Zane Lamprey’s Drinking Made Easy Stops in Atlanta Y’all

Due to springtime weather in the south, a strong batch of storms right at rush-hour kept us from making our flight to the Mitten. That meant we made the best of being at home.

Friday included amazing dinner and drinks with friends. Although I had quite the delayed hangover on Saturday, Andrew and I were productive and tackled a ton of yard and pool work. My weekend long run was the hottest of the year. Time to finally invest in a proper hydration/fuel belt. The thought of water almost made me bonk; you panic a bit because all you want is water. It’s stupid of me to not have a belt, and once I find one I like I’ll let you know all about it.

Saturday night I was pumped to go see our old pal Zane Lamprey. Zane was in town promoting his new show in the Drinking Made Easy tour. Zane was former host of our FAVORITE show, Three Sheets: an international travelogue/pub-crawl television series. We’ve been with Zane for years and Pleepleus was the biggest hit at our wedding. In fact we got all our friends, included my bro hooked on the show. He saw Zane in Orlando earlier in the week.

Mikey Likey: Drinking Made Easy Tour Stop in Orlando

Prior to the show, we had dinner at a little joint called Tin Drum. And our Nutritioneer’s “try something new once a week” had a big milestone. Baby’s first Tofu. Hang with me omnivores. Tofu was purdy darn good. Andrew kept saying it was like waffles, maybe the texture is a bit airy and sponge-like, but these little squishy cubes fill ya up. You may have no earthly desire to eat Tofu, but wouldn’t kill you to try something new.

To-who? Ah, Tofu.

Zane’s Drinking Made Easy Tour was at an intimate setting in Atlanta. Zane brought a buddy, comedian Marc Ryan who had me in stitches – this guy is a riot. Seeing Zane was like meeting an old friend. After being on the Zane Train for years and you can’t help but feel like you know the guy. The tour is a continuation of “Three Sheets,” complete with chuggalugging from his pal Steve McKenna. Drinking Made Easy debuts this September on HDNet.

4 1/2 Sheets -- Meeting Zane, Marc & Steve (not the guy from the Hangover)

Sunday, Andrew hit up a local bike riding trail and since I am bike-less I ran. Holy friggin hills Batman. 90 degrees in GA is hard on every inch of your body, and the hills had me praying. After the hour long ordeal, I recovered by lounging around the pool. The water is a chilly 70-something degrees, wakes ya right up when/if you jump in.

Get to your BIHKE, with champagne!

Have some traveling for work this week but ready for Memorial!

Let’s hear how everyone’s weekend was! Any fun plans for the long weekend?!

5 responses to “Zane Lamprey’s Drinking Made Easy Stops in Atlanta Y’all

  1. I tried an Amphipod Full-Tilt for a while, but it wasn’t comfortable. Settled on the 4-bottle FuelBelt (Helium), and have used it on many long runs very happily. Sometimes I get a some lower-back chafing on 12+ mile runs, but a little BodyGlide, and drinking from the rear bottles first to reduce the (minimal) bounce back there helps.

    My wife has a 4-bottle Amphipod, but she’s always having problems getting the bottles snapped back into the holders while running.

    I used a 70oz CamelBak on a couple of long runs (13 & 15 miles) in northern lower Michigan last summer when it looked like there would be no place to refill my FuelBelt bottles. It was OK, but a little sloshy when half-full/empty. Also had some underarm chafing from the straps. I would use it again under similar circumstances, but still strongly prefer my FuelBelt.

    Long weekend plans: heading to Lake Michigan with my wife and kids for the first swim of the season. Purposefully *not* checking current water temps, but secretly wishing I was a triathlete so I could justify owning a wetsuit for this one…

    • This is advice is SO helpful, thank you!! Never think about some of those little things like snapping back in the bottles or where they rest on you.

      CamelBaks are brilliant but def could see how it would be uncomfortable.

      Ahh, Lake Michigan- enjoy that sounds amazing.

  2. I’m so glad you enjoyed your first tofu! If it is bad the first time you eat it, you’re turned off it forever so I am glad you had some good stuff. I love it in Asian dishes, especially Pad Thai and rice dishes.

  3. Tofu is awesome…next you have to try tempeh! haha! And just for the record, I do NOT think you could be any cuter! Has anyone ever told you that you look like Christina Applegate?

    • Tofu met my monthly random requirment, lol, but I’ll keep tempeh on my radar.

      You’re a doll. Haven’t gotten Christina, sadly it’s mostly Miley Cryus. Oy.

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