Pilates & Pedaling – Weekend Rewind

Literally learning the ActivCore ropes with Ms Lori

What a weekend. Pilates, the lake and a road bike. I am sore. If you touch my side I sound like the Pillsbury Doughboy, ehh hee.

The private pilates session at Studio Lotus in Atlanta was an ideal way to spend a Saturday morning. My personal instructor was petite and jacked. She was also a runner and fellow tri, providing great tips and suggestions about what I need to focus on. I am basically tight in my hamstrings (didn’t know) and need to improve my flexibility. My trunk feels tight and having to slow down and focus on different muscles made for a wonderful workout. I only got a sample of ActivCore, which Lance Armstrong does, and woo-wee! I wish I had more time to dabble on the apparatus, it certainly was challenging.

Having someone walk you through every motion is beneficial and I will likely look to join a proper pilates class to continue working on form. Pilates is pricey but there are other ways to learn and participate, look around your area or grab a DVD.

In other news, I also got a road bike yesterday. It’s a Trek, my “Enterprise” (Star Trek joke there kids). Alas, another something for me to figure out. Learning something new is a lovely ball of frustration and excitement. I’ll keep everyone posted on how this newbie does. It’s true, you never forget riding a bike, but getting to a high speed on a road bike will have you pucker in a hurry. If there are professional cyclists out there, have mercy on me. Andrew mountain bikes and is getting into road, and thankfully he’s a true semi-pro when it comes to biking tutorials. He built his own bike and all that jazz.

Bike this baby!

Andrew’s Road Bike Basics:
– Be a part of your bike, ride clipless.
– Like Dora said about swimming in Nemo, just keep pedaling.
– Be a part of the road and abide by all traffic laws.
– Know your gears.

The uncensored version I’ll provide to road biking:
– Two words, bike shorts. No more sore where you’d shouldn’t be. Hoo-hahs and ho-hos rejoice.
– Gloves. Help prevent chaffing and you look professional.
– Alert and attentive. I wouldn’t think of leaving my sacred iPod, but safety first. If you do ride with your iPod, which I did, listen to it way low. When you get enough speed all you hear is the wind anyways.
– Listen. If you so much as think there is a car behind you, tilt your head towards traffic and you’ll be able to hear more clear.
– Pedal pusher. Pedals are like a nice purse to complement your outfit. Upgrading to clip-ons is suppose to be the jam, I try that next installment of “Will it bike?!”.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about biking basics.

What a weekend! I squeezed all the goodness I could out of two days. What kind of trouble did you all get into? Any fun plans for the week?


11 responses to “Pilates & Pedaling – Weekend Rewind

  1. I am a nervous bike rider. I have clips and those things SCARE me! I have successfully completed a triathalon but the bike part was my WORST! Too bad we don’t live near eachother…we could be bike riding buddies! Anything is more fun with a partner, right?!

  2. You’re just the person I need to talk to!! I’ve been really wanting to start biking – but I have no idea where to begin? What kind of bike to get, where to get it, how much to pay (not a lot lol). Help please?

    e-mail me! fitnfreshblog @ gmail dot com

  3. Nichole:

    As a cycling coach, I’d be happy to give you my take on all of this. Probably more than you want! Also, more than would likely fit here, so I’ll email you something tonight or tomorrow.


  4. Private Pilates sounds great! My grandmother does it, too.

    My dad- an endurance biker- says the bike seat you use is very important… keep using the same one so you won’t bruise all the time.

  5. Congratulations on the bike! I ride a Trek too 🙂 and I love it. You’ll catch on–just keep riding!

  6. I am totally jonesing for a road bike. I was dating a former pro cyclist and was always jealous of his gear. I am just a nervous mess about having to ride through the city to get to any closed off trails. Good luck, can’t wait to hear more about your adventures!!

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