By Iron Man, you mean chef? Race Announcement!

Show me your mailbox pose!

Yesterday was a good day. I had a solid run in the morning and topped off the evening by walking Dr Jones and getting in a swim lesson. Isn’t that what makes summer great? Long days, warm evenings, helps keeps me active.  Andrew was by my side again in the pool, like a trainer to a killer whale. Easy there, I didn’t attack:) I hesitate to say, BUT it is getting a bit easier to breathe. Meghan’s tips kept ringing in my head. Slow down and breathe. I am working on taking a clean breath, getting air without water and concentrating on the angle of my head. This swim lesson flew by, whereas Sunday solo felt like an eternity. Have to keep at it. In other news, I need a safe swimming shampoo and conditioner or my stylist is going to hate me.

Without further ado, I share with you all my next race. WE have signed up for a Ironman 70.3 race in Augusta, GA this coming September. I say we because I’m not crazy enough to do the whole thing solo yet, but naturally our pal Meghan is. Myself, Andrew and our friend Brandon will relay the half Ironman. I’m stepping out on the running leg, Andrew regulating and mounting up on bike and Brandon will be a shore sure thing in swimming. It’s going to be SO beneficial to compete in a triathlon race, that way I can check out the different transitions.

I guess this is happening?!

->Ironman 70.3 Augusta will offer athletes the unique opportunity to race in two states, as the cycling portion of this event will take athletes into the great state of South Carolina.
– Swim a 1.2 mile point-to-point course in the Savannah River.
– Cycle a single-loop 56 mile bike course through the beautiful countryside of South Carolina before returning to the Georgia side of the Savannah River and the city of Augusta, Ga.
– Run a two-loop course consisting of 13.1 miles, through the downtown community of Augusta.

Great, the boys get scenic views, a new state and I get downtown, such is life. I am thrilled to have something to aim for again. One day it will be a tri though, but I have some lessons to learn before then. I am going to put myself on a training regime, stay tuned for what I decide. I am  stubborn and I would like to find a plan I can stick to.

Our team name: Tri-ing is the first step to failure
Easy kids, it’s a Homer Simpson quote.

Is everyone else enjoying the long days of summer? Do you have an activity you love to do during the summer months? If you have upcoming race plans, let’s hear them (and they don’t have to be official)!

18 responses to “By Iron Man, you mean chef? Race Announcement!

  1. LOL – breathing without taking in water is a definite start to swimming efficiently isn’t it 😉 Good job signing up for that race. Even the relay would be too daunting for me! My favorite summer activity is hitting the lake.

    • I am going to have to refill my pool, for real:) Lake, beach, any form of water I typically enjoy. When I have to swim in that water, it’s another story, haa.

  2. Congrats on the race babe! I can’t wait to see how you do! I have my first half coming up in september and I really wanna do the urbanathlon in october – cross your fingers for me (:

    My favorite thing to do in the summer is read a book by the beach or even just out in the sun (covered in sunscreen head to toe of course lol)

  3. So cool about the Ironman! And I love the idea of having a team. It will help with motivation and also just keep things fun. I love being Aunt Dorry in the summertime – I’m headed to swim with my nieces in a couple of hours. As for a race? I have my eye on the White Rock Half Marathon in Dallas this December. I think I’ve 1/2 way convinced my fiance to run it with me. My brother in law will be running the full so lots of family support!

    • Thank you:) Please, start teaching your nieces now, haa. They may need it later on. Dallas in Dec sounds like a good idea, you have plenty of time. And tell your man that once he sees you training he’ll def want to do it, he won’t regret it I promise.

  4. I just watched on my DVR last night an NBC show about the 70.3 championships. I would love to train for a triathlon; first thing is learning how to swin for real. Good luck with the training, let us know how it is going.

  5. Wow so exciting. I really want to participate in a TRI sometime. First of course learn to swim. I wanted to sign up for beginner swim classes and they were sold out in 2 days. I missed the sign up. :O(

    Good luck with it.

    I love to read under a big shady tree in the summertime and eat lots of icecream!!! :O)

  6. The race sounds great! I always get really excited about races/training plans. I really want to get into triathlons someday and relays seem perfect!

    Summer days are here! Enjoy!

  7. I’m accidentally doing two-a-days on the weekends because I’m so enjoying being outside! I’ve started biking and that makes the heat a little more bearable in Texas when you’ve got a little wind in your sails.

    I’m running my 4th 5K this year on July 4th. I have my next race at the end of August in my college town. Then I start training for a 5 mile race that takes place at the end of September!

  8. Holy, WHOA – not only do I think it impressive to attack this 70.3 trifecta, but the fact that you’ve chosen to do it in AUGUST…IN GEORGIA?! Slightly insane, but I love it.

  9. oh i am so excited for you-what an event 🙂 glad swimming is getting easier for you-keep it up lady! i love the longer days of summer and i agree with you it makes you more active 🙂

  10. I love the long days of summer too! I’ve been going on lots of walks in the woods, taking dance classes, and sitting on my deck to read and write blog posts.

    I’m aiming to do either another 5k this fall, or a 10k.

    Great news about the Ironman!

  11. Yay! Congrats on the race! It sounds like it’s going to be so much fun. I’d love to relay an Ironman. It would be a great way to get involved in the event, and I’m sure being around all those athletes who are actually doing the full thing would be totally inspirational. Good luck with the training!

  12. Ahhh!! This is SO exciting. A 1/2 Ironman is DEFinitely on my list of to-do’s!! I just need to get my running game back in shape with my Vibrams! Good luck with the training…Looove the Simpson’s vid 😉

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