Chick-fil-A VIP, Pool Party & ActivCore Pilates

Chick-fil-A VIP -> Eat More Chicken.

Hey kids, it’s Friday and that means it’s the freaking weekend! Kudos to everyone who made it through the short, yet long, workweek. Thursday evening turned out to be far more eventful than I imagined, which is always a nice surprise.

Andrew and I had a VIP date, at Chick-fil-A! NOM!! Chick-fil-A is debuting a new Spicy Chicken Sandwich and you can go online and reserve a FREE sandwich. It was actually nicely done. They had tables set up and  staff waited on us like a proper restaurant. As for the Spicy Chicken Sandwich, two thumbs up. Chick-fil-A is a brilliant company; you always know you are going to get good food and GREAT service. All the staff at Chick-fil-A are patient and pleasant.

And yes, we had to have dessert! They call it an “Ice Dream” for a reason.

Biggest. Cone. Ever.

We followed that dinner with a night swim, another fabulous perk of your own pool. I can’t believe I got in the water, it’s still a bit chilly for me. I did though, hot mess and all. I get frustrated not being good at swimming, but I have to keep tasting testing the waters. I met my eight-glass daily requirement in a matter of minutes. My sides are feeling it today!

This weekend we are staying in town, which is a good thing. Traveling can exhaust you and we owe Indiana Jones some quality time. We’ll be at the lake with friends, soaking up some nice weather. Hope you all have some fun things lined up this weekend as well!

I was debating to make this public knowledge, but I’ll let y’all in on my Saturday morning plans. This one here signed up for a private pilates session! Studio Lotus in Atlanta is offering a fantastic deal on a private session, and I ponied up and bit on the offer. I am going to be doing an ActivCore class, and if you are wondering:
What is ActivCore? ActivCore is a revolutionary functional exercise technique that addresses muscle imbalances and improves core stability by activating the correct muscles – at the correct time – in the correct amount. Developed in Norway in 1991, ActivCore training has proven to deliver results through extensive clinical studies.

Activate the Core!

I have a nervous excitement, but exercise classes are something I miss. I signed up with an instructor that specializes in running. Full report on Monday. Wish me luck and flexibility, I’m going to need it!

Have you ever taken an exercise class or tried out a new workout on your own that ended up being more challenging than you anticipated?


6 responses to “Chick-fil-A VIP, Pool Party & ActivCore Pilates

  1. That ActivCore looks pretty intense. I could imagine that I would find myself tied up, tangled and a mess. It is good to mix these new things in, my trainer has started to recently mix in MMA workouts. Pretty intense. Have a good weekend.

  2. I always thought that kettlebells looked easy until I tried them! Oh my goodness they made so sore I actually had to anchor myself to sit on the toliet.

  3. The first (and only) kickboxing class I ever took really took a toll on me. It was super challening, and I felt it the next few days. I don’t know if it was too tough or wasn’t my thing, but I haven’t tried it since then, and that was nearly ten years ago.

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