Packing It Up for the Fourth

Fireworks in '08 in Chitown, Navy Pier

Swimming every night this week hasn’t felt like a workout. And as much as biyatch and moan, I’m getting better. It’s almost enjoyable. Learning how to exhale instead of hold my breath has been a hard lesson. Meanwhile my forearms feel like I’ve been scooping ice cream all day at Cold Stone. Soreness.

As a right of vacation passage today, I have to ask what everyone is doing for the July 4th holiday weekend. Spill the plans kids! I personally adore fireworks and love seeing all that money go up in the air. Per my standard enigma superstitious ways we do have some travel plans, but it could be we hang local. The pains and joys of airline standby.

I'll be pack, er back.

I will say I am becoming quite the packer. I was once opposed to schlepping my Osprey Aura around, but I now prefer to throw it on my back than fumble around with a wheeled suitcase. I get plenty of booshi* from passers by, but whatever I’m like city camping Barbie. In the words of Mean Girls, it’s fetch.

When traveling with a carry on, between 3.0 oz liquids and being a girl, my options are limited. These options force me to get creative. I love my shampoo and rather than waste money on Pert Plus travel size, I find old Bath & Body Works lotion bottles, empty out the contents and fill them up with my own bubbles. I always pack scarves, yes even in summer. Not quite a hoody, not quite an accessory. They keep me comfortable when on the frigid plane, and they work for cooler summer nights. Running shoes of course, but I always love a solid pair of flip flops, comfy! We throw our Olympus shockproof camera in our bag, the thing is shock, sand, snow water and wife-drop proof. Our latest toy, the Apple iTouch has moves galore. And another must-have we’ve taken every, single time, our GoLite jackets. They pack down to nothing and are perfect for all-weather!

Look at you! Ya ship's all banged up!

Could be all packed up and nowhere to go, but we’ll get in the fireworks fo sho.

Will Smith was literally the king of Fourth of July movies, what’s your favorite Will Smith alien-fighting movie? Or you have another fun movie that you ring in the fourth with?


12 responses to “Packing It Up for the Fourth

  1. Ha ha…this was funny and so true: I personally adore fireworks and love seeing all that money go up in the air. I still love ’em.

    OK, and there is no greater Will Smith alien movie than Independence Day. Sorry, Men in Black. The best is the scene you pictured, where Will punches the alien and says, “Welcome to Earth.” Classic.

    Have a great Fourth!

  2. Glad to hear you’re getting to be a stronger swimmer! I am a terrible packer. I can’t scale down for anything. We’re having a pool party tomorrow, then my mother and her new BF are coming to visit on Sunday. Nervous about that one. I’m a very honest gal – you can read my face like an open book so if I don’t like the guy, everyone will know and it’ll be super awkward. I think I’ll be sure to have some wine on the menu. Monday I intend on being super lazy. Enjoy your weekend!!

  3. It is not alien fighting, but it is in space, Armageddon. This, in my humble opinion, is the greatest summer movie flick of all time. In fact, it was the first movie that I ever saw twice in the theater.

    As you know I just got into GoLite, great stuff. Have you ever looked at 66 degree North. I found them when in Iceland, great stuff, check out their site.

    Have a great holiday weekend!

  4. I LOVE Independence Day! It is one of those movies I can easily watch over and over and never get sick of! Have a great weekend honey!

  5. WHY did Fetch enver catch on. I can totally get behind this. AND Love your backpack – I want an Osprey, the bf has one….swoon. 😉
    Have fun!

  6. We are staying local for this long weekend. Pretty lucky (or NOT) the fireworks are just a mile down the street from the house. I could sit on the roof outside our bedroom and get a great view although the hubster won’t, he’s scared of heights. Guess it could be me and the dog watching the display 😦

  7. Saw that you’re headed to Montreal – super fun! I think the Canadians will appreciate your backpacking ways! Enjoy the fireworks or just create your own up there. What I mean is, rock out and have a fun 4th!

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