Shape Up Your Budget

Oreo Birthday Cake Magic!

Many thanks for the sweet birthday messages for Andrew. We had a nice birthday celebration, tried to get as crazy as we could for a Monday. And nothing says birthdays like a yummy Oreo Ice Cream Cake! This puppy was devoured in a matter of minutes.

This is shaping up to be a long, hot week.

For all of you looking to get into a new sport but aren’t sure on spending a bit of money to get started, that’s valid. Listen, these new activities can be ‘xpensive. Many of y’all are asking how to be actively friendly to your budget.

Here are a few of my cheap tricks:

Lots of different videos, for FREE!

YouTube/Video. Pilates classes can be costly and if you are looking to try it out you can watch some videos on YouTube, and there are always DVDs. A load of variety at a low cost.

In the words of Beyonce, “lemme upgrade ya.” Learn your gear before you upgrade, or a go for a “dumb down” version of what you need. This helps you appreciate the newness of proper equipment. Like a first car, get a beater you can knock around as you figure out how everything works. My first swim at the gym consisted of a sports bra and bikini bottoms; I wasn’t ready to blow dough on something that scared the bejeebus out of me.

Classified Garage Sale

Ebay is not the only bargain website. Craigslist is a legit garage sale in that it takes more creativity to make a bargain happen and the site protects both the buyer and seller. When Andrew got his road bike, he searched Craigslist for areas where bikes would most likely be in better condition (low humidity) like Arizona, Utah and other SE states.

Online shopping: A Nike workout shirt in-store can be the same online, look at Google Checkout an see who has your stuff for the lowest price.

Clearance: say it with me, “sale!” This isn’t Nike couture, nobody knows that your favorite shorts are from a season ago. Try the “new to you section” at fitness stores.

Women’s Health magazine has a few additional ways to Spend Wisely: Learn to Be Smart with Money.

Overall, investing in your health and body will come at some cost. Put your priorities in focus and determine what you can live with and live without.

What cost effective strategies do you use? What’s the best deal you’ve gotten?


9 responses to “Shape Up Your Budget

  1. I only buy clearance/ sale items when it comes to clothing. I can’t bring myself to even look at other racks! But food on the other hand I often splurge 🙂

  2. Great post- love these ideas. My best deal lately was from – $20 for unlimited Bikram classes for a month. There are a bunch of other yoga studios in Dallas that offer inexpensive introductory rates bit don’t necessarily advertise it. Also, Play It Again Sports in Dallas sells used free weights and other lightly used equipment at bargain prices. 🙂

  3. Craigs List is seriously where it’s at! I browsed bikes on there for months before finally just deciding to splurge and get a new one 🙂 But, plenty of good used stuff on there!

  4. this is great-i like to use sites like yoga download to do yoga instead of spending big bucks taking classes… your ice cream cake-swoon worthy for sure 🙂 i am adding you to my blogroll 🙂

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