Running Tip They Don’t Teach You: Smile & Say Cheese!

I think I may have mentioned here and there that I hate it when people watch me workout. I turn into the strawberry cousin of Violet Beauregarde from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. The hair, the sweat, such a hot mess. It ain’t pretty. After each race the event will send you photography of your feat. I typically scroll through and go “eesh” or “umm, not too awful.” I have to this date never purchased proper race photography. Not even of my first. Well, if you ever wonder what happens to your race photos after the event has come and gone….

10K Surprises!

That’s me, right there at the bottom. This pic is from my FIRST proper race as an adult, the Atlanta U.S. 10K Classic last Labor Day. Which at the time when I saw the pics I was not going to order. You should see the others. I shutter to think what they could have used. There’s probably a solid blooper reel out there. You always pass a race photographer and you do your best to not look like a total spaz running. We all know the crazy faces we can make during a hard run. A lady at my gym actually spotted me (insert another fear of mine here) and said she recognized me from an event race e-mail she received. Are y’all laughing hysterically yet? How random can this get? She then sent me the e-mail for the Atlanta U.S. 10K Classic race promotion, complete with my mug.

I know, running a hilly course in Atlanta during the dead of summer, what’s up with that? The Atlanta U.S. 10K Classic however was a fantastic experience. The support of the racers and spectators was overwhelming. Everyone was cheering each other on and for the first time I felt like an athlete. There were throngs of racers, including cyclists and inline skaters. I was able to get my first race jitters out of the way, since this race was a precursor to my half marathon. The race set-up organization and post-event celebration were terrific. Quite the spread of goodies. PLUS you got free entrance after the race to White Water, the local water park.

For all you peaches, here’s some local info on the race:
The U.S. 10K Classic — Atlanta’s premier multi-event road race. Each year we bring runners, walkers, inline skaters, wheelchair athletes and professional cyclists together for a single cause — to raise awareness and funds for children’s charities in Georgia and for the future development of the World Children’s Center.

Sign up now!

Moral of this story: Smile big, and wear a supportive top. I guess this means the pressure is on for me to sign up again, right?!

Next week I’ll start sharing more deets around the tri training. My thoughts about tri plans and I’ve got to start thinking about my outfit. Does is sound like I am running a race or going to prom?

So spill it. Let’s hear how you captured your best race moment. Anybody got some hot race pics floating around out there?!


23 responses to “Running Tip They Don’t Teach You: Smile & Say Cheese!

  1. That is crazy random!!! Wow!! Not only that you’re up there, but that some woman from the gym recognized you. Look at you — a local celebrity. 😉 I didn’t know races could use your photos on promotional materials without asking you. Makes me wonder what random things I could be on….

    But anyway, that’s not a bad picture of you at all. It’s cute actually! I’ve never ordered a professional shot of me running either because I hate them. I have seen many pictures of myself running over the years (my mom was camera-crazy during my high school XC days) and 99.9% of them are awful. I always look like I’m sinking into the ground in agonizing pain. Not exactly inspirational.

  2. Girl, that is one of the best race photos I’ve ever seen! I look HORRIBLE in all of mine… making really awkward faces, staring at the ground… there’s one that’s kind of cool, where both of my feet are in the air and it looks like I’m flying. My mom immortalized it with a ceramic mug (!) but there’s a girl in front of me and it looks like it’s her picture!

  3. Quite the hot shot! I love that pic – you look like you’re having a fabulous time!

    All my race photos are completely ridiculous. I’ve never spent the money on them. My brother is my official race photographer and he takes his job very seriously. Since I know he’s taking pics, I smile for him 🙂

  4. My race photos always suck! Haha. I have one good photo from a 15k last summer that will forever be my favorite racing pic 😉

  5. That pic looks Great! We’re taking advice from a pro here 😉

    It definitely took me a few races to get that whole “photographer! photo op!” reaction down – a blooper reel would actually be Very entertaining.

  6. Hahahha! That’s hilarious and I feel the exact same as you about people watching me workout/run. Sometimes I wish I could be invisible when there’s all of sudden a ton of traffic on my outdoor runs. I’ve never raced before (changing that soon!) so no pics of me floating around but you look great in that photo! So pretty and smiley. 🙂

  7. That’s so crazy!!! Even more crazy that someone at the gym recognized you for it. LOL

    That sounds like a fun race. Maybe I’ll get the chance to do it one year.

  8. Haha, that is funny that she recognized you. I’ve mastered running and doing the look away and blue steel at the same time, so I am sure there are some classic ones out there of me.

  9. That is a GREAT race photo! You look like you are having fun and enjoying yourself!!! Some of my race photos are hilarious too…but they are fun to look at!

  10. Oh my god that is too freakin funny! haha I would call and demand a little compensation babe! You look cute though, wayyy cuter than I’ve looked in races by far. If I was in georgia, I would totally run this with you (:

  11. ahhhh I need to smile more when I run… In college they opened a new gym/rec center and took photos in the opening days. There is a photo of me in a bagging tee and I’m in the middle of my elliptical workout and I wish I looked like I were having a little more fun! Because, I was having fun–I swear!
    Great pic of your race!

  12. ROFL! That’s awesome! I definitely know how you feel about flipping through your post-race photos and going, “Hmmm, I didn’t know I could look like that…”

    I think the only race photos that are even worth sharing of myself are from the ’07 Disneyland half marathon that I took part in. It was SUPER fun, but at the same time one of the toughest half marathon I’ve ever run. That day, I felt like I ran my heart out, and I ran with a lot of strength, but in the end it was the second slowest time I’ve ever posted (1:55). My guess was the heat =P

    Anyway, here are some of my photos from that race. Enjoy =P

    • Sweet of you too share, and um pretty sure those are far better than any I’ve done. Lucky boys in their glass and hats. However, you need a Molson sponsor on your jersey.

  13. You’re famous and look like a total hottie! No tomato-like complexion in that pic, Miss Thang. I usually run with sunglasses on to appear less like I’m out for blood while running.

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