What Am I Running To? Weekly Playlist Must-Haves

After this week, I had many nights driving home with windows down singing like the rent was due.

My weekly rotation:
Jason Aldean: Crazy Town Lyrics (I’ve been keeping country from you too long!)
Sugarland: It Happens (pretty much my week)
Taio Cruz Featuring Ludacris: Break Your Heart (FINE by me, mmhmm!)
– Justin Bieber: KIDDING, I mean he’s precious but if I wanted to hear him sing I’d pick up the Olsen Twins album (sorry!)
Explosions in the Sky: Your Hand in Mine (for yoga/pilates)

Any new songs I should know about?

iTune it up.


6 responses to “What Am I Running To? Weekly Playlist Must-Haves

  1. i am so far behind on the music…..i am still really loving empire state of mind! happy weekend girl!

  2. I haven’t updated my playlist in so long! I only use the iPod on the treadmill, which isn’t too often. I love Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Black Eyed Peas though.

  3. I LOVELOVELOVE Explosions in the Sky! I’m so glad you listen to them! That whole album (The earth is not a cold dead place) is AMAZING. Get it 🙂

    In that same vein: Godspeed You Black Emperor. This Will Destroy You. Yndi Halda. God is an Astronaut. (I can keep going and going. I love post-rock).

    As for…different types: I’m loving the new Stars album. Check it out!

  4. I literally have not updated my iPod in years, however, I did just buy Nothin’ on You and if I do update my playlist that song would be on it.

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