Be Kind and Unwind: Chocolate Milk & Other Things That Does Your Body Good

We all know to take care of our bodies, it’s the only one we got. As a regular fitness buff (feels awkward saying that), there are a few tricks I try to keep in my routine to keep my body happy and in tip-top shape.

My flip flopped.

For runner’s especially, we know foot-care is of the utmost importance, so when I ran around Montreal in flip flops I paid dearly. I know, I know, Scott you warned me! Unless you ladies want to invest in black toenail polish, get regular pedicures. On the cheap, you can simply soak your tootsies in a warm bath once a week. Feel free to add in some Epsom salt, but docs are on the fence on if the salt is really effective, it certainly won’t hurt you.

My heels got hella angry from the weekend walking so I put Palmer’s Cocoa Butter with Vitamin E on them nightly, my feet are finely feeling smooth again. The cocoa butter hydrates the skin, which is perfect in this hot summer heat.

Paula Deen's butter for foot-care.

After a hard workout, say an hour of stairs, I hit up a cold shower. You’ve all seen the movies with the infamous locker scenes and dudes soaking in ice baths, it’s no movie magic. Ice baths or cold showers are a necessity post-exercise. Cool water will cool off inflamed tissues. Plus it helps take the bright red strawberry color from my face. You can save the hot tub time machine for the day after when your muscles are achy.

Swimming is fantabulous for my arms but a biyatch to my skin. Chlorine can be a real jerk on your sweet soft skin. Always try to lotion up post swim, I use LUBRIDERM because it’s fragrance free and good for you head to toe care. For hair ladies, invest in a solid leave-in conditioner. Your stylist and color will than you.

Chocolate Moo Cow

Want a yummy post-workout drink? Although many protein drinks out on the market can do the trick, get back to basics with chocolate milk. Andrew came home yesterday literally asking for Ovaltine. I shot him the, “Are you high Claree” stare, but he’s right. Chocolate milk has nine essential nutrients, including calcium, potassium, and vitamin D. And did you know that no other single beverage replaces the nutrient-rich package found in milk?!

And lastly – Dear men, does your ass hurt? Or ladies, want a cheap post workout massage? For under $20 it’s worth investing in a foam roller. The benefits are bountiful. Runner’s World has the full scoop, “Using a foam roller can provide similar benefits as deep-tissue massage. By increasing flexibility and decreasing muscle tension, it can help prevent injury and improve performance.”

What are some of your favorite ways to recover and keep your body healthy when you are hitting the pavement?


22 responses to “Be Kind and Unwind: Chocolate Milk & Other Things That Does Your Body Good

  1. I’ve been in love with chocolate almond milk lately – so good! Another way I keep my body healthy is by stretching…a lot! I know it sounds like kindergarten info, but it is SO important!

  2. Foam rollers are the devil! Here is the “I told you so moment” re: flipflops, I have trashed mine for super trendy/new crocs. Totally agree with your brown cow, after a long run I like to have myself some Chocolate Silk Soy milk, it is available in light, too.

  3. Great post. I am horrible about really taking care of my feet/legs after a run. I have it in my head that I don’t run far enough to matter. Stupid I know. When I danced, I took much better care of myself with long epsom salt baths, extra stretching, rolling my feet on a tennis ball.

  4. I love my foam roller – the true meaning of “it hurts so good!” I’ve done ice baths, but the truth is, I’m a wimp! I need lots of tea to stay in that miserable icy water!

  5. Chocolate milk all the way! I heard about it from a nutritionist when I played University sports and have been hooked ever since. I’ve even gotten all my fellow boot-campers at work on the post-workout choc milk plan 🙂
    Also a good foam roller and some yoga/stretching is key.

  6. I love taking cold showers after a hot summer run. I rarely make the time to do my skin care regimen at night. But after a good run I take that shower, exfoliate, shave, wash my face, put on night cream, and wrinkle cream and cover myself in lotion.

    Feels soooo good!!!

    • Right?! It’s more about paying for treatment that pretty polish. Although I’m sure others would appreciate looking at a nice pedicured foot than what some people are walking around on.

  7. This is probably TMI but I seriously have the grossest feet ever. I went to get a pedicure over the weekend and was slightly embarrassed at the state of my tootsies. I live in flip flops, if I have shoes on at all. I’ve been known to walk around outside in my bare feet, which does not lead to nice, lady-like toes. I love me some chocolate soymilk after a long run. Chocolate always makes it better!

  8. I loove me some cocoa butter! And I hear great things about choco milk post-workout but I just can’t get into it. Remember strawberry milk?! Ew! haha

    P.S. Thank you for your sweet comment on my post, it brightened my day!

  9. My foam roller is my favorite thing ever. It helped me recover from a bad injury in the winter and I swear by it post run.
    And a nice big glass of chocolate milk after a long run is such a great treat!

  10. I’ve heard that chocolate milk is a great recovery drink, but I tend to get stomach aches from it, unfortunately.

    Great advice. I’m so curious about foam rollers.

  11. Looovvvee stretching after a workout. I also love the stretches I do in certain yoga poses!

    Chocolate milk tends to be a tad sweet for me, so I usually just make my own protein shakes

  12. Looks like I discovered your blog just in time, now I get to read about your training adventures for your first tri! Yay! How exciting!
    I can relate with the fear of the swim. But it sounds like you’re on the right track with swim training, you’ll overcome the fear.

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