Stepping it up a notch?

Shape it on up!

The Reebok Pump. The Thighmaster. Electric Shock Treatment for abs. We all remember the performance enhancing workout boosters. These days, if someone isn’t barking at me about P90x (no offense), it’s all about these new kicks. I’ve heard a lot of noise around the new “tone and shape” shoes from companies like Reebok, Skechers and New Balance. What’s all this height hype about? I refuse to totally knock it until I try it, but Skechers front-man Joe Montana, don’t you still have your pride?! I’ve got “49” other career options you should have thought about first. Was Sky Mall not hiring?

For what it’s worth the cobbler’s making these shoes claim:
“Reebok uses unique balance pods with moving air built into the shoe that provide natural instability with every step, which forces your muscles to adapt and work harder.”

Step by step, ooh baby. Gonna get to your girl.

I would lean towards Reebok’s EasyTone FTW (for the win). They were the first to step up on the scene and we all know the lady in their ads. You can do side-bends and sit-ups, but please don’t lose that butt. I swear I think my grandpa had the same shoes but they were blue and have velcro. I don’t even know where I’d wear them. It’s bad enough that when I walk Indy with my ankle weights people probably think I am on house arrest.

Jimmy's Vertical Lift Shoes

If these sneakers aren’t meant to replace a workout, then it’s really no harm. But I think Jimmy would be pretty angry that he’s not getting any royalties in this deal. We all owe Seinfeld the real credit, since he invented these dream machines years ago. Don’t you remember Jimmy’s vertical lift shoes?! Jimmy DOWN!

Are you rocking these new sneakers? Or have your tried something ludacris that turned out to be the best thing ever?

16 responses to “Stepping it up a notch?

  1. No, I’m not and never will! I think the people who would be buying these shoes would be replacing their workout – not cool! But that being said, I’ve noticed a lot of people wearing them and haven’t thought twice about it – it’s becoming pretty common.

  2. “I think my grandpa had the same shoes but they were blue and have velcro.” hahaha

    That about sums up my feelings for these shoes PERFECTLY!

    Even beyond the fact that I don’t put all that much weight into their claims, the shoes are just awful looking. It’s too bad they can’t at least make them look a little less clunky (though I guess then they’d lose all that room for the balance pods…)

    I agree with what you said — I think that it’s great to wear them if you want to get a better workout while you’re walking, but they shouldn’t be replacing your workout. However, I recognize I might just be cynical…so I’d be interested to talk to someone that’s actually worn them for awhile to see if they really did make any sort of difference.

  3. I just ordered my flex belt electric ab machine, six pack stomach while I dominate six pack of beer. Seriously, very funny b/c I was walking past a Sketchers store yesterday and thought to myself that I needed to write a blog post about these shoes and how they are completely worthless. You beat me to the punch. There is no magic product or pill that is going to make you look better. It is simple, get to the gym and sweat; there are no shortcuts, unless you take HGH.

    I remember in High School friends were always trying to get our hands on the vertical lift shoes, those are classic.

  4. Good lord, these shoes! The crazy fitness claims must be the reason people buy them…it can’t be for the look! Yikes!

    I know a lot of middle-aged women that wear these and swear they are fabulous. They say that they are very comfortable, which is good, but nobody has gotten any results from them.

    I don’t think I’ve ever tried a product that makes radical claims and actually liked it. They’re usually pretty disappointing.

  5. I feel like some of the people who wear these shoes are screaming that they are too lazy to go workout, since those shoes are meant for walking ONLY.

  6. No I am not buying into the idea that a pair of shoes or a pair of flip flops can tone your ass and legs and make them look awesome without doing anything else. Puh-lease!

  7. I see these shoes and also think they are ridiculous! I have never been one to buy into the whole “this will shave 7 inches off your butt in 5 days” gimmicks, even though you have to admit its quite tempting to believe. I WISH it was that easy, but hey, I’m willing to work hard for it.

    Working hard for something always makes it that much sweeter 🙂

    On a croc related note – i got a pair for christmas that were filled with a removable liner that was sheep skin (synthetic?), they are the most amazing shoes ever!! would i wear them outside my apartment?? most certainly not! They are just too ugly 🙂

  8. I’m a little ehhhhh about shape up-style shoes. I prefer to just walk with regular shoes and work out when I work out! But then again, they’d be kind of perfect for lazy days.

  9. i hope i won’t offend anyone but i think these are NUTS! they are so ugly and honestly only the out of shape people wear them……too honest?

  10. I’m glad that I’m not the only person who feels this way about these shoes. I’ve actually seen a ton of nurses who wear this in the hospital… this is kind of brutal but a fancy pair of shoes isn’t going to make you drop extra weight. I feel like this is going to be one more exercise fad. If you need to “shape up” then take a spin class… or lift weights.

  11. I used to play + teach USTA level tennis… so my life was basically tennis (WHICH WAS AWESOME!!)… in college I was at the racquet club every day – one of my doubles partners and I were always coming up with new fun things to add to our game – using old school wooden racquets, making up new rules for side outs…

    one time we got a hold of a couple pair of those vertical lift shoes, and we PLAYED TWO MATCHES in them.

    ouch. 🙂

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