Boulder Colorado & Keeping Camping Classy

Everything's fine when your downtown, things will be great...

I could talk seven ways to Sunday about the beauty and lifestyle around Colorado. We have terrific friends that live in lovely Boulder, CO. Needless to say if we get a chance we’re out there. To hear everyone talk about what trail they want to bike/run or where they want to camp out for the weekend is absolutely refreshing.

Downtown Boulder is somewhat of a more fancy version of Athens, GA, with a far prettier backdrop. The bars, the food, the people, all worth soaking in. We were fortunate our flight got us in early Friday, allowing us a chance to take full advantage of rooftop happy hours. No way could we have asked for better weather.

Keeping it real on the river.

Boulder, Colorado by the numbers:
– 1 river rafted. Greetings Arkansas River. Water temp was a balmy 50. I was super freaked to raft (long story) and sure as shi* we hit our first rapid and our little friend “goes for a swim.” She was back in the raft in no time, but it was a good enough scare.
– 5 people biking to downtown Boulder for a nom nom dinner. Only had one causality on the way back, blame clip-ins and Reef bottle-open flip-flops.
– 18 happy campers. The spot we squatted on, there are no words. It was wide open, by a creek, a whole mountainside to ourselves. It took 9,000 hours to find it, but totally worth it.
– 0 dollars is what it cost for the amazing camping spot.
– Bajillion slaps o’ Franzen. Those wine bags were surriously abused.
– 3 complaints on the how ridiculous I looked with my Osprey pack as I schlepped through midtown ATL hauling it for our flight.
– 30 minutes spent trapped at the beautiful, but tourist-heavy Garden of the Gods.
– 1 moonrise. Have you ever seen a moon come up like the sun? Peaceful.
– 6 straws for one Strawberry Bourbon Milkshake, total awesomeness.

Give me a home, where the buffalo roam.

For camping, it’s surprisingly easy to eat well. Here’s what we did:
– Bring a small Coleman gas stove. You’ll have fire but this bad boy can help make some easy quick sides, like couscous. Or eggs and bacon in the AM.
– Aluminum foil is your BFF. One little square + olive oil + salt + pepper + red potatoes = heaven on the fire. One bold camper even made pork loin, super easy!
– Ziplocs rock. We marinated chicken by dropping chicken and dressing in a bag before we left for the campsite. Perfect time for all those juices to sink in.
– Fire heats. Crazy, I know. Bring some homemade cornbread made in advance and use the fire to reheat.
– Marshmallows are a must, nuff said.

And in closing, for this Thirsty Thursday, I bring you the latest edition of Mikey Likey.
Mikey Likey— by the looks of this pic, it seems Spongebob Squarepant’s new home will be ready in a few years weeks. Look at Mikey getting all organic on us with a homegrown pineapple. It’s cute to boot. Giving nanny’s fresh handpicked strawberries a run for their money, eh?

Grow little guy, grow!

Anybody else love Colorado as much as I do?! Do you have any yummy camping recipes or good ideas to camp well?


8 responses to “Boulder Colorado & Keeping Camping Classy

  1. I haven’t ever been to Colorado but we do go camping a lot here in Texas…totally 100% agree that marshmellows are a must!! 🙂 Glad you had so much fun!!

  2. I would move from NYC to Colorado in six seconds. I was in Boulder in March and did not want to come back home. Ever since I have been trying to find a way to go back….for good.

  3. Agreed, Boulder is heaven for those who are even remotely active. Great food, great beer, and 1000 ways to burn the guilt of the next day. Any way i can get out there, i’m leaving in 5 seconds…

    • I could NEVER be a guide, I could have used a valum to get down that thing. The guides really look like they are having fun though, super chill. What a gig?!

  4. Ooh, this looks like so much fun! One of my best friends from college lives in Colorado and I really want to go visit.

  5. hey there! So, of course I would read this now – as I’m trying to find a job and relocate to Boulder (with the bf)! I am so anxious to get out there already, and this just adds to it 🙂 Love the pictures, sounds like you guys had so much fun!

    • I hope you do it!! Keep me posted, would love to hear how it goes. Good for you two for just going after it. It is am amazing city. Looking forward to getting back out there soon.

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