Clipless Pedals aka Training Wheels Course

In the words of the great, Warren G: Regulators! Mount up!

Nike Kicks and Bottle Opener Pedals

Some of y’all were along for the ride yesterday when I mentioned I got my road bike, thanks for the support! I knew my next step was to master the pedals, but I had no idea it would happen so soon. I came home last night and Andrew told me it was time to practice clip-in pedals. He already switched my pedals, leaving me no choice to back-pedal out of this decision. Talk about a bold day 2 move. I was hoping to stroll home for a glass of wine.

In case you’re curious: Clipless pedals (also clip-in or step-in) require a special cycling shoe with a cleat fitted to the sole, which locks into a mechanism in the pedal, holding the shoe firmly to the pedal. Most of today’s clipless pedals lock to the cleats when stepped together firmly, and unlock with when the foot is twisted outward.

Making sure if I fall, it won't be a total disaster.

Survey says:
– Like training wheels, you weeble and wobble. I didn’t fall, thank jeebus. I did come reaaaal close twice. Of course I look right at Andrew to say it was clearly his fault. A lot of pressure to balance and push. I seriously felt like I was learning to ride a bike again, how wimpy am I?
– Know how to get on and off a bike. Seriously, you laugh but if you don’t start pedaling you’ll sink like a brick.
– Once you feel the clip-ins working with it, it’s the ah-ha moment. Fluid.
– Clipless pedals are like a bottle opener. You slide in, not push down on top. Andrew said it was like putting your foot in a heel, slide it in ladies.
– You won’t fall off riding, it’s when you stop that you raise your chances for a concrete kiss.

In all seriousness, I was hella frustrated. Andrew is an ah-mazing teacher, he never yelled at me once – probably should have. I was scared, still am a bit, but think of others out there doing it daily. It can be done. If you had asked me a year or even 6 weeks ago if I’d be road biking I, like Norak (my mom), would have said fat-fat chance. I blame Boulder. Norak is none to happy about this adventure, for the record:(

Teva Mountain Games, Start Your Engines!

I am truly fortunate to be surrounded by friends that are doing some amazing things and constantly challenge me to be active in different ways. I cannot wait to share with you Mrs Ironman Elena’s story and this past weekend my friends killed it at the Teva Mountain Games in Vail, CO.

There could def be a few pros out there thinking I am certifiable for being nervous about biking, but everyone has to start somewhere, right? If you have even a tiny inkling that you’d like to try it, DO it. I think once I get the hang of this, it’s going to be gangbusters.

Do you have a group of friends that encourage and motivate you? What keeps you truckin’ to stick with new, challenging activities?

10 responses to “Clipless Pedals aka Training Wheels Course

  1. Bold Move to say the least!! If I came home and D had switched out my pedals for Clipins (which, he better not read this – because he’d do it in a heartbeat!) I’d probably just stare at them and say “guess I”m not riding outside anymore!”

    I know I need to get them, it’s just a matter of time. I’ve had the road bike for over a month and I can already tell how nice it would be to have them on long rides. But, ugh, what if I fall?!

    You’re brave 🙂

    • Um don’t think I didn’t pout. If you fall, well you’ll hurt yourself, lol. But you won’t be the first. Mind over matter!

      My beginner trick, get to pedaling then clip in. I clip out a good block from wherever I am stopping, to be safe:) As long as your moving, you’re good….so they say. I swear I’m jinxing myself.

      No peer pressure..but DO IT!

  2. I don’t know much about biking, but I can imagine how tough it is. How blessed you are to be surrounded by motivating and supportive friends! Mine can by found in church…when I feel down, they always remind me of the goodness of God and keeps me going strong. 🙂

  3. That’s great that you have support for biking. I usually take on physical challenges, like running and other activity, on my own. But with other life challenges I stick to my family and close friends.

  4. Cycling still scares me so much! I have a nice bike – a gift! – with clip-ins and I have not taken it on the road once. I will ride on the bike path, but that’s it. I am deathly afraid of killing myself in traffic with the pedals. Impressive!

    • Awww, hang in there. I did little baby loops in my driveway and down the street before heading near traffic. Bike paths are great! You aren’t the only beginner.

  5. I am seriously so proud of you and totally jealous. M.U.S.T. go buy a bike!! I’m a total wimp about the idea of riding in a city but I think its finally time to go for it. My biggest fear is that I wont remember how to ride one!

  6. I’ve never tried clip-ins but it sounds really difficult to get used to. I admire your bravery! (and your persistence to stick with it!) I think I’d just be so afraid that I couldn’t get my foot out in time and I’d fall off. That being said, I’d love to get into cycling. I used to do a lot of biking as a kid and loved it. So one of these days I’ll get a nice bike and brave the clips!

  7. So psyched you got on these! They will completely change your riding for the better and you’ll be slaying hills that used to leave you panting in frustration! Don’t be frustrated when you fall sideways on your bike while still clipped in. It happens to us all at some point 🙂

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