Magazines – How does your rack stack?

Oh summah summah summahtime. A proper thunderstorm kept these fins out of the pool. To think just yesterday I was talking about all the perks of a long summer evening:) I loved hearing about what you all enjoy doing during the long summer days!

I tri-ed not to look at this as another sign. (see Indy all tuckered out down there?)

I know we all get our news from various places. Online, TV, social media, etc., but there is one tried and true method that I still love opening the mailbox for monthly, my women’s magazines. Hey, Andrew has Car & Driver, I want something too. I subscribe to Women’s Health and Shape magazines. I recieved a fantastic deal online for Shape recently and signed up.

I love me some mail and to get my Shape magazine twas magical.  I thoroughly enjoyed the June issue. Shape knows me too well, I opened almost right up to an article for tri training. Oy, gavolt.

While every article in a magazine isn’t for me, I did find some nuggets of goodness:

– The Editor in Chief of Shape, Valerie Latona, is training for a triathlon! You can follow her and stay updated as practices the three-month training plan to gear up for a race. I know I’m intrigued!
– Shape ranked D.C. as the top fittest city. Denver was 6th.
– Covergirl Kim K loves J Lo and her curves (thought I’d throw that in).
– Suntan lotion can expire. After a year you should probably toss it out.
– It will take you 110 min of swimming to burn off ONE Dairy Queen Blizzard! Cheezits, Mary and Joseph, that’s insane!
– Athlete Elaine Campbell’s rule is to think of eating like a bank account in reverse. Try to spend every calorie you deposit. I like her style.
– All nuts are not equal. Cashew butter has 2 fewer grams of fat than PB.

“And now you know.”

Mikey Likey: For this edition, we head to Mikey’s hometown to celebrate the opening of “The Wizarding World Harry Potter” at Universal Studios Orlando. I’ve been seriously geeked about this. He must have sent me a dozen pics as the construction was underway. I hear the land is wanderful! They have everything Harry could get at Ollivander’s wand shop or candy store. Even Butterbeer for you adults. I hear Broomsticks are going for some serio change, like $300. It will be some time before Mikey ventures to the park to check it out as the Muggle crowds are everywhere. The Los Angeles Times has a fantastic review.

What are some of your favorite mags to read? Where do you find useful tips and advice for fitness, beauty, health and overall lifestyle?

19 responses to “Magazines – How does your rack stack?

  1. I love a magazine I found recently called Afar, which is an experiential travel magazine that has beautiful photos and great articles on foods from around the world. I also like Runner’s World.

  2. We get so many mags at my house! Every time a kid has a fundraiser, we seem to get another subscription. My favorite is Runner’s World, but I also like Health, and Self. i’m a big fan of magazines in the summer. I love browsing through them because I don’t have to pay attention as closely as I do with a book.

  3. My favorite magazines are Runner’s World and Womean’s Health. I love magazines though! I would subscribe to all of them if Keith would let me! haha!

  4. “Cheezits, Mary and Joseph, that’s insane!” ha! Did they specificy which “type” of blizzard? I’m partial to the Mint-Oreo. Just sayin.

    Fave mags: Runners World, PEOPLE and Cooking Light (nom).

  5. I am addicted to Martha Stewart Living. And I’m not organized enough to get an actual subscription of it. I picked up the June Women’s Health and was kind of disappointed. Is it wrong that I think Men’s Health is better? I dont know if I’m nervous or excited that DC is the fittest city. Guess I’d better get on buying that bike!

    • (ok I was too about the June WH!) Men’s Health has a lot of great exercises, and I feel they kind of tell you how it is and don’t sugarcoat the hard work. You are the reason it’s among the fittest I’m sure!

  6. My dad’s wife subscribes to Women’s Health, Oprah’s mag and People so she always gives them to me once she’s finished. Some of the advice seems repetitive but like you said, there’s always some nuggets of goodness. 🙂

  7. I recently found Oxygen magazine as a great tool for exercises and meal ideas. I’ve also had my fair share of Women’s Health, Shape, Self, UsWeekly, Instyle, all of those gossip magazines…it sometimes is an addiction.

  8. I love Oxygen Mag and also Muscle & Fitness Hers. I get Shape and Fitness. I read all of them and just pull out the nuggets of info that speak to me. I have to do a lot of that type of research for one of my job tasks so I check out a lot of online versions as well (including Mens Health, Womens Health, and WebMD)

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