Outside Magazine 50 Best Places to Work: Tell Your Boss to Go Take a Hike

I’m on location today in the Big Apple and since I try to keep work and this separate, I’ll let you know it  is for a celebrity, but not involved with the Sex and The City premiere (I wish!). 

Outside Magazine: Dream Jobby Jobs

Speaking of work, get a gander at the May issue of Outside magazine for a latest look at the top dream jobs. They have a killer list of The 50 Best Places to Work:
– Looking for flexibility? Take a bite out of Clif Bar, employees may opt to work a 9/80 schedule. In a 9/80 schedule, employees work 80 hours in nine days and take every other Friday off. This schedule assumes nine and a half hours worked Monday through Thursday and eight hours worked on every other Friday.
SmartWool is brilliant. Employees are encouraged to take a powder day and breaks to stay physically and emotionally fit and to embrace the outdoors. On Fridays, the office closes at 3 pm and people are allowed to leave early so they can get a jump-start on their weekend. No meetings are scheduled after noon on Fridays during the summer. SmartWool encourages and allows flexible schedule for powder days, skiing during work hours, and working out and healthy activities.
– No gym membership, no problem. At New Belgium Brewing Co, benefits include sponsorship of a cross bike race series for community and families on site, entry fees paid for co-worker runners/riders through their wellness program, an annual health fair for employees and their families with screenings and flu shot availability, and passes to a local gym. 

Who doesn’t want a job where you can tell your boss to literally, “Take a hike.” Something is in the water around the Colorado River, many of the companies in the top 50 are based in CO – including the three listed above. Consider this my open plea to New Belgium, how ridiculous of a place to work. 

More companies should really look at productivity and the offers for employees. Having fun on the job and loving what you do impacts the business bottom line too. Happier workers tend to be more productive, healthier, brand ambassadors, etc.  And healthier workers mean lower health insurance costs for the company. Everybody’s a winner! 

Image Courtesy of Obesity in America

If we are talking about the best places to work, get a load of the fittest to fattest cities. An annual study by the American College of Sports Medicine’s (ACSM) American Fitness Index™ (AFI) ranked my hometown of Atlanta as the fittest city in the Southeast, coming in 16th overall. For the third year in a row, Washington, D.C., ranked first, followed by Boston, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Seattle and Portland. All is not OK in Oklahoma City, they were the biggest loser. View the phat list of fit cities here

Who would your dream employer be?

2 responses to “Outside Magazine 50 Best Places to Work: Tell Your Boss to Go Take a Hike

  1. I worked for a yoga studio, so we got free yoga classes, would always be encouraged to do yoga while working (if it wasn’t super busy) and would do a yoga class before having a staff meeting. But I guess that’s expected?

    It was fun none the less!!

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