Portland Pit-Stop

Mt Hood -> on your right

Did everyone have a lovely weekend? Hope so! The weekend’s travel took us to sunny, duck-friendly, Portland, Oregon. I love going new places! Andrew had visited the city a few years ago, which helped us navigate the town. I had no expectations, only knowing from others that the views, food and public transport were supposedly top-knotch. I welcomed the mild weather, as it has been triple digits in Atlanta. Friday night we hit the ground running and it felt like an out-of-body experience going from east coast to west coast time, but we were troopers.

The magic is in the hole!

Points about Portland:
– Stayed around the Pearl District, in the middle of everything.
– Had the best bagel I have ever had in my life at Kettleman Bagel Company. Surriously unreal nomnom.
– Had the best doughnut I have ever had in my life at the landmark Voo Doo Doughnut.
– The rose gardens in WA state park seemed to be inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Rows and rows of perfectly manicured petals.
– Our morning jog to the river led us to stumble upon the 23rd Annual Oregon Brewers Festival. Um, couldn’t have planned that better. We went back to spend the afternoon.
– My favorite beer was an Alaskan Pale. I think I could taste the crisp, cool Alaska water. Maui Brewing Co‘s Coconut Porter was a close second and hands-down the crowd favorite.
Ground Kontrol Barcade meant I could play Ninja Turtles for .25 and drink beer with the hubs. Dr Mario in the house.
– City is very much California-esc, with rolling hills and palm trees.

Brewer's Fest on the river.

– According to Andrew, “Best place you can go when the sun’s out.”

We traveled back Sunday and for the first time I can remember I napped and did nothing big. Ahhh.
Ready to knock out this last week in July (can you believe that?).

What’s one of your favorite hometown festivals to attend? What’s the best ever food you’ve had while on the road?


20 responses to “Portland Pit-Stop

  1. I have just started reading your blog daily, and I LIVE in Portland! We were downtown for the brewfest, I could have walked right by you and didn’t know it! 🙂

    Kettleman… yes. Delicious. and VooDoo… Mmm, pretty fun place and the *ahem late night hours was definitely planned. 🙂

    Jason loves Ground Kontrol…

    Happy you enjoyed Portland… we LOVE it here! 🙂

      • that’s awesome you bought a t – shirt! 🙂

        (I have a pink VooDoo tank top… the back has their lovely tag line…) 🙂

        I think Ground Kontrol is a fabulous idea… I could sit there all day and play… solitaire. 🙂 The only “game” I really like… aside from Sim City, which I also doubt they have! 🙂

  2. I love festivals! Dallas has Taste of Dallas, a 3-day food festival – can’t beat that. But my favorite street festivals are in Austin and Tribeca.

  3. Portland is gorgeous! We have the Flowertown festival which is one of the largest arts and craft festivals on the east coast. I’ve been going for as long as I can remember, so now I look forward to going each year.

  4. Never been to Portland or the north west, have wanted to go for a while now. It will probably make me jealous, just like Colorado does each time I go.

    Heroes in a half shell, turtle power!

  5. i love this! what are you doing in portland? i have never been but i have heard it is great when the sun is out 🙂 best beer at the descutes brewery in bend oregon-loved it-have to go back sometime soon 🙂

  6. That sounds like so much fun! You know what is sad? I have been to many foreign countries, but have never been west of the Miss River? I badly want to make it out west.

  7. The best food (to me) is always found in the most run-down looking places.

    If it looks shady, count on delicious food!

    Ha, maybe that will come back to haunt me some day.

  8. Sounds nothing short of amazing, especially for a little weekend jaunt! “Um, couldn’t have planned that better.” <- I want to be on that walk next time! Mario & Ninja Turtles and Brews?! These people are onto something…

  9. You were (kind of) in my hood! My hood being the Northwest. I’ve always wanted to go to Portland, and I’m thinking of taking my girlfriend there for her birthday. That or Seattle. Seattle may have better shopping… How’s the Portland shopping scene?!

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