Trying to Tri – Race Announcement!

Tri to not get beat.

After weeks of waffling, no not Eggos, I sucked it up….and with the fabulous peer pressure of the tritastic Meghan, I signed up for my first triathlon!!! OK, Andrew is doing it with me! We are doing sprint triathlon Tri to Beat Cancer in Athens, GA next month. I chose the sprint because it’s the shortest water distance.

Hold on to your panties. I am beyond unnerved. Running, pfff no problem. Biking, bring on the biggest hill you have. Swimming, um only if I can wear floaties. The swim. The elusive mad water dash.

Reasons I loathe agua. Water temp. When running and you’re cold, fine wear a warmer shirt. In water, wear a friggin wet-suit. Running and you’re out of breath, slow down. Swimming and tired, you sink. I can say that I have only been swimming properly for about 4 weeks; fair enough, I will give it more time before I say I despise water.

Why did I buckle now? This week in particular I’m making progress with swimming. I know I’m suppose to probably be talking more about running, but hang with me. I watched a bevy of swimming videos online and have been eying the Georgia Tech swim team practices when I pass by during my morning workouts. Each night this week I practiced on something new. Breathing, stroke and overall body position. I finally had a breakthrough when I found a pace and learned to control my swim. Rather than swim, swim, swim, I slowed and “swam.” It was an amazing feeling to go with the water and not rush it.

My tip for the week– watch a few videos or other people in the water and keep at it. With your stroke, reach directly in front of your head, extend those muscles. You’re making a straight line with your body. Hold the outstretched arm in front and let the other arm catch up to the outstretched position before pulling. Some suggest letting your hands touch to make sure you’re doing it properly. Windmill those arms so they come back to your thigh. Moves more water, making it easier to swim. I am a swimming novice, I’m sure there are pros somewhere laughing at this, but I’m going with it.

Tri-ing is half the battle. Nice proper swimsuit, eh?

Two recent race announcements has my late summer full. Time to get on my game with training and nutrition. Starts now! I even have some pals looking to get first races under their belt, looking forward to signing up and supporting them as well.

And can we PLEASE get a break from this heat. 102 at 7PM last night. Gross.

About 20 degrees over my limit.

Weather permitting, hoping to get in another good ride this weekend. Other than trying to avoid LeBron news, what are you kids up to? And I’m taking any and all tri or racing tips, please!


24 responses to “Trying to Tri – Race Announcement!

  1. Nichole! I’m so proud of you – how cool is this? It makes me want to hop on a plane to Athens next month to cheer you on 🙂

    I wish I had some tips for you…but I’m excited to hear more about your training and nutrition as you prepare for your races. xo

    • You lady, are too friggin sweet. Thank you so much. My fight or flight kicked in before I signed up, thought I was going to wet my pants. Stupid swim:)

      Your support is much appreciated, and needed!

  2. Rockstar! Triathlons are no joke. I’m still too scared…although, your swimming tips are making me think I could give it a shot. Sometimes signing up for the race is just the thing you need.

    Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming….Nemo, anyone?! Yeah. I work with kids!

  3. Wish I could give you some tips, but I don’t know how to swim very well. Wish I did; blame that on my parents for not throwing me in the water at a younger age. Nevertheless, you will do fine, sounds like you are starting to hit your “swimming” stride. And at the end of the day if you need them, floaties are not such a bad thing, I still use them at the beach.

  4. This is so awesome, Nichole!! To be honest, I think you’ll do just fine. You’ve got running under your belt along with the biking, and it sounds as if you’re making huge strides on your swimming now, so you’re definitely ready. In fact, you’re far more ready than I! Haha! I can’t wait to hear how it goes. Please keep us all updated!

    A couple of tips:

    1. If your triathlon has an open-water swim be sure to practice swimming at least once in open water before the race. There can be a bit of a shock if you go straight from the pool to open water on race day.

    2. Again, if it’s open-water, it might require a wetsuit, so if it does be sure to take a couple of practice swims in that as well.

    3. Do some brick workouts, which are training for two disciplines back to back with little to no interruptions in between. Mainly focus on going for a run after a bike. Get those legs used to the feeling of jumping off the bike and heading for a run 🙂

    Congratulations on the race sign up!!

    • Thank you VERY much for these helpful tips. The brick workouts are going to be my new BFF. I have heard it’s a funky transition feeling. Here we go!

  5. Hey girl – congrats on signing up. My hubby does tris and is always talking about how the swim is the one part that freaks most people out. He loves it though as swimming is one of his strong suits. If you can get to Athens, maybe take a practice swim where the race will be held? I can’t offer much advice as I only run 😉 Now if there was a triathlon for weight lifting, running, and say kickboxing…I’d be all over it!

  6. Awesome! You can do it!!! I’m doing one next October (as in 2011) and already having to start mentally preparing myself. I am a total swimming novice as far as proper form and endurance goes, so I’m giving my self lots of time to shape up.

  7. Good for you for signing up! I’m sure you’ll be awesome at it. I hear ya on the swimming; it’s what holds me back too on doing a tri. Could you post your training as you go along, especially the swimming? I’d love to see how you approach it.

  8. I think this winter I might start looking for a tri bike and thinking about training for a tri… I was a competitive swimmer back in the day and that is the easiest part for me (which seems to be the hardest part for most). running is definitely the challenging leg for me as I’m so new to it (started running in December).

    I can’t wait to follow your training 🙂 it will be super exciting!!!

  9. Oh, how awesome!! I bet that will be quite a rewarding experience. I can’t wait to hear more about it. I bet you will do awesome.

  10. Best of luck! The idea of a Tri intimidates me because of the swimming portion, also. I always remember that spending time afternoon in the lake and then going to soccer practice and running was difficult because my legs felt like lead after a day in the water and then trying to run. Don’t know if this happens to everyone? But it is just my 2 cents since I don’t know anything about triathlons.

    • Definitely heard your legs feel like a moonwalk after, so it will be interesting. They have specific training that is designed to help practice the transitions, need all the practice I can get:)

  11. First of all, I think you need to give yourself more credit. You’re going to go into the Tri and totally kick it. Just keep with your training, remember how you felt about the bike at first? I am suuper excited for you!!

  12. I am SO excited you signed up for your first tri! That is AWESOME. I will be signing up for one soon, but first things first. Gotta get a road bike so I can get the cycling down. I figure I shouldn’t have that much trouble, but who knows haha.

    I really enjoy swimming and being in the water, but it is ridiculously harder to swim one mile than it is to run one mile. How crazy is that huh?

    Keep at it and I can’t wait to hear how you do!

  13. Congrats on signing up for the tri- you’re gonna love it!!! Don’t worry too much about the swim- if you can float, you can do it 🙂
    I’m no expert, but if there’s anything I can help with let me know!

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