Where Are We Running?

Don't know where we're going, but it's somewhere.

I have plans, but since I don’t want to jinx anything. I’ll tell you later. It certainly has been a long week. Anytime you travel, it feels like you spend the rest of the week trying to catch your breath. Anyone else feel this way?

For the Nutritioneer Challenge this week of 100 daily leg lifts and 3 pull-ups, I can report I am on track for 100 leg lifts but haven’t had time for pull-ups. Life got in the way and I feel bad I couldn’t make time in the evening, but I’ll get over it:) And shame on me for not making time. I’ll see what he dreams up next week.

Since the hamster has fallen off the wheel this week, here are some interweb nuggets to keep you occupied:
Downward-Facing Dog’s Life: Meet one flexible business traveler, “Mr. Boerema, travels an average of 150 days a year, most of them overseas, as a consultant to the yachting industry. He has also been practicing yoga daily for four years. That practice has now become as essential a part of his business travel as his frequent-flier mileage.”

Ultramarathoner Takes Diet To Extreme: Oh this one’s a doozy. Is there something called and Undermarathoner? 36-year-old Jurkey is, “fit and psyched for the 24-Hour Run world championship in Brive-la-Gaillarde, France, on Thursday and Friday. It is a grueling race to determine how many miles runners can complete on a 1.4-kilometer road loop (about nine-tenths of a mile) in a 24-hour period.” Long runs for this dude are seven hours, or about 50 miles.

My Stop-Sign Solution: Runner’s World offers a solution to those pesky people who don’t stop at stop-signs, which certainly can raise a middle finger from a runner. “Spontaneous visual impairment is the only explanation I can muster to explain motorists who roll up to stop signs, glance left and/or right (maybe), and then keep right on rolling. Maybe it’s just me, but this trend seems to be getting worse. Which is bad news for everyone, of course, but especially for us runners.”

Rather than ask the obvious, where you headed this weekend, how about – what are you planning on reading? Magazines, books, smut magazines, etc.?

Hope everyone has a nice long weekend, safe travels!

3 responses to “Where Are We Running?

  1. I’m reading the new issue of Men’s Health. I read it on my train rides home from work. Any suggestions on magazines to read? I’ve been considering subscribing to more, for the rides.

    • I am a huge fan of Men’s/Women’s Health – great family of publications Outside magazine is also always a nice read. Men’s Journal does a fair job of providing strong editorial with health/fitness.

  2. Like the travel fitness ideas. I’ve been reading a book called Manhattan Memoir since April, and I’m really hoping to read more of it this weekend. I have so many other books I want to move onto.

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