I Wear Short Shorts Review

Anybody else having the longest week ever? Just me?

Made my second public appearance in the pool! After a day of stairs I needed to stay loose. I am slowly improving. Swimming is hard for me, but I’m trying. The breathing is ridiculous. Need more patience. For those interested, deets on the stairs Elena and I do consist of 103 up and 103 down. Ya heard. Misery loves company, jk. Around 4 stories of fun. It’s super easy to master, super painful the next day if you aren’t careful. Actually the stairs are a workout I kind of look forward to now. I’ve nicknamed this routine “stepilates.”

Let’s talk shop. In short, running shorts are like snowflakes, no two pair are the same. I had an interesting convo with my lady friends discussing the best pairs we like to run in and we all mentioned something different. With colors, fabrics and liners galore there are plenty of shorts to select.

I have a smattering of shorts, but here are three different brands and styles I wear most often.

Look at all them colors, fancy!

Nike Tempo Track Women’s Running Shorts: I’m going to be honest I got these because everyone else on race day showed up in them. Seriously, I think most runners own a pair, am I right? Survey says: Run for it, grab a pair. Nike Tempo Tracks are soft and light, delicate to the touch. Per Nike, “…ventilation in a fit that moves with you.” The “crepe liner briefs” can be a bit evasive (creeps up on ya is more like it) but I do enjoy the ideal mini-pocket in the front liner for keys and such. They come in good colors too ladies. They are breathable and stay cool on long runs. My only downside is they are a touch long, and I am wearing them in the smallest size.

The North Face, south for the shorts.

North Face Flight Series: I adore The North Face iconic brand and was pleased to find a good deal on these shorts. They are the lightest pair I own and the inner liner stays put. I’ve had these awhile and they’ve held up nicely. Perfect for hot Georgia running.

Ahhh zip pockets!

Saucony Run Lux: Aren’t they cute?! These were my first article of Saucony clothing and I am pleasantly surprised with how much I love this pink pair. They literally are silky soft. Huge fan of the backside zipper. I can carry keys with me and don’t have to worry about them jabbing my front-side mid run. I definitely will be picking up more from Saucony.

Most important things that I look for in shorts are a dri-FIT fabric and a pouch to put keys. I want to try those sweet tighter fitting shorts but haven’t found a brand to try. Saucony has a Cha Cha, that looks fun! Any thoughts? I’d love to hear what sport shorts you are rocking!


16 responses to “I Wear Short Shorts Review

  1. Ouch on the stairs. Good job swimming though. My husband loves swimming, but I just don’t know about that. My idea of pool time is lounging on a raft 😉 I keep buying and trying to like running shorts. I don’t. I don’t know what they’d be called, but I like the shorts that are tighter (sort of like bike shorts but no padding).

  2. Yeah so my all time favorite running shorts were discontinued!!! SO SAD! I loved the Moving Comfort Syngery Runner. They were perfect! They were short shorts and I think that they didn’t sell well to the typical moving comfort customer! DANG IT! I am going to have to try some of the ones you suggested. I have tried the Nike Tempo shorts and they don’t work for me but I am interested in that Saucony short you pictured…I love back zip pockets!

    • My favorite pair ever are also Moving Comfort!! I picked them up super cheap at a sidewalk sale and I love them (and their shortness! haha) Now I wear them almost every race. So sad that I never got more than that one pair.

  3. I love three pair too, and two of them are ridiculously overpriced. The first is the Nike pair that you love, but it’s my least favorite of the three. I love my Pearl Izumi Fly Split Short (http://www.roadrunnersports.com/rrs/products/PZW362/) they are insanely good feeling, light and feel like what I imagine running naked would feel like. I also love my lulu lemon shorts (http://shop.lululemon.com/Groovy_Run_Short/pd/c/580/np/580/p/1839.html) but they are beyond overpriced. You’re paying for awesome fabric, and I’m a big fan of the wide waistband on both the pearl izumi and lulu shorts. I figure since I spend so much time in them, they are worth it. And, by my theory of “price per wearing”, they are getting cheaper every time I go running.

    • Love that motto!! Thanks for the links too, great finds. lululemon is another brand that rocks. And I won’t ride now in anything but Pearl. Once you go Izumi you never go back, haa.

  4. You got me – totally have those nike shorts (in pink too!) I really want those saucony ones! I love just about anything saucony. The back zipper is a sweet idea! I’d have a place to put my keys, other than in my shoe haha

  5. If there are any men reading this, in addition to women, I must say that the Livestrong Nike collection is some of the best gear i have ever purchased for training, especially in disgusting GA weather. I am 6ft and in decent shape and this is some of the only stuff that is cut well and isn’t a garbage bag in size once on. Little features in tailoring along with reflection seems make a big difference in gear…as written above, The North Face offers a great collection of gear more tailored for basic sport training (like Nike) than for outdoor true gear abuse (i.e. Mountain Hardward, Arctryx, Marmot, Mammut, etc). Expect a pretty penny at the register though, but hey, if you are an athlete, then this is the stuff you rely on.

  6. If I’m not wearing running tights I usually just run in Soffie (sp?) shorts. You know those cheap cheerleading shorts that come in a hundred colors.

    Not dry-wicking whatsoever, but I also don’t sweat a lot.

  7. i have the tempo shorts too but i don’t like how they give me a muffin top-rather ride my shorts low…..lately i have been loving my running skirts better-can’t see to find a good pair of shorts i like…..yours look great on you though 🙂

  8. I couldn’t agree more that this has been the longest week! I love the saucony ones but a lot of times I just grab whatever is clean in my drawer cause I have a million pairs of work out shorts and pants…it’s sad lol

  9. I love your tips! I’m a brand new runner and I need to buy new gear so this really helped me. Sorry I don’t have any advice for you though. 😦

    As for the long week, I thought it was Monday this morning. I think it was the overnight trip to Houston on Tuesday that threw me off. The weekend is right around the corner!

  10. I LOVE love love me some Nike – I have the Women’s TT shorts and we get along quite well. Then, I discovered that one of my two pairs has a pocket in the BACK that fits an iPod. Omg, I’ll never turn on you, Nike. Love.

    I also have a pair of shorty-shorts (spandex’y) that I also love. My issue with them is no pocket – but there are some brands that make them with pockets (mine are CS) – maybe Under Armor? Not sure. But I agree that small pockets are *necessary*.

    on another note – 103 stairs?! Crazy, you has it.

  11. My go-to workout clothes destination is TJ Maxx. They have great brands (Puma, Nike, Adidas, etc.) and everything is super inexpensive, which is great for stuff I’m just going to get all dirty and sweaty anyways.

    Recently, I bought some awesome Adidas shorts there — mesh lined, zipper pocket, long enough to not do any odd bunching, $15. Not too shabby.

  12. I have some serious short quirks. I’m super picky about shorts riding up, puffing out, ect. My very favorite shorts are Lululemon Groovy Run shorts (back zip pocket, dri-fit, and super comfy!) They are pricey so I have to by ’em on sale – craziest colors!

  13. love the nikes ones too! also it’s great that they come in so many colors. i recently got a pair of saucony ones on sale at paragon that i immediately fell in love with too. no zip pouch at the back, but still super comfy.

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