Working it Out

9:30, isn't there a good TV show on or something?!

I am not an evening workout gal. Every morning I can roll out of bed just after 5AM and hit up the gym. PM workouts make me nervous. I use to always workout in the evenings, until I realized the scheduling benefits of knocking out your workout in the morning. Now, when I switch my morning workout to the evening I freak. Blame my OCD nature, but I feel like it’s something I dread all day. The reason for the PM exercise is more sleep and being able to carpool with the hubs. Yesterday, I told myself repeatedly, “I will not fear my evening workout.” My routine is owning me right now.

I did manage to come home yesterday afternoon and get down to the biz. Due to the torrential downpour and storms I was forced inside with my pilates DVD. I was still wound up last night, no clue why, but at 9:30 I proclaimed I was going swimming. Andrew patiently enjoyed a book while I swam. A few laps and I was satisfied.

In other news, I’ve been inspired by other’s to-do lists (thank you Gracie and Teri) and I thought I’d get on this bandwagon. I’d like to think of these things as manageable weekly mini-goals. It’s more of a public admission that y’all need to hold me accountable. I’ll try to work on bigger aspirations at some point, but staying focused on this week:
– Swap my AM workout for a PM…with no complaints or hesitation
– Organize my hall closet
– Make my Michael Jackson and Nirvana mixed CD
– 100 sit-ups @ least twice a week
– Enjoy a glass of wine with the hubs without touching a mobile device for the full duration of the glass
– Fix my at-home pedicure (mmhmm, I said fix)
– Read a solid passage of scripture each night
– Try to adhere to a tri-training schedule (no pun intended)
– Send a “hi, how are you” note to a relative
– Have my “no” mean “no” and my “yes” mean “yes”

I’ll post my progress on Friday. I’m sure you’ll just be on pins and needles until then;)

And last, but certainly not least, a special weather bulletin from my bro-
Mikey Likey: He’s telling me is really hot in south Florida. This guy has two beautiful bulldogs and it seems they just can’t take the heat.

Sadly, this isn't really his bulldog, but you get the point.

What’s on your honey-do list? Go ahead, put pen to paper, I think you’ll feel better.


18 responses to “Working it Out

  1. I highly recommend subscribing to a Bible reading plan from the site –

    The chapters get emailed to you (only a few each day so 10-15 min of reading) and it makes it easy to keep up with.

  2. I am the opposite and dread morning workouts (especially weights). I feel so much more awake for PM workouts. Of course, the benefits of a morning workout are hard to beat – like the fact that the workout is done and over with for the day. Love the idea of a glass of wine sans mobile device. I need to add “take a load off” to my list – as in, sit down, relax and let self enjoy more than 5 minutes of TV.

  3. Oh. My. Gosh. The picture of the bulldog is amazing. How frickin’ cute!!!

    I like this to-do: Enjoy a glass of wine with the hubs without touching a mobile device for the full duration of the glass

    I need to take a deep breath and learn how to put. down. the. iphone.

  4. I’m all about an early morning workout! But sometimes I have to adjust my schedule and workout in the evening – not my fave but sometimes it’s necessary.

    I love your list for the week – seems attainable and fun (hello MJ/Nirvana MIX)!

  5. I kind of freak about PM workouts, too. I love getting things done while everyone else is sleeping. Then my workouts don’t get in the way of opportunities to hang out with my loves later on!

  6. Oh I am not a PM workout girl at all. There is nothing worse than knowing I have that workout still looming…I like to get up and get after it!

  7. “I feel like it’s something I dread all day.” <- could not agree more. And when I don't work out in the a.m. now, I feel all outta sorts! gah.

    I should add "don't touch mobile device" to my list more often, you're onto something here… 😉

  8. Opposite! Dread the morning workout, I’d rather…well I’d rather do a lot of things over working out in the AM. Love my run home from the office, benefit of working in NYC.

    I have so many to-do-lists that I need a to-do-list of of my to-do-lists.

  9. I HAVE to work out in the morning… I am seriously paranoid of Messing With My Sleep if I work out after, like, 6pm!! 🙂

    your list sounds great… I love the scripture, the wine + no tech, and the note to a relative…

    I may have to do some of these… nice. 🙂

  10. Haha to each their own I suppose! At least we are staying active, regardless of what time in the day we decide to do so! Keep it up girlfriend.

  11. I am usually an AM workout person, but lately it’s been hard for me to get into that routine. My big looming to do is to write thank you notes. Such a pain!

  12. I don’t know why but I always FREAK out about PM wkouts too! I swear they consume 90% of my thoughts all day. I’m thinking, “what if I’m too tired? hungry? Or if I snack I will feel sick working out, then I wont be hungry for dinner…What if all of the machines are taken? Or traffic is too bad and I’m late to my class..Etc Etc Etc Drives me NUTS! LOL But I’ll tell ya, when I DO make it to a PM wkout I feel great and I have to remember that!

    Great list btw:) I esp like the note to relatives. Fantastic idea!!



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