Weekend Trails

Happy trails....toooo yoooouu.

When people say they need a weekend from their weekend, they mean it. This weekend we tackled biking, swimming, sports and family, packing in as much as we could in a few days. We kicked off Saturday morning with cycling. I have been on a road bike roughly 5 times, ever. Did I mention five times was a collective total?! Andrew aggressively decided to plan a 40 mile bike ride at the Silver Comet, one of the largest paths in Georgia. I accepted the challenge, knowing it was what I needed to become comfortable with riding clipless. The first 20 miles were blurry, but with each pedal I honestly felt my comfort level growing. A solid, fairly even trail helped me learn to relax and move with my bike. There were enough stop and starts that I figured out how easy it was to clip in and out, thank jeebus! Trust me, the first miles were sloooow and ugly, but I sucked it up and figured it out, which made the latter half of the ride even more enjoyable. In the early miles I was plenty frustrated and the heat didn’t help my rising blood pressure. I finally took some breaths and put my “gym legs” to work. It was a daunting ride, but such an accomplishment. Looking forward to more rides, because each pedal makes me better.
Somewhere admist the 2 hour plus ride I passed a runner and I must have smiled at this person ear to ear. Seeing everyone on the path in the morning when it was disgustingly hot was awesome. It’s rewarding and motivating to see others out there getting in a good workout.

Some tips that “spoke” to me while riding:
Invest is proper biking shorts and a cycling top. Shorts will literally save your a** from serious soreness and a good shirt will provide relief in the heat.
Learns your gears. We’ve talked about this before, but I mean know what you should be doing. Take a class, Google, anything to show you what gears you should be in during climbs, strides and descents. Makes everything much easier on your yams.
Be nice to fellow trail members. You’re going to run into all kinds of joggers, walkers, strollers and bikers that will make you maneuver like a bull through a china shop. Practice patience and be alert. Everyone is out there to enjoy the same space.

Saturday evening was filled with family and a nom nom low country boil. Low country boils are a right of passage in the south and ours was loaded with humungo crab, shrimp, corn and sausage. Mmmhmm! I probably had enough wine to drain a vineyard, but I was coming off a long road bike high.

Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool.

I refuse to be sad about the World Cup blow to the USA. We did amazingly well and put up a solid, notable fight. Best of luck to the remaining teams.

Room for two?

Sunday was another scorcher. We surprised our baby with a new pool! Best $3 ever! We picked up this dreamboat and it only took a little coaxing before Indy settled into his new digs. Bless his hot little heart. The makers of this plastic castle, I salute you. I got in a long swim, feeling with each stroke improvement. Hey, it’s better than panic.

This weekend was a busy, fabulous mess. Looking forward to some fireworks later this week kids!

Did you all get out and enjoy the weather this weekend? Does your hometown have any amazing places to run, bike, jog, etc?

17 responses to “Weekend Trails

  1. Love the $3 pool! Awesome! I live in a VERY active city: Austin! We have tons and tons of trails, parks, bike lanes, etc…you name it we have it! We are the only non-obese city in Texas! YAY us!

  2. We have some really nice trails along the water. There’s also one that runs along a river only a couple miles from my house. I love biking trails, but usually stick to the road for running because I find it more entertaining.

    It is super hot here, too. The weather reporter said we’re reached “tropical humidity levels!” Stay cool!

  3. I live in Vancouver, Canada and it’s a pretty active city 🙂

    I love it here for the mild temperature, amazing views, and access to outdoor activities!

    THE place to run and/or bike in Vancouver is the seawall. One of the most beautiful parts of Vancouver is Stanley Park. It’s right on the ocean as well as right beside downtown. Surrounding Stanley Park is a concrete walk- and bikeway that spans 10km. It’s perfect for running and biking 🙂

    Here’s a picture:

  4. My weekend was filled with great outdoor activities and family, too! I love reading about your cycling b/c I really, really want a bike. I think I’ll buy one when we move away from Dallas. Speaking of Dallas, not a whole lot in the way of great trails, etc. There are a couple of places to run but they get overcrowded. I can’t wait to live somewhere with more to offer outdoors.

    • Hey darhlin! I am sporting a Trek 7. (something):) I love it. Check your local bike shop to make sure you are measuring everything right. Craigslist and even some bike shops have older bikes, but be sure you are finding one that matches your specifications.

  5. You can’t get much better than summer running in central park, however, there was a terrible accident this weekend. A tree limb fell on a baby on Saturday and killed her, just horrible.

  6. what a fabulous weekend! i love that you rode 40 miles-that is so hard! you are a rock star for sure. and good pointers about riding. good gear is essential 🙂

  7. Your weekend sounds so fun! Mine was more uneventful, but I did get a nice long run in on saturday. We have a few really nice places to run/bike around me. I sweet bike trail (that goes all the way to lake erie!) and Mill Creek Park, which is one of the biggest in the state!

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