Yoga for Runners – Ummmmm, OK!

This morning, we woke up to this marshmallow bed monster. Was a warm, fuzzy way to start the day.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Bed

Go Bravos!

Yesterday evening was a nice surprise. We spent the evening club level at an Atlanta Braves game. I say 755 Club with a puffed chest because in all my Braves games I haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying the club seats. Wine AND a Chick-fil-A milkshake? Yes, please! Thank you Brandon for the tix. Brandon is a good friend of Andrew’s and I have officially hired him as my new swim coach. He is very good, no bull. And it’s not Andrew, so chances are I’ll listen. We are scheduling our first proper training session next week, someone needs to warn the poor kid.

I cannot tell you how insanely ready I am for the weekend. Fur real.

Atlanta Turner Field

Yoga or Runga?

I have stumbled upon yet something else fun to share, at least I think so. Pilates has been such a welcome break from running. It has taught me patience and a new way to strengthen and tone, especially around my core. But let me introduce to the stage–Yoga for Runners! Yoga is fabu but this is the cocoa to my puffs. I love yoga but having someone focus on my needs is selfishly fabulous. Yoga specialized for runners works to elongate and stretch out your whole body hitting my sweet spots like hamstrings, ankles, hips, shins, and your tootsies–to help you with injury prevention. Head over to Runner’s World “Yoga” for more details and videos (did I mention they are free?!)

Have you given a different from of yoga a try? And feel free to spill any fun plans for the weekend.

Hope everyone has a lovely Father’s Day! My dad really is the best, sorry everyone else:) All dads are awesome, but this guy goes out of his way to make sure his baby is taken care of. Plus, I get my sass and quick wit from that stud!

Happy Father's Day Daddy-o!


9 responses to “Yoga for Runners – Ummmmm, OK!

  1. I love that little face!! So cute 🙂

    Your night sounds so fun. I love going to baseball games on summer nights…and your seats sound awesome!!

    I have tried different forms of yoga, but I never stick with it. I keep telling myself that THIS TIME I’m going to do it regularly, and then fall out of the habit again. Maybe one of these days…

    • Yea it turned out to be a fun evening. Ballparks are so nostalgic.

      I go through yoga/pilates spurts but I try to sneak in a quick 10 min here and there during the week. I swear it helps me practice patience.

  2. I like to try different forms of yoga and get a good variety on and – I like that I can choose what areas I want to target based on what my other workouts are for the day/week. 10 minute yoga for abs? It works!

  3. Love that pic with your dad! I am super close with my dad, too.

    I am in love with yoga. I go to a really small gym and I always make requests before class 🙂 The instructors are really nice and help me work out all kinks from running.

  4. I love the yoga for runners series! Power yoga is probably the best thing that ever happened to me. I haven’t been in a while because it is expensive (and a hike to get to) but I live by it whenever I’m feeling particularly tight. Too bad that they don’t have yoga for metacarpals. Ugh.

  5. oh i love this pic of you and your dad! how cute…..i really want to try bikram yoga this summer-definitely on my to do list!

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