push through a hard ride and not hurl my bike in anger.

SPEED RIDE: THE SECRET SAUCE Distance riders often skip speed work because they think they need volume, not intensity, to go long. But riding fast improves your endurance by raising your lactate threshold, the point at which your muscles scream “Slow down!” When you raise this ceiling, you can ride faster and farther before your body hits the brakes.

Read more, “The 100-mile Goal.” Fantastic tips on endurance, applicable to any sport. I highly recommend the magazine and they have a telling article on the heated feud between Armstrong and Contador.

I found stairs in Portland!

After exploring more magazines and activities during my triathlon training, I’ve certainly learned to open my eyes to other important ways to master the cross-train. Pilates has taught me to hold form, which I apply to the bike. My weekly stair climb has taught me to stay on my toes when going up hills during runs. Get out there and diversify your athletic portfolio and break the monotony, it makes workouts feel more like the sport they were meant to be.

What are some ways you learn and explore new things? Got any odd commodities in your kitchen like a ridiculous oven mitt?


22 responses to “Diversify Your Training Portfolio: Tri-al and Error

  1. I love Bicyclig Mag. It’s interesting to me to see how the other half lives. The cycling half. I ride my bike a lot but I don’t have a cool road bike so I love to see all the hawtness and coolness.

    I want to be hawt and cool too. :O)

    I am going swimming today!!!! That is my new learning and exploring!!!! WOOT!!!

  2. Magazines, blogs, and forums are always good for learning about new “things” from food to fitness. I think diversity in fitness is so important for many reasons: keeps you from getting bored, helps prevent overuse injuries, always learning something new.

  3. You do have a very diverse regimen! Love it! I am trying to spread my wings more. I used to spin all the time, but it’s taken a backseat. I am trying to pump that iron! I love the stair climbing, Rocky!

  4. I learn most of my healthy living tips and workouts from blogs. I think bloggers are an underrated source of information that is often overlooked. Magazine are more for entertainment 😉

  5. I just added stairs into my runs, thanks to your inspiration. Up and down the Art Museum twice does me in. Pilates and yoga definitely help any athlete. Gotta love the core strength!

  6. No odd commodities in the kitchen 😦

    As for your question about learning and exploring new things, well, I’m not too sure! You’ve done something very few people can – render me speechless (more like answerless =P).

    Now that I think about it, you know what, starting in on blogging and reading up on what you guys do puts me on to new things, be it recipes or, like today, Bicycling Magazine, which is something I should definitely pick up since my biking isn’t as strong as it could be.

    Hey, do you think Runner’s World and Bicycling Magazine have a sweet, sweet cousin for swimming?? =P

  7. yes bicycling mag is great!!!! it is fun to pick up a new mag or book and learn lots of new things. of course blogs have taught me many things as well 🙂

  8. Funny about the oven mitt; my better half and I buy a shot glass and magnet from every airport we are at, pretty funny collection.

    Enjoyed reading the 100 mile goal, great suggestion.

  9. Oooo…they have a cycling mag? Ack! I’m going to sneakily get my friend to order it. He orders Runner’s World, which I steal occasionally and read, then slide it back without his knowledge. Whew.

    Anyway, I try to get as much cross training as possible, but I should do more things like yoga and pilates. Need to stretch my muscles more.

    Been doing a ton of speed work lately though. Must. Get. Stronger!

    And yes, we have oven mitts galore 🙂 Well, actually only two, but still.

  10. Love that you mention staying on your toes – something I’ve recently learned when I changed running routes to one with several hills. Shady hills I can handle. The sun drains me. Hence my summertime route change. I need to diversify more. I love yoga & pilates but I’d like to try Zumba or another type of class.

  11. What a great post!!! I am someone that can easily fall into the trap of distance rather than speed when it comes to workouts – but over the winter months I have tried to include more yoga + strength work for variety!

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