Shady Running

This is one way to keep cool.

I have a confession. Since last Thursday I have been operating on getting under 6 hours of sleep a night. This weekend was a blur and the past few days I am having trouble sleeping. I know, study upon study upon study says this is no good. Have you ever experienced this prob? I am trying the whole “no coffee or tea after 3PM.” Yesterday was the first night I have slept all the way through. I needed it, since this morning Elena and I (remember our friend the Ironman) did an hour of stairs. We are going to find a new weekly hobby, I swear.

The Atlanta heatwave and humidity is making it dern near impossible and unwise to run outside. My pool is scorching and it’s not even summer, ick. It’s important that if you do venture out, you are aware of your surroundings and your body.

Well, there is always swimming. Clearly swim genes do not run in my family.

If you can’t stand the heat…
– Cotton the touch, the feel, save the “fabric of our lives” for cooler temps. And now is not the time to wear tight clothing. Think loose and free; the less the fabric clings to your body, the better. Look for moisture wicking clothing, this will help keep you as dry as possible.
– E-e-e-e-lectrolytes. Your Gatorade, Powerade, Whateverade, drink up. These drinks are packed with nutrients that replenish your body’s water and electrolyte levels after dehydration caused by exercise.
– Early bird catches the worm and prevents a nasty sunburn. Let’s avoid times like “high noon.” Try to head outdoors early, before the sun starts rising throughout the day.
– Don’t forget to wear sunscreen. Lather it up! I know it can be gross sometimes to sweat with lotion on, but they do make special lotions for workouts and us sweaty folk. Look for 45 or higher. Some clothes also feature SPF protection. REI has a great selection. With your blood going in your body, you are more likely to burn. Keep those freckles at bay.

Here are some other frosty tips from Runner’s World, and it helps that the writer Jeff Galloway lives in Atlanta. We can definitely relate.

How are you keeping your cool this summer?


15 responses to “Shady Running

  1. Oh girl I hear you on the heat. I tried to jump in the pool after a kickboxing workout last night – um, not cooling at all! I’m in Arkansas and there will be no daytime running until probably September. It’ll have to be early AM or at a gym! I am a serial insomniac. If I can sleep at least 4 hours straight, I am happy. I wake up often throughout the night.

    • We’re neighbors y’all, lol. If I do go, it’s going to have to be first thing. Not to mention the nasty pop up afternoon showers.

      I can go on 5 hours and be fine, still go to the gym every morning. I’m a freak of nature, but I really need to be better at getting more rest.

  2. I live in Vancouver, BC, so we have pretty mild weather throughout the entire year, but in the middle of summer it can get rather hot. To the point where it’s hard to run at any point after 9am. Just means early mornings or late night runs.

    As for sleeping – I’m about a 6-7 hours a night kinda guy, but I could definitely use more. I go through phases of good and bad sleep. I’m currently in a weird spot where I’m sleeping through the night, I’m just not getting enough sleep =P

  3. Oh, it’s so hard to survive on so little sleep. Hopefully you’ll get back into a regular sleeping schedule soon. I’ve had that problem, but usually for only one or two nights.

    I’ve been eating a lot of smoothies and salads to beat the heat. I find cooling foods help a lot. So does drinking cold seltzer.

  4. Oh no! There was a period a few months ago when I was sleeping 5-6 hours per night and it definitely took a toll on me. That plus the heat and humidity is a killer! Yesterday when I was running, I asked a man who was watering his garden to spray me.

  5. By running at 5:30 a.m.! Which sounds psycho, but it works 🙂 And even then, the morning humidity is starting to get a little rough.

    I like your ice-cream/froyo idea up there though – I can always get behind that.

  6. i have to be honest….it is cold here….it is called june gloom at the beach and i hate it! i wish i could be too hot……

  7. Have you ever heard that drinking a slushie before running is supposed to help keep your body temp down? I think NYTimes wrote about it a while ago. I’ve never tried it (would get massive side cramps) but it sounds good in theory. I am miserable being forced in doors to work out when it’s so hot out. But I’d rather be in heat than freezing snow.

    • It’s like the Homer Simpson 10K, you’re on to something:) I probably would get serious brain freeze. But nothing worse than hearing a slushie slosh-ie around in your tummy.

  8. I’m trying hard to keep cool this summer in Dallas. I know it’s just going to get a lot hotter! My dad suggests if I go running that I leave the house with a cold rag around my neck. I’ve yet to try it. 🙂

    Other than that, lots and lots of water and A/C when it’s available…

  9. Sorry you’ve been getting so little sleep. I go through phases like that and I hate it…everything just feels “off” until I can get caught up.

    And I can be a big baby about running in the heat. I’ve been trying to force myself to get up early and run with little success. So now I usually wait until it cools off a little later in the evening. Or, if it’s really bad, I retreat to the gym.

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