Healthy Living Summit & Why I GoLite

I’ve been sitting on a secret. Typically I open my fat mouth within minutes, not sure why this one stuck. I am attending this year’s Healthy Living Summit! Your next question might be, “what is this summit?”

The conference theme – Healthy Mind, Body and Soul. More specifically: The conference is for food and healthy lifestyle bloggers or those interested in learning more about the topic.

This is the second annual Healthy Living Summit (HLS), as the first was a tremendous hit. There is a bevy of captivating speakers in attendance and I am looking forward to meeting new faces, ultimately learning more about the balance around healthy living. Much more to come later on. I would like to thank Alicia, Dorry and Kelly for laying on the peer pressure extra thick, luhve it!

Get Your GoLite On

Yesterday I was browsing GoLite’s website yesterday looking for ways to add to my growing collection of goodies. Among their fabulous gear, they make the my favorite travel jacket I’ve mentioned before that goes with me every time I travel. While on the site, I stumbled upon a philosophy that gave me pause. It was something you find and go, that’s exactly what I was thinking but unable to say:

The GoLite Philosophy:
– We believe there is no better gym than the great outdoors.
– We believe sweat equals clarity and raised heart rates can be better than therapy.
– We believe in runner’s high.
– We believe sore muscles feel good and shirt tans can be sexy.
– We believe in long runs before everyone else wakes up.
– We believe our gear should enhance our experience not be our experience.
– We believe everyday activities are worthy adventures.
– We believe in aerobic meditation.
– We believe memories are more important than souvenirs.
– We believe being in nature is key to happiness.
– We believe we are never too old to play outside.

I’ll take what is “Reading my mind” for $500 Alex. GoLite’s products are tested against their innate beliefs and I have more brand alliance knowing that the company truly believes in giving me the best product, and one they stand by.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out GoLite, I encourage you to do so. They make everything from sports bras to backpacks that, “transform the outdoor athlete’s everyday trail experience with gear that’s light on the planet.” My take, the products are light (as in ounces) and magically hold up, even with Andrew skiing like a mad man down a black.

Any brands you back because of their philosophies?


25 responses to “Healthy Living Summit & Why I GoLite

  1. Oh how fun! I wish I could go to something like that. I love this one: “We believe sweat equals clarity and raised heart rates can be better than therapy.”

    That is soooo true. Last week I pounded out a fantastic 5 miles of a therapy run and felt soooo much better after.

  2. Wish I could go to the Summit! I’ll be in Colorado for a wedding though, so no complaints 😉

    I support a local grocery store, Healthy Home Market, because they sell organic, local and quality products… I like the goLite philosophy too though!

  3. I’m going too! I actually found your blog via the HLS feed on twitter & am glad I did.
    I love those bullet points from GoLite. I tend to stay loyal to a lot of the “natural” food brands because of their philosophies regarding ingredients.

  4. Why were you keeping this a secret?? So jealous bloggers like myself wouldn’t send you hateful thoughts?? 😉 haha Obviously kidding, but I’m so bummed I’m not going. Even though I’ll be out of town for work during that time, I still wish I was going to be there.

    And I love GoLite’s philosophy!! I’ve actually never heard of them, but I’ll totally check them out! Thanks!!

  5. WHOOP! Can’t wait to have a drink with ya at the Happy hour on Friday 😉

    I’ve never heard of GoLite either – but I can get behind those ideas, 100%. I also like Lululemon for that reason, but um, do Not pay $70 for their tanktops. Oof.

  6. Have fun at HLS! You will have a blast!

    The GoLite Philosophy is awesome. I really like the Philosophies on many companies like Stoneyfield, Clif, and Whole Foods. Healthy living is something that is really important to me and I will 100% back the companies that try to promote it.

  7. As you know I just started to support GoLite recently, love their company philosophy and their gear. I would say I am 100% loyal to Brooks they produce high quality gear. I can also dig their motto of Run Happy and philosophy of Running Responsibly.

    Great to learn about HLS, enjoy!

  8. I am beyond thrilled that you are going to HLS! This made my day!!! And I am definitely going to check out that website…GoLite’s philosphy sounds great!

  9. I believe in all of GoLite’s philosopies.

    “We believe sweat equals clarity and raised heart rates can be better than therapy.” Love it and that fact has saved me thousands in therapy bills over the years 🙂 A pair of running shoes and a good sweat make everything better.

  10. Oh I wish I was going to the HLS!

    I try to support smaller businesses — instead of buying my protein powder/chia seeds/flax seeds online (probably much cheaper), I buy them from a small health food store near my house.

  11. so excited you are going to the HLS! how exciting! i like to use Philosophy products because of there beliefs.

  12. You’re going to have so much fun in Chicago! I really like philosophy for body care products. I love that they believe in simplicity and clean skin, not skin covered in make up.

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