Get Moving & Put a New Perspective On Your Routine

Trail Running at the Garden of the Gods

After the 3-day Memorial weekend, I would like to confirm that I am an avid supporter of 3-day weekends. I feel that you get far more done during the weekend and are more focused on work during the shorter week. Our flight perks kicked-off our summer like nobody’s business. Friday was a bit of a fire drill, but we headed out to Boulder, Colorado to visit some friends. Details and pics for the gorgeous weekend are coming soon. Needless to say, it was an unreal mini-vacation.

Whenever I travel my first thought is typically, “How will I workout?” In Boulder, this isn’t even a question because you are constantly on the move. We hiked, biked and river rafted — plenty of ways to get in some exercise.

I realized how relieved my tootsies were from the running break and also how much I needed to do more proper biking. If you are bored with your workout or want to make sure you are constantly engaging all your muscles, here are a few ways to make sure you are keeping your routine fresh:

So Fresh & So Clean Clean
Switch it up. If you are an avid treadmill or elliptical guy or gal, head over to the bike and see how long you fair. If you are a serious stationary biker, try spinning. And now that it’s warming up, look for pools and try to conquer a few laps. Even trail running is a valid excuse to get outside.

Biking to Dinner (how ridic!?)

Intervals and Intensity. If you are hell-bent on sticking to your workout guns, get at it, but if you don’t want to plateau you’re going to need to up the velocity of your workout. You may not get bored but your muscles will. Hills and sprints make nice challenges for runners and bikers.

Pick up a magazine for new tips and exercises. If you aren’t subscribing to a healthy living/fitness magazine it’s more cost-effective if you buy a subscription now instead of picking up a magazine every once and awhile. It’s rare that I will find a routine start to finish that I enjoy, but there is always something new. I mean I don’t really care how celebrity actress XX eats fresh catered foods all the livelong day, but I appreciate her person trainer’s tips every now and then. And if you are a chick, definitely pick up a Men’s Health or Men’s Journal, those magazines are riddled with new workouts and a fresh perspective. I actually stumbled across Train Like the Pros, definitely worth a gander as it reveals professional athletes and actors fitness routines.

It’s not rocket science to try something new and activate different muscles in your body, but I think that if you change up your reg routine at least once a week you will be surprised at how alert you feel during the exercise. It’s important to keep your body and mind on their toes with new tricks.

How do you keep your workouts spontaneous and new?

6 responses to “Get Moving & Put a New Perspective On Your Routine

  1. Nice post! I think traveling forces you to get creative (or give up all together) with your training. You don’t have the comfort of home field advantage when you’re on the road. Embrace the change and do something different 🙂

  2. Sorry! I didn’t answer your question!

    I keep things spontaneous by…
    1. Always looking for new exercises
    2. Changing up the routine every 3-4 months
    3. Pursuing new athletic goals (my newest challenge is a triathlon – should keep me busy for at least a couple of years)

  3. I run a lot outside around Philly which is nice because I can adjust my distance and always get a new view. I really enjoy adding a spin class or pilates into my week as well. It gives my legs a break and challenges new muscles.

  4. I find that if i rely solely on gym or outdoor workouts, I get bored. Lately I’ve been mixing going to the gym with running outdoors. Keeps it a little interesting!

  5. So glad you commented on my blog so I could find yours! Great stuff! For a full year, I only worked out in a “group x” setting. When I discovered running working out became much more exciting because now I don’t feel like I’m putting my fitness in someone else’s hands. I still go to classes every once in awhile for new ideas, but I prefer mixing it up by trying new running routes or going with a buddy.

  6. I like to use different music to keep my workouts fresh, and I like to change up the ways that I exercise. While I run and walk a lot, I like to go for bike rides and swims sometimes, or on a rainy day I’ll do some yoga or try a workout DVD.

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