Getting Fresh & Staying Disciplined

Tilling around with Nanny in the garden.

The first official day of summer. The weekend certainly was a hot blur. I was single (ow ow) as the man was in Michigan visiting his dad for Father’s Day – I wanted to go see old friends in the Mitten state too but I’ll have to wait. I will tell you that I now know the true meaning of retail therapy! We had a great Father’s Day weekend, daddy-o and I hung out and had a pool day. Hope y’all did something special  with your dads as well.

Time to hunker down for another week.

I did spend the weekend in my grandmother’s garden. There isn’t anything better than something fresh from the garden, nothing like it. OK, maybe the homemade blueberry pie a friend shared this weekend. If you have never had FRESH blueberry pie, stop what you are doing and figure out how to get one. It was divine.

I found my thrill, on blueberry pie hill.

Show them what they've won!!

If Barbie and Ken have Malibu, then these kids have Boulder. Air high-five to Brittney and Taylor. They have successfully completed their first official 10k race. Proud of the team, and I am pleased to share that they have more races in their future! Their backdrop out in Colorado is something worth running after.

Over the weekend I thought a bit about discipline. Webster defines,”training that corrects, molds, or perfects the mental faculties or moral character.” When I think of athletes like Olympians, I think discipline. And athletes such as Lance Armstrong and Floyd Mayweather never stop training, year-round. There are smaller principles in which I try to adapt discipline into my day-to-day. Waking up daily at 5:00 is dedication to myself fo sho! If I am prepping for a race or other event I find having discipline in my training schedule and nutrition come much easier. As I start to take on different types of activities I realize I must be mindful about my body to ensure I stay out of the injury column, that being said – I am going to try to work towards having more discipline around my training schedule and lifestyle. Looking forward to having more focus.

If you need more inspiration, head over to Men’s Health magazine where they talk about Heroes of Health and Fitness: The qualities that defined this magazine’s first 20 years are embodied today by the 19 men (and one woman) you’re about to meet. From Barack Obama and Lance Armstrong to Tiger Woods and Ashley Judd, they are working to make the world healthier, through their actions and their inspiring stories.

No doubt discipline is tough but it also has great reward. How do you stay disciplined or find focus?


12 responses to “Getting Fresh & Staying Disciplined

  1. I called my grandmother Nanny too and one of my favorite things was to help her in the garden. I’m not sure how I stay disciplined with my workouts other than it’s just what I do. Some days are easier of course.

  2. I agree with Heather. I’m not sure how I stay disciplined. Its more habitual these days. Exercise is just what I do. I don’t do it every day, but several times a week, every week.

  3. I stay disciplined because I love how I feel when I eat well and exercise. Also, I am happier and better to people around me when I workout. It is a great stress reliever and mood enhancer!

  4. Using a training plan – i.e. having a race coming up! – is always helpful for me. Or, having a friend thats willing to meet me at 5 a.m. so I know there’s someone holding me accountable for that early run 🙂

    Um, boulder friends? I might have to check in with you on that one! We’ll be living there in about a month!

    • Accountability, that’s a good one. It definitely helps. You’re moving to Boulder?! So jealous! You can most definitely expect your friends to visit like crazy.

  5. my hubby and my friends keep me motivated! they are all such good althletes-it takes a lot to keep up!

  6. If I have something to work towards, I’ll stick with my goal. It made training for my 5k easier, and going back to school for my master’s degree.

  7. I like structure. I enjoy making plans and following them. Setting goals makes it so much easier to stay focused. The marathon is my goal for now.

    Glad you enjoyed a lovely weekend with the fam – as did I!

    Happy Monday!

  8. I allow for periods of time to relax and not be disciplined. Of course I have to rein it back in if I find it lasting for too long, but having “breaks” brings the discipline and focus back to life.

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