Biking To Beat the Boys, Clif Shot Bloks Roks & Tri Tricking Atlanta’s Most Eligible Bachelor

On the one day a week where I do my hour o’ stairs in the AM, typically that’s all my legs and knees will let me do. Yesterday, the hubs put my bike in the car and we had plans to ride in the evening. I had hours to wiggle out of plans. Come 6 PM, no excuse worked so I met the man and a friend at the Silver Comet. Pressure was on to impress the boys. 20 miles later, I was victorious!! Ya hear that?! I beat boyS. Granted Andrew probably let me win, but let me have a moment.

Shot with the Blok and you're too late, you give gels a bad name.

I would like to thank the Academy, Clif Shot Blocks and Eminem. The Clif Shot Blocks are legit. They give you the optimum dose of energy and don’t mess up the GI. It’s the perfect Jesse Spano “so excited” energy boost. It was hot as hades and these things were easy to chew and swallow. Tasty devils. Eminem, thank you for giving me the lyrics to push through. With no iPod I literally sang “Lose Yourself” at the top of my lungs. Go ahead, think about that mental pic. You only have on shot…

And I need some proper riding glasses. While Andrew’s second-hand Arnettes were OK, they slid off, fogged up and made me cranky. Riding sans glasses means hello buggies, ick.

Tri Tips and Tricks: Fiddle with your gears on the bike, the good and the bad, and stay loose on the bike. I death grip going downhill and it makes it harder. When your feet get heavy clipped-in, remember to pull with the whole thing. Lift!

One of these things is not like the other, yes one of these things does not belong.

Our pal that rode with us, happens to be (drumroll) one of Atlanta’s Most Eligible Bachelors, per Jezebel Magazine. Meet Michael, aka Fancy Pants. He likes fast cars, faster women and he’s fantastic at making fried PB&J quesadillas at 2 AM. Remember my ways to peer pressure friends into doing races, ladies and gents if you’d like to see Michael compete in our Tri To Beat Cancer, feel free to pressure cheer him on in the comments.

You know, all this trash talking is going to bite me in the butt.

Any yummy ways you get the energy you need during a race? Do you think boys can be innately better than girls at sports?

22 responses to “Biking To Beat the Boys, Clif Shot Bloks Roks & Tri Tricking Atlanta’s Most Eligible Bachelor

  1. I love Honey Stingers…and athletic men! I think it depends on the boy, but I’m pretty sure that if my BF and I exerted the same effort in training, he could come out on top.

    I ran my first half marathon after a grueling twelve weeks of training. He signed up to run the week before the race. I ran 300+ training miles. He ran 7. Seven miles of training for a 13.1 mile race! He finished two minutes after me…bloody nipples and all!

  2. Ha! The spin class I took always played Lose Yourself during the hills portion of the workout, killed that song for me. I am not a fan of the shot blocks, never mind walking and chewing gum; running through a water station trying to get those bad boys down, kinda like Elaine and Jujyfruits.

  3. Love love love reading your posts everyday…and then walking down to your office to further discuss. While I do dabble in bloks I’m a hammer gel girl! Let’s ride together soon…only thing worse for guys to handle than getting beat by a girl? Getting beat by TWO girls!

  4. Glad you beat the boys 😉

    I actually prefer clif shots over shot bloks. The last time I tried to chew something while running, I started choking. Ever since then, I stick with clif shots.

  5. Go, you!! And Eminem – who is 100% necessary for all inspirational runs/rides. Just sayin.

    I use D’s ‘second hand glasses’ too – need me some custom ones. Let’s shop! 😉

  6. Not sure if it’s better or worse when you can’t come up with a valid excuse to get out of a workout 😉 Good job beating the boys! I don’t necessarily thing men are better at sports, just in a different way. They are almost always going to have more speed, power, force just based on their physique. Women, however, can be just as athletic and are smarter teehee.

  7. I’ve never run or biked far enough to need fuel during the workout – hahah. Maybe soon. And I’ll try a Shot Block in your honor. I can’t say for sure if boys are innately better at sports…but I do know that while I’ve been walking/jogging/running for months to build up to where I am, Billy joined me for a run and kept up the whole time after not running once in 3 years. Gah.

  8. My boyfriend is always better at whatever sport we attempt to do together.

    Even something like running which I have to KILL myself for 6 months, and then without any training, he can go out with me one day and run farther and faster.

  9. i love the blocks girl! and good job on kicking some serious booty 🙂 i felt pretty rockin on my ride today too!

  10. Damn he is cute. Too bad I dont live in Hot-lanta. In other news, my Specialized road bike was delivered today. I am so nervous that I will not remember how to ride a bike in general, and then will be falling all over the place with clip-ins. I might have someone video tap this tragedy just for giggles.

    • Oh lawrd, don’t give him a bigger ego, we are running out of room on this page. YMike was actually riding clipless with us for the first time, he only almost bit it once…OK 2xs. Remember, you won’t fall when your moving. And get one foot out to stop. I had a whole abandon ship thing going, but you’ll figure it out. YEA!

  11. I might have to give these Clif Shot Blocks a try…I love Clif bars, so this might be a natural step!

    Btw, it’s the perfect Jesse Spano “so excited” energy boost HAS to be the FUNNIEST phrase I’ve read in weeks!

    I have a VERY competitive sister who was one of the best basketball players to come out of her high school. She constantly played ball with the guys, and even today would not back down to guys. On average men are bigger than women – that’s just how our bodies are built, but that doesn’t mean anything when it comes to sport. My sister, and you, are prime examples of women taking it to the guys. Sport is about practice and passion, and whether you’re a boy or a girl does not come into the equation.

  12. How funny! I went to the same high school and college as Mike Breslin! Also friends with his sister, Emily. Small world! The comment about his ego cracked me up 😉

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