Running Amok: Putting the Adventure in Racing

Miles of marathon bore you? Running seem like pounding boring pavement? Perhaps you are in need of some proper adventure racing. Seriously, some folks have no desire to run a race for 5 or 50 miles. Sometimes a race that runs outsides the lines is what people need to get motivated and interested. I have noticed more and more magazines, websites, etc. talking about unique adventure races. A few that are totally ticking my running fancy:

Muddy Buddy: No, not the nom nom powered-sugar-chocolate covered Chex Mix you’re use to, this race is where you can play in the dirt again, literally. Bring on the mud wrastlin’! Columbia’s Muddy Buddy pairs you in teams of two “traverse a 6-7 mile off-road course and 5 obstacles.” Little running, little bike riding, and a big Mud Pit at the finish line. Can I please tell you how peesed off I am that I missed this race in Georgia, bummer!


Men’s Health Urbanathlon: Talk about taking it to the streets. “The Men’s Health URBANATHLON™ is a one-of-a-kind competition that combines traditional road race elements with rigorous obstacles and sets them against a backdrop of iconic city landmarks.” Like GUTS for adults.
Chicago L.A.T.E. Ride:This 25-mile ride through Chicago’s neighborhoods and along the lakefront takes place at midnight and will wrap you around the city until around 2AM for a serious after party. Again, Chicago is such a fantastic city!
The 24 Hours of Moab: Talk about needing a good pair of biking shorts. Outside Magazine has a sick training schedule you can follow along for torture. “A 24-hour race combines the adventure of a camping excursion, the athleticism of a bike race, the group bonding of a road trip, and the stamina of a rave. It’s Burning Man with timing chips…Over the past 15 years, 24 Hours of Moab has evolved into a 3,500-plus-person bacchanalia of aerobic suffering, technical riding, and beer tents.”

What’s truly fantastic about these races is that you’re getting city locals and outsiders excited about healthy athletic competition. I would love to grab my pals and sign us all up, ahhh that elusive lottery.

Stairs in French, still Stairs. Hoof it lady!

In other news, alas another morning running stairs. I keep telling myself my a** will thank me later. The stairs up Mount Royal in Montreal had a way better view.

Who doesn’t like a little friendly competition? Now I know some of y’all are signed up or have participated in these races, let me know what you think. And what other amazing races can I add to the list?!


15 responses to “Running Amok: Putting the Adventure in Racing

  1. I noticed all of the hype around these types of races too! I do love running, but I have to admit the Muddy Buddy really got my attention. It seems so fun to be so filthy after. How could that race not be a blast?

  2. Adventure Races are AWESOME!!! I have 2 and they are so fun! Both that I have done were partners and it was a blast to do them!

  3. I love running, but I can see adventure races in my future – so fun! The ultimate would be to get a team of fun bloggers together for an adventure race or relay. I may have to orchestrate it someday. 🙂

  4. i have some friends who are really into adventure racing and they are hard core ladies! great post!

  5. A bunch of friends, the same who think I am crazy for running marathons, are trying to get me to do Tough Mudder in NJ this fall, Looks like an insane race and a pretty crazy training schedule. I much rather try an ultra first.

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